Casting calls

The global credit crunch has hit Kiwis hard – and a new TV One show is here to help New Zealanders fight the recession and find work.

In the first three months of 2009 alone, New Zealand companies have shed a staggering 25,000 jobs – and predictions are that we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

And with an estimated 100 people applying for every vacancy – competition for every job is fierce. In new show Would Like To Work our experts will take eight ordinary New Zealanders and put them through their job-hunting paces – teaching them tips and techniques that will not only help them land a job, but change their lives – with a real job up for grabs.

“We’ll teach them to prepare the perfect CV, and give them all the skills they need to turn in the killer interview,” says Executive Producer Glenn Sims. “And along the way each person will learn what’s been stopping them from getting a job before – and how to overcome those hurdles to succeed.

The show is inviting applications from people in the Auckland region who are looking for work. “Perhaps they’ve been made redundant, are returning to the workforce, feel they’re stuck in a rut, or have never had a job before. They may even be worried they don’t have the right skills to find a job – or that their skills are out of date,” says Sims.

“Whatever their situation is, if they would like to work we can give them the best chance possible to succeed.”

Job seekers interested in being part of the show can apply online now at

The fifth series of TV2’s popular series Neighbours at War is currently in production and could help you.

Are you…
• Having a dispute over noise, boundaries or an untidy section?
• Dealing with a rude or nosey neighbour?
• Had enough of your neighbour’s unruly dog or other animals?
• Trying to reason with your neighbour and being rebuffed?
• Wondering what your rights are and where to get help?

Up and down the country feuds over the fence happen with alarming regularity. Neighbours at War is there to tell your story and assist in halting hostilities using mediators and other skilled experts.

Neighbours at War will tackle any problem no matter how big, small or long-running. Where councils and other organisations have failed, Neighbours at War will let you have your say.

If you, or anyone you know, is at war with the people next door, contact Greenstone Pictures now on:
(09) 623 7754 or email


Throng Media are looking for someone to host the pilot of our first ever online TV series.

If you’re a confident extrovert who loves television, looks great on camera and is aged 18-25 then we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, send your contact information along with a 60 second audition video (upload to by 5pm on June 20th to  

A screen test will take place on Saturday June 27th in Auckland for selected applicants.


If you would like to be a part of our studio audience and find out what goes on behind the scenes, come and watch The Singing Bee being filmed live in Auckland. 

Join in the fun as our contestants battle it out to be The Singing Bee champion and win big money. There will be plenty of fun, giveaways and door prizes to be had on the day! 

Synopsis of the Show that you will be watching:

The Singing Bee challenges our contestants to accurately sing the lyrics to popular songs. A live studio band and some of the top singers in the country will play a familiar tune and when the music stops the contestant must finish the next part of the song word perfect. 

With songs guaranteed to have viewers singing along at home, The Singing Bee will feature recognizable tunes that have inspired hilarious wrong answers. Each episode sees six brave contestants step into the spotlight, but there will be no middle ground for partially correct answers – one wrong word and you’re out of the game.

Through a process of elimination of song-based games the last contestant standing will face the ultimate melody mind boggler and the opportunity to win up to thousands of dollars in cash.

Get a group together for a fun, free time out!


    * WEDNESDAY 6 MAY 2009 – 6:30PM

    * THURSDAY 7 MAY 2009 – 3PM

    * THURSDAY 7 MAY 2009 – 6:30PM

    * SATURDAY 9 MAY 2009 – 3PM

    * SATURDAY 9 MAY 2009 – 6:30PM

    * SUNDAY 10 MAY 2PM

VENUE: Life Convention Centre, 110 Montgomerie Rd, Airport Oaks, Mangere

AGE LIMIT: 13 years and over

To get your free tickets to be in the audience, please email me the following information:

   1. How many tickets you need

   2. The date(s) you want to attend.

Kind Regards

Tania McDonald

Audience Manager

By entering the premises and being in the audience you agree to being filmed to appear in the show “Singing Bee” for TVNZ.


TVNZ’s “Stars in Their Eyes” is a talent show in which ordinary New Zealanders – from bus-drivers to businessmen – are asked to step into the spotlight and perform as their favourite artist with a live band, in front of a live studio audience. Star-struck contestants have the opportunity of a lifetime to live their wildest showbiz dream.

There are no restrictions as to which singer the contestants choose to emulate. Whether it’s a top rock star, a legendary crooner or a well known R&B artist, it’s enough that we recognise them and hear the star in their voice when they perform. They may be crazy in love like Beyoncé or crooning like Dean Martin, but does the sound match the look?

The live studio audience are an essential part of the show as they get to vote for their favourite impersonator. Who sounded so good they were even better than the real thing? All episode winners go through to a grand final at the end of the season.

We would love to have you in our audience – come alone or get a group of friends/family together for a fun free night out! Simon Barnett is the host and it is a great nights’ entertainment. The winner is determined by the audience vote, therefore it is crucial that I have a full house.


Friday April 10 (Good Friday), Monday April 13 (Easter Monday), Wednesday April 15, Tuesday April 21, Thursday April 23, Saturday April 25 (Anzac Day) & Tuesday 28 April 2009


Life Convention Centre, 110 Montgomerie Rd, Airport Oaks, Mangere


6:30-9:30pm (please allow time for travel & parking)


13 years and over

To get your free tickets to be in the audience, please E-mail me the following information:

How many tickets you need

The date you want to go

Your age bracket (13-30 31-45, 46-60 61+)

Postal address to send tickets to


Kind Regards

Tania McDonald

Audience Manager


Could your family be the next “Target” Product Check Family?

The ideal family will be energetic, motivated, fun-loving and keen to test a variety of household and consumer products for our show.

You’ll need to be based in Auckland and have at least three children (aged between 5 and 16), plus Mum and Dad.

To find out more, contact Heather on (09) 377 8774 ext 222 or email:

TV3’s Target programme is looking for a new family for its popular Product Check segment.

You and your family will be the eyes, ears and tastebuds of the nation, reviewing a variety of household and consumer products.

The ideal family will be energetic, fun-loving and live in Auckland. You’ll also have at least three kids aged between 5 and 16, plus Mum and Dad.

For more details, please email Juanita Dobson at: or phone her at 09 377 8774 extension 213.

Applications close very soon – Friday 21 November, 2008.

Who Dares Wins is a successful format that has been all over the world and now New Zealand has a chance to get involved. The show dares ordinary people to do things they never thought they could, should or would ever want to do again!

Would you like to see your dad, nana, best friend, work colleague or boss, jump from a hot air balloon, walk across a tight rope between two skyscrapers, or swim with sharks? Well here is your chance to nominate someone who is 18 years or older for a dare.

Remember we are not looking for adrenalin junkies we are looking for ordinary people, like you and me, who we will dare do something they never thought they would ever have to do. This is pure adrenalin, fear…..and fun!! But remember….when you nominate someone it must be kept secret.

Filming will begin over November and through until January and the show will go to air in the new season 2009.

Nominate someone now