From today weather watchers can keep up with the latest forecasts or submit their own weather updates, pictures and comments on the ONE Weather fanpage on Facebook.

The page has been launched today and coincides with severe thunderstorms forecast for Northland, Auckland, Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel Peninsula this evening. An active storm band is expected to cross the area shortly bringing winds gusting to over 120 kilometres an hour and the possibility of tornadoes.

70 – 100 mm of rain is expected to fall across these areas this afternoon and this evening and up to 120mm is expected in the eastern ranges of the Bay of Plenty.

People in the affected areas are being advised by the MetService to follow the forecasts and warnings, watch for rapidly rising rivers and streams and farmers are advised to move stock to higher ground if it could be at risk from flooding.

ONE News is covering the storm with reports and full weather updates in the news hour at 6pm and on the new fanpage that you don’t have to be a Facebook member to view or join.


Breakfast’s Paul Henry has made the UK Telegraph’s Top 20 list of the world’s 20 best moments of uncontrollable laughter on television. He is the only person to feature on the list twice.

The 16th and 17th most “infectious” laughter moments on TV can be seen at including one giggle that culminates in Paul spitting a mouthful of water over co-host Pippa Wetzell.


The TVNZ iPhone application launched ten days ago has been downloaded over 10,000 times already.

It’s estimated there are 30,000 – 40,000 iPhones being used in New Zealand which calculates out to a tie ratio of 25%-30%


The Silver Ferns vs England Netball Test will be broadcast live from Manchester tomorrow morning from 7am on TV ONE’s Breakfast.

News, sport, weather and traffic information will be updated during breaks in the netball between 7am and approx 8:20am.

TVNZ has withdrawn its bid for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

We have met today around a new joint bid to be led by Maori Television. We are working constructively together in the best interests of all New Zealanders to get a successful outcome.

There is still more detail to be sorted out.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 64,360
Breakfast 157,700
ONE News Midday 117,150
ONE News 602,340
Close Up 477,290
Tonight 161,290

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 5,060
Sunrise 22,030
3 News at Twelve 48,690
3 News 473,600
Campbell Live 274,970
Nightline 126,080

Maori Television has confirmed that it will not withdraw its bid for the free-to-air Rugby World Cup rights despite a Government announcement today that it is financing a late bid by TVNZ aimed at beating the Māori Television bid.

Chief Executive Jim Mather said he was surprised and disappointed at the decision by the Government to attempt to defeat Maori Television’s bid. He described the decision as extremely disappointing.

Mr Mather said he was also extremely concerned at allegations that the TVNZ bid was developed with access to confidential information within Maori Television’s bid, indicating that the tender process for the rights had been compromised.

He was similarly concerned at the process that had been undertaken to develop the TVNZ bid and the actions of some Government ministers.

Mr Mather confirmed that Maori Television had not been consulted by either the Government or TVNZ on the development of its bid, and had not been invited to participate in it. He was not aware of the detail of the bid apart from what had been reported in the media.

He could not understand the rationale for the Government to finance a TVNZ bid, particularly given its concerns that Government funds should not be spent on broadcasting rights.

“The Government’s objection to the Maori Television bid has been the fact that it is supported by Te Puni Kokiri funding. The TPK support has been labeled inappropriate use of Government funding, yet now the Government is providing more funds to beat the Maori Television bid. What is the rationale for this and why is funding for TVNZ now deemed to be appropriate use of Government funds?” said Mr Mather.

“The Government’s other concern has been the matter of 10% of New Zealanders not being able to access the Maori Television analogue signal. However, Maori Television addressed this by modifying its bid to allow for sub-licensing of some games. It is our understanding that Prime Minister John Key was happy with this arrangement,” said Mr Mather.

Mr Mather said that the TVNZ bid had resulted in the two publicly funded broadcasters now competing against each other and questioned the rationale for this.

“Maori Television submitted its bid after bids by the other broadcasters had been deemed “inappropriate” by Rugby World Cup Limited. Maori Television cannot be accused of entering into a bidding war. That is an accusation for TVNZ to answer,” he said.

Mr Mather said that he was satisfied that Maori Television had acted appropriately at all times, including the process it had undertaken internally to develop a business plan that had undergone intense scrutiny at Board level, through to the submission of its bid with the knowledge of all of Maori Television’s stakeholders.

Mr Mather also stated the following:

· Dr Coleman is incorrect in his statement that the Government contacted Maori Television prior to our bid being submitted. At no stage prior to the bid being submitted was Maori Television approached by Dr Coleman or a Government representative with any request, including one to “reach an agreement” with other broadcasters.

· Maori Television did not decide to “go it alone”, as stated by Dr Coleman. The IRB bid required that all bids were to be from individual broadcasters. Maori Television was advised by the IRB that it did not want any joint bids, nor did it want any bids which proposed sub-licensing. However, in response to the Prime Minister’s expectation that Maori Television was required to ensure 100% coverage, Maori Television approached the IRB with the requirement that our bid must allow for sub-licensing. This was agreed by the IRB.

· The allegation that Maori Television has not worked collaboratively is false. Maori Television has abided by the requirements of the bid, which until a week ago was that no sub-licensing would be permitted.

Mr Mather acknowledged the support that Maori Television has been receiving from a range of Maori organisations and iwi Maori. He also acknowledged the many non-Maori New Zealanders who have also expressed their support.

