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The Shortland Street Online Game can now be found here.

Important links for players

Answer the latest bonus question here
Share your thoughts on the latest episode here

How do I earn points?

Points are automatically earned each time your character does one of the following:

100 points: leaves the show permanently, marries, divorces, proposes, gets pregnant (mother or father of child)
90 points: gets fired, breaks off a relationship
80 points: moves house, starts a new job
55 points: gets medical treatment/advice (maximum of one per episode)
50 points: sleeps with someone
40 points: seen with his top off or in her bra/bikini
25 points: says the name of a past character (this past character must not be on screen during the month)
20 points: seen on a non-set location (maximum of one per episode)
15 points: says the exact phrase “I love you”
10 points: kisses
5 points: says IV or Shortland Street
3 points: gets in or out of a lift
2 points: watches TV, uses a phone or computer
1 point: has an alcoholic drink

  • You can earn multiple points per episode for the same thing (e.g. your character kisses two people).
  • You earn double points if a couple in your team sleep together, kiss on the lips, get married etc.
  • If your character dies/leaves you’re not out of the game.
  • If your character does something else which isn’t on the points list, they can’t get points for it (even if it’s something unusual).

Bonus Points

The first character you choose will earn you double points on Mondays. Think carefully about your first choice.

Skill Question Points

Each night immediately after an episode airs there will be a new skill question which can also earn you points. The question can only be answered before the next episode starts.

Opinion Points

You can earn 25 points each weekday for participating in discussion about the episode.


  • You can join at any time but you will only get points for episodes which air after you join.
  • Points are updated for you each day.