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VIBE – Mondays from 23 July, 8.30pm

Detangling webs of lies, uncovering the source of splatters of blood and trips to the casino – it’s all an average day for these cops.

It’s a case of good cop bad cop in this British crime drama as DI Susan Alembic (Amanda Donohoe, L.A. Law), the most talented DI in her department, pairs up with the arguably less talented ‘comic relief’ of DS Luke Stone (Kris Marshall, Love Actually). As this detective duo tackle more murders than you can shake a gun at, how much will they uncover in the darker side of London?

VIBE – Sundays from 22 July, 8.30pm

Ever experienced bad customer service? Join British retail expert and style icon Mary Portas as she works with some of Britain’s best-known brands to give shoppers the treatment they deserve.

Mary believes that Britain is cowering under a cloud of poor customer service. By using the stealth weapon of secret shopping, she exposes shoddy customer service and uses the evidence to give company bosses a wake-up call. With the help of her covert cameras, she’s planning to start a retail revolution. The giants may be delivering bumper profits but they won’t be smiling for long – Mary and her gang of shoppers have caught some of Britain’s biggest brands with their trousers down. Together they have unearthed shoddy shop floors and minimal service from apathetic shop staff. Having got to grips with the problems, Mary believes she’s got the answer to this malaise.

VIBE – Mondays from 2 July, 10pm (Encores Sundays, 10.30pm then 11pm from 22 July)

Five time Academy Award nominee Albert Finney leads the cast in this delightfully gentle series based on the short stories by ‘The Darling Buds Of May’ creator H.E. Bates.

Set at the turn of the century, this comic drama follows the adventures of 10-year old Edward, sent to the country to spend the summer with his loveable, roguish Uncle Silas and his irascible housekeeper Mrs Betts. Throughout the summer, Edward and his uncle encounter a succession of larger than life female characters around and about Silas’s village.

VIBE – Mondays from 2 July, 8.30pm (Encores Sundays at 9.00pm (Parts 1 & 2), 9.30pm (Part 3))

Fear, alcohol, opium and love prove a heady combination in this darkly comic miniseries.

Based on William Golding’s classic sea trilogy, this three part miniseries brings to life Edmund Talbot’s (Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock) voyage onboard a wooden warship to Australia. Awaiting Talbot in the land down under is a Government post arranged for him by his aristocratic and highly influential godfather. This witty, young and sometimes cringingly naive man is prepared for adventure upon the high seas and is often caught out unawares along the way. Featuring a star-studded cast that also includes Jared Harris (Mad Men), Paula Jennings (EastEnders) and New Zealand’s own Sam Neill (Jessica).



VIBE – Tuesdays from 26 June, 8.30pm (Encores Sundays, 1.30pm)

“There’s been a murder…”

The UK’s longest ever running television crime drama is back! This hard-hitting drama that has been going strong since 1983 is more action-packed, edgy, slick and sinister than ever. In episode one the body of a gambler and the discovery of thousands of pounds stashed in his flat leads the team to suspect that he was part of an illegal betting scam. Meanwhile, a moral dilemma halts Burke in his tracks as he is left with a decision to either arrest a killer or do a deal to ensnare a bigger criminal…

VIBE – Thursdays from 21 June, 8.30pm (Encores Saturdays, 10.30pm)

Vibe’s newest drama series tells the remarkable stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions factory, seduced into building the bombs they hope will keep their men alive and destroy the enemy during the raging World War II. Liberated from social and cultural restrictions, these women embrace their newfound freedom, changing their lives – and the world around them – forever. Starring Academy Award nominee Meg Tilly.

VIBE – Sundays from 17 June, 7.30pm

The hit reality series heads to America to capture day-to-day life in a US maternity ward. In the Riverside Methodist hospital, new lives begin and others change forever as the overwhelming emotion of child birth is displayed in an honest and raw light. Using 40 fixed remotely-operated cameras it observes every tiny detail, every tiny newborn and every unpredictable, exhilarating and sometimes precarious situation.

VIBE – Tuesdays from 12 June, 8.30pm (Encores Sundays, 1.30pm)

In hospital, Jinx Kingsley (Dervla Kirwan, The Silence) has finally woken up from a coma and discovers that her memory of the past two weeks has been blanked out by the car crash that caused her injuries. Apparently this was a failed suicide attempt, prompted by her fiance Leo ditching her to elope with her best friend Meg. However, the discovery of their brutally murdered bodies – killed in the same manner as Jinx’s ex-husband – leads Jinx into being the prime suspect, not only in the eyes of the law but her family, friends and sadly…herself. With the help of a neuro-scientist, patchwork pieces of memories slowly bubble to the surface, invoking memories of desperation and paralysing fear.



VIBE – Weeknights from 4 June, 10.30pm (Encores the following day, 6.30pm)

Relive all of the drama, chaos and romance as the final three seasons of the hit medical series airs every weeknight on Vibe.

When life and death often hang in the balance of a split-second decision, the overburdened emergency room of The Chicago County General Hospital is a place where tragedies and miracles happen. In the season premiere, the aftermath of a shootout in the ER continues to ripple through the staff, affecting everyone on duty. The stress of it all causes Abby (Maura Tierney, Liar Liar) to go into premature labour as front desk clerk Jerry clings to life from gunshot wounds.

VIBE – Mondays from 4 June, 8.30pm (Encores Sundays, 9pm)

“It’s not what you are. It’s what people think you are. And with the right amount of money you can make them think what you want.”

This June the story of America’s most famous first family is brought to life once again, painting a picture of one of the most turbulent times of the modern age over four feature-length episodes. The story that has fascinated millions worldwide for decades is so embedded in the foundations of history that audiences know the general structure of this enigmatic political family.