He said Maori Television remained confident that its bid was serious and credible and that, should Maori Television win the rights, it looked forward to broadcasting all 48 games of the Rugby World Cup tournament free-to-air for all New Zealanders.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 41,980
Breakfast 171,710
ONE News Midday 135,160
ONE News 602,080
Close Up 535,480
Tonight 169,830

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 30,000
Sunrise 46,290
3 News at Twelve 41,500
3 News 424,570
Campbell Live 224,740
Nightline 109,100

The latest batch of quarterly Freeview figures illustrate that Kiwis are continuing to connect with more free-to-air channels, such as recent addition Prime, improved picture quality, an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and no ongoing costs.

The appeal of such features has meant that the Freeview digital and radio broadcast platform continues to increase in popularity, so much so that it is now available in nearly 300,000 Kiwi homes around the country. This is well above forecast and at a quicker rate per capita than the majority of countries which have made the switch to digital television.

Latest sales figures for the three months ending September 2009 show that the total number of households able to receive Freeview is 291,853. This figure consists of 177,917 Freeview satellite® homes and 113,936 Freeview|HD® homes.

“The availability and popularity of Prime seems to have contributed to our growth and has brought the total number of channels on Freeview satellite® to 13 and 12 on Freeview|HD®.” says Sam Irvine, General Manager, Freeview.

The availability of Prime on Freeview will also have an impact on driving New Zealand transition towards digital switch over as all national free-to-air channels are now on the platform.

A final decision on the official switch over date, as indicated by Minister of Broadcasting Dr Coleman, will be made when digital television up-take reaches 75 percent of households, or in 2012, whichever occurs first.

“We know that Kiwis are benefiting from the proliferation of impressive retail deals available on Freeview approved products, as the latest take up figures indicate they perceive Freeview as a good value home entertainment option,” adds Sam Irvine.

“Retailers around the country continue to provide us with feedback that Kiwis are really attracted to the sort of priceless entertainment that Freeview provides, that is a one-off cost and no monthly subscription. With all of that in mind, our continued growth prospects look very positive,” he concludes.

Top TV Shows: Week 41 (4th – 10th October 2009) (5+) Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research

Show Channel Date Audience (000s)
One News TVOne 04/10/2009 717.3
Border Security TVOne 05/10/2009 647.0
South TVOne 04/10/2009 646.0
Close Up TVOne 08/10/2009 613.1
Piha Rescue TVOne 05/10/2009 588.6
Fair Go TVOne 07/10/2009 588.5
Coronation Street TVOne 08/10/2009 586.5
The Mentalist TV2 05/10/2009 559.1
Save Our Home TVOne 07/10/2009 544.1
Outrageous Fortune TV3 06/10/2009 483.6
Motorway Patrol (R) TV2 08/10/2009 478.1
What’s Really In Our Food? TV3 06/10/2009 470.4
Shortland Street TV2 05/10/2009 468.7
Packed to the Rafters TVOne 06/10/2009 464.4
Police Ten 7 TV2 08/10/2009 445.7
Two and a Half Men (R) TV2 07/10/2009 433.4
Sunday(PM) TVOne 04/10/2009 433.4
Birdland TVOne 10/10/2009 429.8
3 News TV3 05/10/2009 425.5
Target(Doco) TV3 06/10/2009 409.9
The Big Bang Theory TV2 07/10/2009 393.8
Barnyard TV2 10/10/2009 370.9
60 Minutes TV3 05/10/2009 368.8
Eleventh Hour TVOne 08/10/2009 367.1
Extreme Makeover-The Home Edit TV2 05/10/2009 365.0

AGB Nielsen Media Research

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 34,300
Breakfast 143,600
ONE News Midday 105,520
ONE News 632,800
Close Up 586,880
Tonight 221,640

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 10,430
Sunrise 28,950
3 News at Twelve 41,950
3 News 513,790
Campbell Live 300,980
Nightline 230,620

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Fly My Pretties is New Zealand’s favourite live multimedia event starring a selection of New Zealand’s finest contemporary musicians, set to a stunning visual backdrop and filmed and recorded live. Since its inception, Fly My Pretties has grown to become a local legend of music that continues to reach people all over the world. Their new CD/DVD, Fly My Pretties – A Story was released in August this year and the Arts Channel are proud to be able to bring to your screens ‘Fly My Pretties – A Story – The 1 Hour Special’ in November.

‘Fly My Pretties – A Story – The 1 Hour Special’ features the full length Fly My Pretties documentary plus a selection of live songs from the 2009 concert series. The documentary looks deeper into the key messages behind the music and concepts of the project as a whole and offers a chance to meet the personalities in the cast, reveals personal insights from each of the musicians and communicates their ideas of how we can positively change our world. Featuring individual interviews with the entire cast: Barnaby Weir, Jarney Murphy, Mike Fabulous, Nathan ‘Nato’ Hickey, Tessa Rain, Anna Coddington, Eva Prowse, L.A. Mitchell, Lisa Tomlins, Mara TK, Nigel Patterson, Paul McLaney, Ryan Prebble, Tom Watson, Riki Gooch and Rio Hunuki-Hemopo. And of course, everyone’s favourite narrator Dick Weir!”

The Arts Channel see’s this as the beginning of a strong relationship with New Zealand artists in the future. ‘Fly My Pretties – A Story – The 1 Hour Special’ premieres on Sunday 1 November at 7.30pm on Arts Channel (SKY Digital Channel 79).

Additional Screenings:

Friday 6 November, 9.30pm

Thursday 12 November, 8.30pm

Saturday 21 November, 7.30pm

Thursday 26 November, 9.30pm

Sunday 29 November, 7.30pm

Fly My Pretties are playing two final Encore Shows in December. This will be the last opportunity to experience Fly My Pretties A Story live and will also feature special guest appearances from previous Fly My Pretties members!

Encore Shows:

Auckland: Friday 4 December – The Civic

Wellington: Saturday 5 December – Michael Fowler Centre

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