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VIBE – Thursdays from 3 January, 9.30pm

The instinctive, chaotic and street-smart Emma (Lisa Faulkner) teams up with meticulous and often stubborn Kate (Caroline Catz) to create suburbia’s sassy, female crime-busting duo. The murders in suburbia are sometimes premeditated, sometimes spontaneous, always lethal, and guarantee edge of your seat suspense.

VIBE – Sunday 30 December, 9.30pm

A romantic drifter wanders into the life of a housewife. Their innocent friendship evolves into a four-day affair which they carry in their hearts for the next 24 years. Starring: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep.

VIBE – Sundays from 30 December, 7.30pm

With almost one million morbidly obese people in England alone (more than double the number since the year 2000), by the end of this decade it’s predicted that more than a third of the population will be obese. Big Body Squad joins supersized ambulance teams, fire crews, equipment specialists, builders and carers across the UK as they service Britain’s big society, spending time with people whose lives are mostly hidden from view as they are simply too large to leave their homes.

VIBE – Friday 28 December, 8.30pm

High-powered New York divorce attorneys Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods have seen love gone wrong in all its worst case scenarios – so how bad could their own chances be? Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore.

VIBE – Wednesday 26 December, 6.30pm

An intimate look at William and Kate’s life together one year on from the fairytale wedding that won the affections of the world. With the eyes of the world upon the happy couple, every aspect of their lives has come under renewed scrutiny. From Prince William’s career with the Royal Air Force to the couple’s extensive charity work, very little has escaped the public eye. Featuring exclusive footage and interviews with key royal observers and friends, this one-off special goes beyond the media maelstrom and inside the union that has propelled the British Royal Family into unprecedented levels of popularity.

VIBE – Wednesday 26 December, 5.30pm

Nearly thirty years after his parents exchanged their wedding vows, Prince William walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey with his new bride. As the future King marks the beginning of a new, independent stage of his life, the influence of his mother seems ever more profound. From Diana’s relationships to her tell-all book and Charles’ relationship with Camilla, My Mother Diana explores William’s connection with his mother and examines where he was as key moments of her later life played out.

VIBE – Tuesday 25 December, 7.00pm.

What better way to bolster the festive spirit than with the classic, award-winning BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, airing in its entirety on Christmas Day. As two rich, eligible and handsome young bachelors – Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy – gallop into Hertfordshire and into the lives of every hopeful young maiden and her ambitious mother in the neighbourhood, a regency romance full of pace, style, wit and passion unfolds. Starring: Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, Alison Steadman, Julia Sawalha.



VIBE – Monday 24 December, 3pm

Celebrate the holiday season in all-singing, all-dancing style as Vibe joins McKinley High’s New Directions for the entire third season of the musical comedy sensation over two merry marathons. It’s fall, and that means back-to-school for the students and faculty at McKinley High. The New Directions clan returns after a devastating loss at Nationals, so Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) assigns a project to get them back on track. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) starts her congressional campaign with an anti-arts platform. Special guest stars this season include Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Lindsay Lohan.

VIBE – Sunday 23 December, 9.30pm

A driven, heartless publishing executive is visited by the ghost of her former boss on Christmas Eve, and taken on a journey through her past, present and future. Starring: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Carrie Fisher.

VIBE – Friday 21 December, 8.30pm

Claire’s plans for a dream Christmas Eve wedding in Aspen are derailed by a series of storms and rockslides. Claire is reduced to begging for a ride from an unlikely fellow, leading to a crazy road trip and a most unlikely love/hate relationship. Starring: Jennifer Grey, Megan Park and Clark Gregg.