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Blue Water High is the smash hit surfing drama that took out ‘Most Outstanding Children’s Program’ at this year’s Australian television awards – The Logies. It was also named favourite television show at the Nickelodean’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

Season one of the award-winning show starts screening weeknights on TV2 this week at 4.55pm, with the first episode kicking things off on Tuesday, December 26. Blue Water High is set to become a favourite among children, teenagers, and the young at heart.

Lead actress Sophie Luck, who plays Fiona, is only 16 and has already won an AFI award – being recognised for her role with an AFI for ‘Best Young Actor In Children’s Drama’. Starring alongside Sophie is Nadine Garner as Deb. Nadine has long been a favourite on the Australian small screen with roles in many top shows including The Henderson Kids, Water Rats, The Secret Life Of Us, Neighbours and more.

Nadine has high praise for Blue Water High, saying, “It’s a good idea that makes you wonder, ‘why has no one done it before?’ I think they have, and I think it was called Baywatch!”

“This is about the kids as athletes rather than sex symbols. Sure, they’re good-looking and they’re healthy, but they’re not there to be ogled. It’s about young people excelling, fulfilling their potential and working hard. There’s a very positive message.”

Blue Water Beach is the perfect place to be a teenager. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, long sunny days. The cafes spill onto the streets, the streets spill onto the foreshore and the music spills across everything. The map calls it Blue Water Beach. The locals call it ‘Heaven’. And, bang, in the middle of this paradise is a high performance surf academy where every year seven lucky 16-year-olds are selected for an intensive, 12-month residential surfing and schooling program.

Blue Water High screens weeknights on TV2 at 4.55pm, starting on Tuesday, December 26.

This week on Karaoke High, Charlie and Callum’s relationship takes a rollercoaster ride, which may not see them last the distance.

7:00pm Weeknights Dec 25-29 TV2

After becoming instantly attracted to one another upon meeting at Kingston High’s dance academy, it hasn’t been an easy road to romance for Callum Hartley (Paddy Fogarty) and Charlie Anderson (Julia Walshaw).

Charlie’s friend Lara Faiva (Sharnika Robson) made it clear to Charlie that she had feelings for Callum – not knowing Charlie felt the same way for the handsome student. When Charlie discovered her friend liked Callum too, she tried to hold back from going further with him. But it wasn’t long before Charlie and Callum succumbed to their attraction. Now, things have heated up between them and they are going to great lengths to hide their relationship from Lara. How will this end? Will they be able to keep it from Lara?

Meanwhile, the dancers are excited about a film crew coming to film them at the school. Hone Kingi (Vanepale Sopoaga) and best mate Matu Johnson (Ian Finau) have a fall-out over dancing and Hone decides to ask Lara for some help with his mid-term assessment. Miri Williams (Alina Transom) gets the wrong idea about her boyfriend’s motives and her jealousy threatens to ruin her relationship with Hone.

School teacher David Branch’s (Phil Brown) on-again, off-again relationship with fellow dance teacher Angela Bartlett (Miriama Smith) looks to hang in the balance as a surprise from his past emerges and leaves David, Angela, and Kingston High’s students in a state of shock.

With love triangles, musical treats, dazzling dances and drama galore, the only place to be on weeknights at 7.00pm is with the crew from Karaoke High on TV2.



Christmas is a magical time and what better time to discover your inner elf than on Christmas Eve! TV2 screens Elf at 7.00pm on Sunday, December 24, as a special gift to you for Christmas.

Elf stars funnyman Will Ferrell as Buddy in a family tale that will have you in stitches from beginning to end. One Christmas Eve, a long time ago, a small baby at an orphanage crawled into Santa’s bag of toys, only to go undetected and accidentally carried back to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. Though he was quickly taken under the wing of a surrogate father and raised to be an elf, he soon grows to be three sizes larger than everyone else and it becomes clear Buddy will never truly fit into the elf world. What he needs is to find his real family. So, Buddy decides to find his true place in the world and sets off for New York to track down his roots.

Although Buddy experiences a world he never knew existed, he soon learns that life in the big city is not all ice skating and sugarplums, and he finds himself as much an outsider there as he was at the North Pole. Will Ferrell has high praise for his character Buddy. “Buddy is a good example of how ignorance is bliss,” Will says. “He has no judgement on anything or anyone. He just accepts. So, how others react to him is as much a comment on them as it is on Buddy. Some feel sorry for him, most find him annoying, but others just enjoy his total acceptance and wonder in something that seems so mundane, such as riding on an escalator for the first time. He’s a person who finds joy and interest in the smallest of things.”

