NZI Business (6–6:30am) 46,460
Breakfast 147,640
ONE News Midday 123,230
ONE News 601,990
Close Up 517,340
Tonight 172,520

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 8,780
Sunrise 24,300
3 News at Twelve 13,070
3 News 378,510
Campbell Live 161,230
Nightline 106,170

Congratulations to Outrageous Fortune for outstanding ratings for Series 5 with an average of 407,000 Kiwis tuning in to see the West family’s exploits.

Outrageous Fortune is one of a rare group of TV shows internationally which has able to consistently grow their audience by about 20% each series for the first four series.  In fact, we asked TV ratings experts around the world for other examples of such audience growth and couldn’t locate any examples.

Below is an episode-by-episode summary of the number of Kiwis watching the series:

Series 5 of Outrageous Fortune is now out on DVD and Throng gets a special mention in the commentary. Series 6 is being filmed but we’ll have to wait until next year to learn the ultimate fate of Cheryl and Pascalle.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 45,550
Breakfast 121,430
ONE News Midday 99,320
ONE News 542,660
Close Up 429,020
Tonight 182,180

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 19,130
Sunrise 17,940
3 News at Twelve 35,570
3 News 398,330
Campbell Live 208,430
Nightline 195,720

Maori Television
Te Karere (4pm) 55,930
Te Kaea (7:30pm) 2,200

Nick’s bringing you a Christmas full of laughs and giggles! We’ll be playing Christmas themed episodes followed by a marathon of Christmas episodes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to celebrate everyone’s favourite holiday. More details coming soon…

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 39,560
Breakfast 134,860
ONE News Midday 132,570
ONE News 578,060
Close Up 511,520
Tonight 195,400

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 17,600
Sunrise 23,630
3 News at Twelve 22,250
3 News 357,560
Campbell Live 202,050
Nightline 94,430

Top TV Shows: Week 42 (11th – 17th October 2009) (5+) Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research

Show Channel Date Audience (000s)
Border Security TVOne 12/10/2009 716.1
Piha Rescue TVOne 12/10/2009 651.2
One News TVOne 12/10/2009 632.8
Close Up TVOne 12/10/2009 586.9
Fair Go TVOne 14/10/2009 571.7
Coronation Street TVOne 13/10/2009 550.3
Birdland TVOne 17/10/2009 520.2
3 News TV3 12/10/2009 513.8
Packed to the Rafters TVOne 13/10/2009 513.0
Shortland Street TV2 12/10/2009 511.3
The Mentalist TV2 12/10/2009 499.6
Sunday(PM) TVOne 11/10/2009 496.6
Save Our Home TVOne 14/10/2009 475.0
Motorway Patrol (R) TV2 15/10/2009 466.9
Mucking In TVOne 11/10/2009 460.3
NCIS TV3 11/10/2009 458.5
What’s Really In Our Food? TV3 13/10/2009 455.2
Police Ten 7 TV2 15/10/2009 452.4
Two and a Half Men (R) TV2 14/10/2009 441.4
Extreme Makeover-The Home Edit TV2 12/10/2009 424.3
Target(Doco) TV3 13/10/2009 406.7
Sunday Theatre TVOne 12/10/2009 403.2
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 TV3 11/10/2009 401.9
The Big Bang Theory TV2 14/10/2009 389.0
Wipeout TV3 11/10/2009 382.6

AGB Nielsen Media Research

On the 24th of September 20/20 aired an episode about the excessive drinking that pervades New Zealand culture.  Part of that episode included the story of 20 year old Anne Marie Patelesio who, after driving to Arrowtown with some friends from Christchurch for a party, managed to park a 4WD in a swimming pool after crashing it over a traffic island and through a fence and stone BBQ.

Yesterday, Judge Kevin Phillips questioned whether Patelesio should have benefited financially from selling her story for up to $10,000 during sentencing.  TVNZ have said that they paid $2000 for the footage from the party.

Patelesio is adamant she did the story to discourage others from drinking.

Here’s a summary of how people were responding on Twitter in the twelve hours following Shanti’s death on Shortland Street:

Number of people tweeting about her death: 174

Most tweets by a single user: @nztv (5) (us!), followed by @simpsonbeck (4), @MiraBi (4) and @JessCann (4)

Tweets about Shanti’s death after the episode aired:

Confused about which channels will be showing which games for the Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand in 2011? Don’t worry, you’re not alone: TVNZ even thought there would be 16 All Blacks matches!

If the IRB accept the latest proposal, this is what the match schedule will look like*…

* Any corrections, please let us know!

When we saw a sneak preview of the pilot of The Cult, we were blown away by its beautiful cinematography, eery mystery and strong cast line up.  Critics gave their thumbs up to the new Kiwi drama billed as a cross between Prison Break and Lost.  TV fans on Throng raved and voted overwhelmingly in favour of it. 

So why did the show consistently lose viewers each week?  Over 333,000* Kiwis tuned into the pilot but only 183,000 or 45% less tuned into the final episode:

However, the ratings don’t look so bad when you include in the catch-up viewers watching the repeats late on Wednesday nights: 

What do you think this means?  Should The Cult have been given a better time slot than a Thursday night – would they have more viewers earlier in the week?  Why might less people be watching it each week – is it too confusing, too much a case of if-you-missed-one-you’re-lost?  Is it too slow-paced?  Not enough action?  (Although last week’s was plenty full!)

Things have also seemed a little quiet on Twitter about the show too.

We love The Cult but wonder why more Kiwis aren’t tuning in?  What’s your theory? 

* AGB Nielsen, 5+