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A collection of the minor parties have written a joint letter to TV3 asking them to reconsider an election debate featuring all the party leaders – regardless of whether Clark and Key want to turn up.

TV3 have currently scheduled the movie Black Knight in place of the debate.

What do you think TV3’s response will be?

Do you think the debate has any chance of going ahead?

TVNZ accidentally placed the summary for Friday 12th September’s episode of Shortland Street on their website before it had screened.

TVNZ soon removed the summary, but you can read it in full at

Here’s a sneak peak before they starting screening on TV2 from Monday!

TV3 viewers may have noticed something strange about 3 News over the past week. On Sunday Media Fetish reported that many bloggers said the presenters looked like they were in front of a green screen – and we can now confirm those bloggers were correct. The 3 News desk has been moved to a different studio and several green screens have been used to recreate the look of the news set.

Several anonymous sources have contacted Media Fetish with confirmation that 3 News will remain this way for at least another two weeks while construction is underway on new sets for 3 News, Sunrise and Campbell Live. The shows will receive new graphics packages to match their sets, and the new 3 News set is said to have a lot less of the wooden look used on the current set.

We understand that the Campbell Live set has also been recreated in the same smaller studio to house both the current affairs show and Sunrise until the new sets are completed.

With the news of a new look for Sunrise, we are left to wonder if this will mean the introduction of a new format and presenter line-up – both possibilities that have been talked about for a while now.


Sunrise has hardly been on air for very long – of course it will not initially be as good as Breakfast, nor will it pick up the same ratings at the start. People are too willing to see a show cancelled just because it is not perfect from the beginning!

A year after 3 National News was first launched people were probably saying similar things about it in comparision to One Network News!
Shortland Street was rubbished when it first came out, but look how it has improved over time! Channel 7’s Sunrise in Australia was also the underdog when it was first launched, yet over the years it has improved a lot and become a major player in their breakfast television market.

Of course a newly established show has to grow and learn to fully compete with the established competition.

If people in New Zealand are that keen to rip the rug out from under new shows before they ever have the chance to grow, then the media of this country is going to be very boring for a long time.

3 News have launched a brand new website. The news site is now a stand alone site, meaning it no longer has to fit in to the layout of the TV3 website. This has made it a lot easier to navigate!

The TV show sections like Sunrise and Campbell Live now have a set show template on, which also makes them look a lot better than they used to on the site (especially Sunrise!).

“An error on the popular social networking website Bebo enabled users to look at other people’s private information such as addresses and phone numbers yesterday … as some of Bebo’s 40 million users found themselves randomly switched to other people’s accounts.”

Source: NZ Herald

“We all seem to trust that the information we provide to social networking sites such as Bebo and Facebook is safe and secure, and that our account really is our account that nobody else can access or view certain parts of. However an incident such as the one that has occured tonight makes you think differently about your privacy and security in online communities.”

View the blog the Herald references here.

Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jake “the Muss” Heke in the movie Once Were Warriors, is to return to the television series Shortland Street for six weeks.

Morrison’s Shortland Street character Dr Hone Ropata was a fixture on the show between 1992 and 1995 and he reappears on June 5, just before the show’s 4000th episode on June 6.

One of the famous lines from the show was when nurse Carrie Burton said: “You’re not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata.”

Morrison was on the set yesterday but wasn’t saying how his character returns to the show.

“Some of my happiest memories are from my time on Shortland Street. When I read the script and saw what Hone gets up to this time around, I was really excited about returning,” said the 47-year-old.

Shortland Street producer Jason Daniel said yesterday that Dr Ropata would appear in a fairly major story.


Sky TV chief executive John Fellet is not commenting on speculation that Sky TV might merge with Australian pay-TV operator FoxTel.

Mr Fellet set off the rumour-mill last Friday when he said that Sky TV had deferred a decision on whether to proceed with a share buyback that had been endorsed by shareholders in October, because of an “opportunity”.

He did not comment further on the nature of the proposal, which he said had about a 20 per cent chance of proceeding.

Mr Fellet said that if Sky was to merge with FoxTel it would probably have to inform the market first, but he did not want to issue a denial each time he was presented with speculation.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp owns 43.7 per cent of Sky TV and a 25 per cent stake in FoxTel, which is half-owned by Telstra. Sources have speculated that the two companies could cut their programming purchasing costs and would be able to increase their satellite transmission capacity by a third if they merged and broadcast a single service to subscribers in Australia and New Zealand.

FoxTel would want to retain the cash that had been earmarked for a share buy-back on Sky’s balance sheet were it to contemplate a takeover, sources suggested.

One analyst said he was stumped after Mr Fellet appeared to discount the alternative that Sky TV might be contemplating taking over an Internet provider. He said he would be surprised if Sky TV was acquired by FoxTel, but there might be some advantages.

Sky TV is the seventh largest stock on the NZX with a market capitalisation of $1.95 billion.


I notice that the new MTV website has the catchphrase “Cool as fu*k” up the top – does anybody know if this line is used in MTV’s new on-air identity as well?