Buddy seeks out his real father, Walter (James Caan), a workaholic publisher of children’s books. Walter doesn’t believe Buddy is who or what he says he is; in fact, the only thing Walter believes in – with any certainty – is the bottom line. Buddy discovers a step-mother (Mary Steenburgen), and learns he has a 10-year-old half-brother (Daniel Tay) who doesn’t believe in Christmas or elves or Santa. In fact, it appears everyone has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. With Christmas Day approaching, Buddy takes it upon himself and his earnest elf ways to win over his family, realise his destiny and, ultimately, save Christmas for New York and the world.

Elf screens at 7.00pm on Sunday, December 24 on TV2.


The Making of Happy Feet

This behind-the-scenes special, The Making Of Happy Feet, shows you how this years big Boxing Day movie, Happy Feet, weaves a magical tale using amazingly real CGI animation and an all-star cast of voices.

Happy Feet is a unique blend of comedy, adventure and music, from the director of Babe: Pig in the City. The special includes footage from the very beginning of the production, when they researched Emperor Penguin communities in Antarctica, to bring the most realistic quality possible to the story of Mumble, a penguin who doesn’t fit in.

Emperor penguins live to find their mate, and they do this through their own unique ‘heart song’. So what happens to a penguin who can’t sing a note? Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood, lacks this vital skill … but he makes up for it with another one. Mumble is a brilliant tap dancer! Sadly, his elders deem this toe-tapping talent unacceptable, and he is branded an outcast.

But when the penguin community’s way of life is threatened, it may just be Mumble who saves the day. As he embarks on an amazing journey, he meets an eccentric cast of characters who help him to realise the importance of being unique. Ultimately, Mumble uses courage, determination and of course his ‘happy feet’ to save Emperor Land and win the heart of his soul mate.

Joining Wood in voicing the film’s characters is an impressive line-up of stars, all of whom are interviewed in this special. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, Robin Williams (voicing three different characters) and Hugo Weaving are some of the big names.

The animation techniques used were state-of-the-art, and The Making of Happy Feet shows plenty of footage from the film itself to show the stunning results, as well as going into the studio to find out how the story gets from the drawing board to the screen. Probably the most impressive element of this process is the ‘motion capture’, which is used to create the amazing dance sequences which are central to the story.

Along with the dancing, music is something that makes Happy Feet special. Original songs are performed throughout the film. Styles range from rock to hip hop, and are performed by musicians including Patti Labelle and Pink. Also contributing to the soundtrack are cast members Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy, Robin Williams and Hugh Jackman.

Go behind the scenes of this summer’s most exciting family film, Happy Feet. TV2, Christmas Eve, 6.30pm.


Christmas 2006 on TV 2

TV2 is jingling all the way to a fun-filled Christmas with fabulous Christmas treats for the festive season.

The lead-up into Christmas begins on Saturday, December 23, with back-to-back Christmas movies from 8.35pm on TV2 with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation followed by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie at 10.30pm.

On Christmas Eve, there is great family Christmas viewing from 6.00am with Franklin’s Magic Christmas, followed throughout the day with movies including Meet The Santas, The George Lopez Christmas Movie, Elf, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Christmas Day sees TV2 dominated by its movie line-up, beginning with The Muppet Christmas Carol at 10.25am, followed by the classic feel-good Pollyanna at 12.00pm. The animated Prince Of Egypt screens at 2.15pm, and then on Christmas Night viewers are in for a treat with a family feature movie followed by the blockbuster Seabiscuit at 9.15pm.

Merry Christmas from the team at TV2!

In this year’s colossal Lotto Christmas Holiday promotion 1028 prizes worth a total of more than $4 million are up for grabs, including a massive $1 million house, says NZ Lotteries’ Chief Executive, Todd McLeay.

The Lotto Triple Dip Holiday promotion includes:

One house (worth $1million);
Two $500,000 holiday homes
Three car and boat packages;
Four VW Cabriolets;
Five wads of $50,000 cash;
Six summer vacations worth $25,000;
Seven $20,000 shopping sprees; and
1000 prizes of $1001

All customers need to do to be in to win is to buy a Triple Dip between 10 December and 7pm, 30 December 2006.

Players will either receive a voucher for the holiday prize draw or an instant prize of $1001 with their Triple Dip purchase. The 1000 prizes of $1001 can be won at any time during the three-week promotional period.

“When customers buy their Lotto Triple Dip ticket, winners of this prize will find out immediately that they have won $1,001 and will be assisted to fill in a Prize Claim Form to claim it.”

“Under our rules Lotto players who win $1,000 or less get paid in cash, but with the number of prizes on offer with this promotion we decided it would be easier for everyone if we co-ordinate payment from one point, which is why they will get the extra dollar,” says Mr McLeay.

The other 28 prizes will be drawn during the Lotto draw on Saturday 30 December. Results will be available at and at all NZ Lotteries outlets after the 9pm Lotto results show.