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VIBE – Sunday 25 November. 9.30pm

The possibility of romance and his master’s ties with the Nazi cause challenge a rule-bound head butler’s carefully maintained veneer of servitude in this classic, Oscar-nominated film, based on the Booker Award-winning novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Christopher Reeve and Hugh Grant.

VIBE – Sunday 25 November, 7.30pm

What happens when an unexpected pregnancy occurs in the early stages of a relationship? This bittersweet documentary follows Nita and Liam, a young couple who have been going out for only a few weeks when Nita unexpectedly falls pregnant. With polar opposite views on how they should proceed (Liam angles for abortion, while Nita would rather not terminate) the couple’s relationship is thoroughly tested. Once baby Una is born, a whole other host of complicated decisions must be considered that now affect not only Nita and Liam, but their child as well. An intimate portrait of two parents-to-be and the fears and difficulties they face in the light of this life-changing event, Babytrapped explores the very different responses and opinions the relative strangers have to parenting, examining two sides of the same coin through tough choices and gender differences.

VIBE – Friday 23 November, 8.30pm

When love feels like magic, they call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humour, it’s called Serendipity, and it has a hold on two people who seek nothing but each other. Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

VIBE – Sunday 18 November, 9.30pm

A warm, touching and, at times, greatly amusing tale about the importance of friendship, Fried Green Tomatoes follows Evelyn, a middle-aged housewife dissatisfied with her life, and elderly Mrs Threadgoode, who tells a wonderful tale of life and love in the 1930s. Starring Kathy Bates, Mary Louise Parker, Mary Stuart Masterson, Jessica Tandy, and Chris O’Donnell.

VIBE – Sundays from 18 November, 8.30pm

From getting up close and personal with wildlife at the Toronto Zoo to learning lessons from pizza dough, CEOs from ten of Canada’s biggest corporations are stealthily joining the ranks of their unsuspecting workforces. Having donned a disguise and invented a back-story, the CEOs go incognito to work alongside their frontline employees, who hold the innocent belief that they’re simply training a new recruit. As each undercover boss discovers more about the effects their decisions have on others, the perception of the company, and the unsung heroes of their workforce, they learn more about how to apply what they have gained from the experience – both for their company, and for themselves.

VIBE – Friday 16 November, 8.30pm

When two women inadvertently witness a Mob hit in Chicago, they flee to L.A., pose as drag queens, and discover that dreams can be followed under many guises. Starring Nia Vardalos, Toni Collette, and David Duchovny.

VIBE – Sunday 11 November 9.30pm

Hailed as the female version of Stand By Me, Now and Then is a compelling, heartwarming tale of friendship that spans two decades, as four women reunite after years of separation to recall the pivotal teenage summer that shaped their lives. Starring Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Christina Ricci, Melanie Griffith, Thora Birch and Rita Wilson.

VIBE – Saturdays from 10 November, 7.30pm

Revisit the lives of the people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they’re on the verge of personal crisis. Whether they’re facing eviction, the loss of their children, jail time, or divorce, these are the hoarders whose helplessness to let go has led them down a path that is not only cluttered, but dangerous. Each episode follows two people struggling to overcome their compulsive behaviour while experts work to put them on the road to recovery. For some, throwing away even the tiniest possession – a sponge, a button, an empty box – is so painful that they’re unable to complete the cleaning process, no matter the consequences. For others, professional help and an organiser’s guidance give them the strength to recover.

VIBE – Friday 9 November, 8.30pm

A lawyer suffering from ennui signs up for ballroom dance lessons to meet the beautiful instructor, and eventually must choose between his job, his family and his new love. Starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez.

VIBE – Wednesdays from 7 November, 9.30pm

Smoking behind bike sheds, making up ludicrous excuses, arguing with their parents and being late for school… and that’s just what the staff are getting up to. Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead, This Life) stars as the charming and ever so slightly self-obsessed Simon, the centre of a group of young teachers at Summerdown Comprehensive who have somehow found themselves in a position of alarming responsibility while not quite being able to admit to themselves that they’re fully grown adults. As lesson plans are abandoned and exams are marked by bribed (not to mention tipsy) colleagues at the local pub, relationships come to the fore, as the teachers find life quite as problematic outside the classroom as in it. With the sharp writing and witty direction that made the series a British classic, Teachers offers a glimpse at what teaching staff are like when they haven’t got a desk to hide behind.