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7:30pm Wednesday, December 12 on TV One

Go inside the the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, one of the biggest and busiest hospitals in Australia, in TV ONE’s new reality series RPA.

RPA captures the drama and emotion of lives in the balance, as ordinary people face extraordinary challenges.

Focusing on the incredible relationships formed between patients and the dedicated staff who treat them, RPA showcases the reality of the hospital’s emergency department, wards and operating theatres.

It’s here that patients share their own compelling stories of courage and determination, unrehearsed and unbridled.

9:30pm Monday, December 10 on TV One

In a pretty English village in Surrey, lives the infamous Richard Wallace, whose home is stuffed from floor to ceiling with newspapers and other household items.

TV ONE’s Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder goes inside the home of the most extreme hoarder in the United Kingdom whose house has become a death-trap. His property is so packed that it takes Richard over 40 minutes to get to his front door from the chair he eats and sleeps in.

But with the hoarding now affecting his ability to function, Richard is entrenched to the point where his health is suffering, his safety is increasingly at risk and he is living in a physical and mental prison.

8:30pm Sunday, December 9 on TV One

Every Sunday night, TV ONE shows you a world of intrigue and suspense, where your detective skills lead you on a crooked path to find a killer.

With twists and surprises in store, as well as top-notch writing and brilliant acting, the Sunday Murder Mystery series will keep you guessing.

Tonight, Ann Cleve’s famous heroine, Detective Vera Stanhope, must unravel deadly secrets and their murderous consequences – fuelled by power, money, and a mother’s love.

Vera, usually awkward and disinterested around children, finds a kindred spirit in a boy she saves from near-death and realises that the key to the investigation lies deep in the child’s memory.

7:30pm Sunday, December 9 on TV One

Following on from the successful Joanna Lumley’s Nile, iconic British actress Joanna Lumley heads off to one of the most diverse and surprising countries in Europe – Greece.

Keen to explore both ancient and modern Greece, Joanna visits the most significant sites in the empire to find out more about the way Greeks lived centuries ago, contrasted with the people of Greece today.

On the way to the Gates of Hades, where she tosses a pearl into the sea in respect to the gods of old, she also drops in on an Athens nightclub where the city’s youth spend wild nights and ridiculous amounts of money.

Insightful, clever and endearing, Joanna continues to do what she does best – show places and tell the stories of people who have so much to share.

“It wasn’t long before she won me over.” – The Observer

8:35am Sunday, December 9 on TV One

The fifth annual Attitude Awards are here! These awards recognise the achievements of Kiwis living with disability and celebrates 22 finalists, ranging from world champions to unsung heroes.

Created by TV ONE’s inspiring local series, Attitude, the awards acknowledge the exceptional and everyday lives of people living with a disability, and encourage all New Zealanders to raise their expectations of what’s possible.

On Q+A this Sunday, a special event for our final programme of the year. Q+A: Ideas for NZ.

We’ll be broadcasting from The Cloud on Auckland’s waterfront, debating the pros and cons of eight big ideas to change New Zealand.

In a fast-paced programme hosted by Greg Boyed and designed to spark conversation, we feature eight of the country’s top thinkers offering their ideas to make our country better. Continue reading »

7:30pm Friday, December 7 on TV One

Tonight, Maria’s still reeling from Carla’s decision to let Frank buy into the business and demands answers. Instead, she’s told to like it or lump it. Will Maria move on from Underworld?

Sally and Kevin continue their divorce proceedings in court. Let the mud slinging begin.

Katy has life changing news for Chesney.

Fiz continues to bury her head in the sand and avoids phone calls from the solicitor in charge of Joy’s estate. What does he want?

And Eddie is offered a job in Germany.

9:30pm Thursday, December 6 on TV One

Brilliantly funny Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll stars as outspoken Irish mammy Agnes Brown in TV ONE’s comedy series, Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Tonight, get into the Christmas spirit with a brand new episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

All over Dublin, mothers are excitedly looking forward to seeing their loved ones return home for Christmas, but Mrs Brown is depressed.

Her son Trevor is on the missions in Canada, and can’t afford to make it back, and Maria’s posh mum Hillary is pressing the newlyweds to spend Christmas at her place.

Agnes decides to compete for their love by providing an even more lavish Christmas celebration than Hillary’s – even if Buster is having trouble delivering the turkey.

8:30pm Wednesday, December 5 on TV One

From executive producer J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe) and starring iconic Kiwi actor Sam Neill (The Vow), comes TV ONE’s chilling new drama, Alcatraz.

In 1963, America’s most infamous prison, Alcatraz, was closed and the nation’s most dangerous prisoners were transferred to another location – or at least that’s what the public were told.

Nearly 50 years later, Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones, Big Love) is assigned to a grisly homicide case where a fingerprint leads her to a former Alcatraz inmate who died over 30 years ago. Desperate for answers, she seeks out Alcatraz expert Dr Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia, Lost) for help.

The two discover that the inmate is not only still alive, but he’s loose on the streets, and he doesn’t look to have aged a day since 1963.

In her search for the truth, Madsen turns to secretive government agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) and his technician (Parminder Nagra, E.R). Together, they discover that this prisoner is only the first of many to reappear from the depths of Alcatraz prison.

8:00pm Wednesday, December 5 on TV One

Every 15 seconds in Australia, an ambulance is called for help. Rushing to the scene are paramedics, who deal with emergencies from bleeding noses to heart attacks – they know what having a bad day really means.

TV ONE’s new series, Recruits Paramedics follows the journey of everyday people setting out to achieve their lifelong ambition of becoming a paramedic. From eight grueling weeks of training college, to the first shift on the front line, our cameras are with the paramedics every step of the way.

Out on the job, manikins become mothers and fathers, or daughters and sons, and these trainee paramedics desperately hope they’ve got what it takes to handle the job.