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TVNZ has confirmed it has signed a deal to bring hit Aussie soap Home and Away back to TV2 screens.

Jeff Latch, TVNZ’s Head of TV ONE and TV2, says: “We’re delighted to welcome back Home and Away to TV2.”

“Loyal fans can be reassured that we’ll give Home and Away a great weeknight timeslot, with catch-up episodes planned for the weekend. And with TVNZ Ondemand, Home and Away fans will enjoy an even greater range of viewing choices for getting their Summer Bay fix.”

Andrew Shaw, TVNZ’s General Manager Acquisitions, Production and Commissioning, says, “With this deal, TVNZ now offers viewers the best of much-loved Kiwi, Aussie and British soaps, with Home and Away joining Shortland Street and Neighbours on TV2 and Coronation Street on TV ONE.”

TVNZ will release schedule details for Home and Away in the near future.

Home and Away is a Seven Network Production and distributed in New Zealand by Endemol.



9:20pm Sunday, January 20 on TV2

Joel (Jason Bateman, Horrible Bosses), the owner of an extract manufacturing plant, enjoys his simple existence. However, his professional and personal lives soon become a lot more complicated!

Firstly, Joel gets some bad advice during a drug-induced brainstorming session on how to test his wife’s faithfulness.

Then, Joel’s soon-to-be floor manager acquires a serious injury in a machine malfunctioning accident. New employee Cindy (Mila Kunis, Ted), who happens to be a scam artist, decides to take this opportunity to milk the company for all it’s worth.

Joel must now attempt to piece his company and his marriage back together, all while trying to figure out what he’s really after in life.

7:00pm Monday, January 21 on TV2

This week, Josh (Chris Tempest) continues his scheme to befriend Zac (Mike Edward) in order to gather more evidence against him, oblivious that Zac has cottoned on to his plan.

Meanwhile, Zac decides how to best use the situation to his advantage.

Elsewhere, when Jared (Beulah Koale) catches a drunk and mournful Vasa (Teuila Blakely) at the IV, he is forced to deliver her some home truths.

Reflecting on his own life, he decides it’s time to do something worthwhile so he doesn’t end up like Vasa.

5:30pm Sunday, January 20 on TV2

Pretty Little Liars is back for a whole new season of mystery and intrigue.

Taking place five months after the discovery that Mona was the terrifying ‘A’, the girls have all been enjoying a break from the stresses of the past year.

However, this holiday is about to come to an abrupt end. There is a new member in the ‘A’ team and they are set to prove just as diabolical as Mona.

The girls must race against the clock to find out this new threat’s identity before one of them gets hurt.

8:30pm Friday, January 18 on TV2

Friday nights are set to become a little bit spooky with TV2’s new supernatural thriller 666 Park Avenue.

When young couple Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin are hired as the new managers of the historic Drake building they believe all their dreams have come true. But they soon begin to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into when they unwittingly find themselves caught up in the building’s mysterious supernatural forces.

The first episode of 666 Park Avenue will be available via TVNZ Ondemand a week prior to its TV2 premiere.

7:30pm Friday, January 18 on TV2

Eleven former teams who fell short of winning the $1 million prize during their first race around the globe return for another shot at the prize. In the premiere episode, teams travel from the United States to Sydney, Australia. But in order to make it onto the plane the teams will have to find their tickets first!

9:30pm Wednesday, January 16 on TV2

In the season nine premiere, 18 new chefs arrive at Hell’s Kitchen hoping to win the coveted position of head chef at BLT Steak in New York City and a salary of $250,000. With just 45 minutes to cook their signature dish for Gordon Ramsay, these chefs will need to pull out all the stops if they are to be the last cook standing. However it’s not just time pressures that these chefs have to contend with. These newbies might just find out the hard way what happens when you displease Mr Gordon Ramsay.

8:00pm Monday, January 14 on TV2

Mr T, of The A-team fame is tracking down the world’s craziest fools in this brand new TV2 show.

Mr T has found the stupidest people on the planet, from dumb drivers to stupid soldiers, brainless builders to silly sportsmen, bungling burglars to crazy cops and he has the hilarious clips, phone calls and animations to prove it!

7:00pm Monday, January 14 on TV2

Will the happiness that Wendy and Murray so desperately desire become a reality? Or will fate have dealt them a nasty blow? This question will finally be answered as Shortland Street returns to screens after its summer hiatus.

In last year’s nail-biting cliffhanger, Bella (Amelia Reid) and Luke (Gerald Urquhart) tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony tainted with sadness at the knowledge of Luke’s terminal cancer. But as if Bella wasn’t upset enough about Luke’s news, her parents were struck down by a car with a drugged up TK (Ben Mitchell) in the driver’s seat.

Alongside the dramatic reveal that left viewers on the edge of their seats in 2012, this week will witness Boyd (Sam Bunkall) push Nicole (Sally Martin) to set her sights higher. And Vasa (Teuila Blakely) finds out that Ula (Frankie Adams) has dobbed her in.

Tuesday January 15:

Nicole impresses Boyd when she stands up for what she believes in. To her surprise, Boyd urges her to think about furthering her career. While Nicole insists she is not the right person to be climbing the ranks, Boyd’s suggestions make her think long and hard about where her life is heading.

Wednesday January 16:

When Vasa challenges Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) to back up her accusations with evidence, Rachel reveals there is a witness to her relationship with Gus. Piecing two and two together, Vasa is dumbfounded that her daughter would do this to her, and their relationship is further damaged.

Will any of those involved in the car accident survive? Is Nicole cut out for more responsibilities? And what other shocking surprises does Ula have in store for Vasa?

7:00pm Sunday, January 13 on TV2

Alice’s fantasy world comes to life in TV2’s Sunday premiere movie. This madcap take on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel follows Alice as she escapes her stuffy engagement party to disappear down the rabbit hole. Alice finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares she had as a child, filled with talking animals, mad hatters and villainous knights and queens. Alice realises that she must conquer the Jabberwocky if she is to restore the rightful queen to her throne.

Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.