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7:30pm Saturday, December 22 on TV2

In the results section of the grand finale, Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo, Chris Mann from Team Christina, Jermaine Paul from Team Blake and Tony Lucca from Team Adam all vie to be announced the winner of The Voice.


The Nowies

4:00pm Saturday, December 22 on TV2

The Nowies is New Zealand’s ultimate youth awards show with cool nominees across sport, movies and television categories. Hosted by What Now’s Gem and superstar singer and rapper Timomatic, the show promises to be a celebration of everything kid related. How could it not be with kids in driving seat controlling all the winners with their online votes!

8:30pm Friday, December 21 on TV2

In the live performances section of the grand finale, Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo, Chris Mann from Team Christina, Jermaine Paul from Team Blake and Tony Lucca from Team Adam give their all in the final performances in order to win the title of The Voice.

9:30pm Wednesday, December 19 on TV2

Michael McIntyre presents a special Christmas edition of his Comedy Roadshow with some of the biggest stars in the world of comedy perform for fans at London’s Theatre Royal. Joining Michael on stage in this festive extravaganza are; Jack Dee, Miranda Hart, Sean Lock, James Corden, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Rhod Gilbert. The musical guest is Kylie Minogue.

8:30pm Wednesday, December 19 on TV2

Introducing The Year That Was – a special four part series where top New Zealand comedians escort viewers on a hilarious and unique retrospective of a specific year that rocked their world and ours. First up is Simon McKinney who examines the importance of 2003.

7:30pm Wednesday, December 19 on TV2


Frankie’s plans to have a simple holiday are threatened when her parents come to town to spend the 12 days of Christmas with the family. Guest stars Jerry VanDyke and Marsha Mason ham it up as Frankie’s hilarious parents in this Christmas special.


Against Mike’s warnings Frankie decides to throw a Christmas Eve party at the house; Mike buys Frankie a much needed new dishwasher for Christmas but has a hard time keeping it a secret when she begs him to replace the old one before the party takes place. Meanwhile Sue enlists Reverend TimTom (guest star Paul Hipp) to help her explain the meaning of Christmas.

Photo: Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn and Atticus Shaffer.


Toy Story 3

7:00pm Sunday, December 16 on TV2

When the toys are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre instead of the attic it’s up to Woody to convince the everyone that they weren’t abandoned and to return home. Racing against the clock, Woody must gather his wits to get everyone back in one piece.

Starring the voice talent of: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.



11:00pm Saturday, December 15 on TV2

Sean MacArthur is a street hustler trying to make ends meet in New York city. One day while selling counterfeit goods a group of young men attempt to force Sean to relocate with his merchandise. These boys work for Harvey Boarden a ticket scalper who controls the corner. Sean loses his money but fights them off. Harvey seeing his potential gives him his money back and offers him a chance to a ‘winner takes all’ fight.

9:30pm Wednesday, December 12 on TV2

In the final episode before the US midseason break, the gang’s quest to rescue Danny reaches a critical point and the time has come for Miles and militia leader Monroe to meet face to face. Miles will need to make a tough decision; whether to fight for his life or sacrifice himself to save his family. With the ability to control the world’s power in the balance the stakes have never been higher.

9:30pm Tuesday, December 11 on TV2

In the season finale, Megan investigates a death which bears eerie similarities to her first case as Chief Medical examiner. With a victim who has her brain removed – the same modus operandi as jailed serial killer Wilson Polley – the team must race against the clock to discover the identity of a copycat or work out how Wilson could orchestrate a murder from behind bars. When Wilson escapes from jail all bets are off and Megan will need to fight to in order to survive.