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A third cast member of Lost has been charged with a DUI. Daniel Dae Kim (plays Jin-Soo Kwon) was arrested for drunk driving with his blood alcohol over twice the legal limit.

He’s scheduled to go to court on November 23.

The US is set to copy the UK reality competition (with host Rachel Hunter) “Make Me A Supermodel” in 2008.

Niki Taylor (yay!) and Tyson Beckford will host the show based in New York where the models compete for $100,000.

Can’t wait!

Anyone else excited that Heroes is back tonight? Can’t wait!! And yay for TV3 not getting it too far behind the US again.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take the show this season, and as a big fan of Veronica Mars, can’t wait for Kristin Bell to show up 😀

Steve Biddle over at Geekzone says “TV3 Sunrise [is] spreading FUD”. I have no clue about the science behind what they were talking about – that black pixels use less energy than white pixels and we should use sites like http://www.blackle.com/

I keep hearing about this site blackle (google with a black background) and I think it was in NetGuide or some other mag I was reading the other day too.

Steve explains:

“Unfortunately for her (and TV3) she’s failed to check the full facts and infact many people listening to this advice will actually be increasing their energy consumption and not saving energy due to the differences between old CRT technology which has to use more power to create whites and LCD technology which has to use more power to create blacks. Check out this detailed test http://techlogg.com/content/view/360/31/”

Oh well, I have an LCD screen so it seems like white sites are more energy saving. But maybe turning off my computer when I’m not at it is a smarter plan…

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I saw an ad this morning on TV3 promoting David Duchovny’s new show Californication as coming soon. The show has sparked a lot of controversy in the US and Australia (where they’re airing it in the same week as the US) for its raunchy sex scenes and controversial material. In Australia, more than 40 companies complained and four pulled their ads. In the US, it screens on Cable channel Showtime.

I’m not interested in watching it, but if you are, there’s more information here.

Ok. Can I just say as a blogger for many years, that it REALLY irks me that Shortland Street (and often the mainstream media in NZ) is getting the terminology for blogging INCORRECT.

Anyone who blogs will see how silly the way they use the word blog is!!!

I am going to write A blog = I am going to write a new blog = I am going to start a brand new blog

I am going to blog about it = I am going to write a blog post = I am going to add a new post to my blog.

A blog is a collection of blog posts, not a post in and of itself!

Get it right!!!

WARNING: Don’t watch if you’re eating……

Jono throws up live on C4 while talking to a caller…

And only days before, this happened on a Swedish TV news show:


Hey everyone. So I’ve just seen both the new season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and the premiere of Private Practice and let me tell you this:

I used to be THE biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan ever. I loved everything about the show, the characters, the storylines, the music… you name it. It was probably my #1 show.

Season 3 was painful. The George/Izzie storyline just got so dragged out and awful to watch. The endless Mer/Der soppy eyes and no substance in their relationship. The Isaiah Washington debacle. Everything just felt so incestuous, so drawn out, so miserable, so deja vu. McDreamy became McBoring. Seriously.

You know I hated Addison when she turned up on the scene in Season 2. How dare she be the evil witch who broke McDreamy’s heart by sleeping with his best friend, over and over and over? But slowly, I warmed to her. Her spunk, her zest, her sexuality. Here was a woman who really was intruiging – much more so that Meredith Grey ever could be with her half closed eyes, waif figure and endless soliloquies about how miserable her life was and how her parents screwed her up.

I held high hopes for Season 4 of Grey’s. Maybe it would pick itself out of the slump. Find new energy without the cast tensions. Find freshness with the new interns (including Mer’s half sister…). But no. I was sorely disappointed. Mer’s half sister was so annoying and her little chat with George seemed so rehearsed and unnatural. Nope, don’t like her one bit. And the bar-girl comments Mer – sister – McDreaming triangle just were so overdone. Yawn. Oh, and the medical stories? I’m no doctor but they seemed terribly flawed (yes, let’s jolt a deer back to life on a metal ute?? and how did the guy end up with that sort of injury to his neck.. is that really possible?).

But Private Practice has such a breath of fresh air. No wonder it’s the biggest new fall show. Take a character we’ve gone from hating to cheering for, to feeling sorry for (with her limited egg supply) and put her with a fresh new cast (let’s hope Taye Diggs isn’t a curse on shows to get cancelled!) with new humor, new tensions, new storyline potentials and wow, instant hit.

I love Addison. I’m sick of MerDer. There’s only so much you can drag out a love story. And when it gets to the point where I don’t even care about the outcome, it’s time to move on.

Bring on Private Practice. Loved the first episode, absolutely loved it.

So if you’re tired of Grey’s (but loved it originally), you’ll adore Private Practice.


Awesome stuff! This is why I like Letterman… not that soppy “interview” he did last time with her.

What would be your favourite new NZ locally made TV show (Flight of the Conchords doesn’t count for this) of 2007?

I’m really struggling to think of ideas… help me out 😀