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9:30pm Monday, December 17 on TV One

At the age of eight, filmmaker Robyn Paterson greeted Comrade Robert Mugabe with flowers as he stepped from a plane at a Zimbabwe airforce base.

Pale skinned Robyn and her dark skinned best friend, Mercy, were poster children for the newly independent Zimbabwe. But only a few kilometres away, Mercy’s Matabele tribespeople were being massacred by Mugabe’s special forces.

A generation later, Robyn begins a high-risk ground search across Zimbabwe – desperate to know what has happened to her childhood friend. Along the way she faces the dangers of filming in a country hostile to media, the shock of what is still going on behind closed doors, and the stark differences that she and Mercy have come to symbolize.

A gripping, heart-wrenching, and very different look at the Mugabe era. This is a film that will make you laugh and cry – it’s Zimbabwe as you have never seen it before.


The Zoo

7:00pm Sunday, December 16 on TV One

Catch the cute and cuddly critters of Auckland Zoo in the family favourite, The Zoo.

In tonight’s season finale, male lion Lazarus is getting ready for his big trip across The Ditch.

There’s a bouncing bonanza at the zoo, with brand new joeys and a wallaby round-up.

And we say hello to the new arrivals – miniature monkeys, the golden lion tamarins and pygmy marmosets.

5:00pm Sunday, December 16 on TV One

TV ONE’s brand new two-part documentary series, March Of The Dinosaurs, takes you back 65 million years, uncovering secrets and surprising facts about the biggest and most ferocious reptiles to have roamed – and ruled – the land.

Narrated by Stephen Fry and combining cinematic photo-real graphics and leading-edge anatomy and paleontology, March Of The Dinosaurs reveals what these prehistoric beasts looked like, how they lived, and what eventually did them in.

Follow the annual journey that thousands of dinosaurs undertook to escape the Artic winter across punishing landscapes, natural disasters and deadly predators who lie in wait.

10:30pm Saturday, December 15 on TV One

Grammy Award-winner and two-time Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, rock star Rod Stewart gets into the festive spirit with his TV special, Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas, Baby.

Rod performs a night of classic Christmas tunes from his very first Christmas album, Merry Christmas, Baby in the stunning setting of the Villa de Leon in California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a night of pure entertainment as Rod is joined on stage by some of his famous friends. Michael Buble, Mary J. Blige and Cee-Lo Green drop in to help Rod spread some Christmas cheer, and the legendary Ella Fitzgerald makes a virtual appearance.

Join Rod as he sings classic carols as well as modern Christmas offerings, in true Rod Stewart fashion.

7:00pm Saturday, December 15 on TV One

In tonight’s season finale, Annabel jet boats to her friends’ raspberry patch, carrying her famous sponge cake to fill with freshly picked berries and lashings of cream.

Annabel returns home with her bounty and fills the larder with ten-minute raspberry jam, before putting together a relaxed meal of barbecued chicken with vegetables from her garden.

11:10pm Friday, December 14 on TV One

Loved by both the public and his guests for his irrepressible, warm and witty approach, Alan Carr returns for another series of his side-splitting chat show.

Each episode sees Alan welcome three celebrity guests to his sofa, where the usual rules of chat shows do not apply! There’s hijinks, juicy gossip and with Alan’s gentle mocking approach, who knows what the celebrities will reveal about themselves?

This season sees Alan joined by the queen of pop, Kylie Minogue, as well as the queen of another sort, Kim Kardashian, along with a host of actors and musical guests.

So settle in for a nice natter on the sofa with Alan Carr.

7:30pm Friday, December 14 on TV One

Tonight, John makes an awful discovery that threatens to unravel his mental stability. After learning of Fiz’s fraud, John’s stress levels hit the roof and it all becomes too much – Peter finds John crouched in a corner rocking. Fiz and Dr Carter are called to help, but when they arrive, John is missing.

Eddie’s in trouble with Anna yet again and decides he needs to get her back with a grand gesture. Dropping to one knee, will Anna accept his proposal?

Carla begs Frank to come back to Underworld, but is it too late?

Sean makes plans to visit Dylan over Easter

And Sally makes a decision about Kevin’s money, leaving Kevin to wonder if he’s lost her for good.

9:30pm Thursday, December 13 on TV One

Expect the unexpected in TV ONE’s brand new hit comedy, Threesome.

When Alice starts to freak out on the eve of her 30th birthday, she’s determined to prove she’s not getting boring just because she’s getting older. However her ‘solution’ is going to radically change the lives of Alice, her boyfriend Mitch and their gay best friend Ritchie.

A wild night out leads to the boys hazily going along with her drunken suggestion of a threesome. They’re close enough not to have regrets in the morning, but everything changes when Alice discovers she’s pregnant.

Clever, witty, and a little bit naughty, Threesome looks at the changing relationships of three party-loving friends who unexpectedly find themselves about to become parents.

“Threesome is very funny” – The Guardian

8:30pm Thursday, December 13 on TV One

TV ONE’s special documentary The Real Thumbelina, takes you inside the world of a little girl who is nearing her fourth birthday, but is still the size of a one-year old.

Amelie has a rare form of dwarfism called Russell Silver Syndrome. At Amelie’s age, being tiny and doll-like gets you lots of attention, but the condition is already causing her problems. As she prepares to start school, her parents try to find out how the condition will affect their little girl as she grows up.

Amelie’s parents consider hormone treatments to help her grow, but Amelie’s medical problems are unusually complicated. Although Amelie is growing older, will she grow up to be just like all her friends?

7:30pm Wednesday, December 12 on TV One

TV ONE’s factual series challenges the way we look at our health and asks the question – Is Modern Medicine Killing You?

Meet Auckland GP Dr Frances Pitsilis, who is passionate about getting people well through integrated medicine – an holistic approach combining conventional and natural medicine.

In tonight’s season finale, 20-year-old Jessie is on a cocktail of medication to help with her polycystic ovarian syndrome, but the side-effects keep getting worse. Can Dr Frances help Jessie find a way to manage her pain?