To comemerate the Chinese New Year Of the Tiger 2010 (or Lunar New Year) World TV Limited (owners of ChineseTV8, on Freeview HD and other Chinese and Asian TV and radio channels, on Sky Digital) are launching their annual new years festival and celebrations at the Manukau TelestraClear Pacific Events Centre in South Auckland, this Saturday 13th Feburary 2010 from 3pm.

The celebrations begin with the traditional Chinese Lion and Dragon dance. The celebrations include a mini carnival and hundreds of Asian food stalls outside the events centre. The event is anticipated to bring into the tens of thousands of people, mainly from Asian and Pacific ethnic backgrounds (In 2009, World TV attracted over 40,000 people). Finally, the festival will conclude with spectacular fireworks and customised pyrotechnical displays (around 10:30-ish pm) and can be seen as far as parts of Ramarama and Pakuranga. The full events schedule may be available. The festival is being sponsored by the Manukau City Council, ASB and many others. So come along and enjoy the festivities.

Now on the tv side of things, World TV are televising this event throughout the day and broadcasting (delayed) onto their 10 digital channels both on Freeview HD and Sky Digital (limited to subscription). It is expected that the broadcast will be 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the event. Unfortunately, the Mandarin speaking hosts can cause a barrier.

ChineseTV8, remains free-to-air on digital Freeview HD channel 28 (Limited to main centres).

How often do you see someone spend money to run a personal ad on Television?  That’s what businessman Todd Fuller did this morning on TV One.  He spent $2000 to book an ad at 8:55am in which he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

The clip featured family and friends as well as Todd’s parents who said they’d love to be her in-laws.

The answer?  Yes.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 18,340
Breakfast 135,700
ONE News Midday 109,490
ONE News 556,320
Close Up 474,060
Tonight 126,630

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 14,190
Sunrise 21,890
3 News at Twelve 13,350
3 News 340,900
Campbell Live 234,850
Nightline 205,360

If we needed any reason to think Neil Patrick Harris – and How I Met Your Mother was any cooler – the stunt the HIMYM team pulled at the Super Bowl this week was awesome!

Neil Patrick Harris turned up to the Super Bowl this week in character as womanizer Barney Stinson – holding up a sign that read “Hey Ladies, Call Barney Stinson” with a phone number.  During the Super Bowl – a quick shot into the crowd showed ‘Barney’ holding the sign and the announcer asks “do you think it’s his real phone number?”  When you called the phone number (and thousands of fans did) callers heard a message from Barney asking to get to know them more.

Then, in the episode of How I Met Your Mother “Rabbit or Duck?” which screened last night in the US – the shot of Barney holding the sign at the Super Bowl was woven into the story line.  As a result Barney is inundated with offers from women – which turns out to be more than he can handle.  How can he commit to one – when the next call could be from someone hotter? 

How I Met Your Mother screens Tuesdays on C4 at 8.00pm
- Rabbit or Duck will screen on C4 later this year. 
- How I Met Your Mother is a Love Story in Reverse – as Ted Mosby tells his children how he met their mother.
- A sixth series has just been confirmed.

How I Met Your Mother stars Josh Radnor (Ted), Jason Segel (Marshall), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney), Alyson Hannigan (Lily), Cobie Smulders (Robin)

Prime Minister, John Key has agreed to host the winning bidder of his NZ Flag doodle auction for morning tea after someone asked for that opportunity on Trade Me site this morning.

TVNZ has also agreed for the winning bidder to have morning tea with Breakfast Host, Pippa Wetzell following a similar question.

The A4 doodle was posted on the auction site yesterday with a $1 reserve and over $1000 has been bid for it so far.

Mr Key gave his consent for the drawing to be auctioned with all proceeds going to the children’s charity, Cure Kids.

Mr Key described his drawing as a “silver fern”.  Pippa Wetzell described it, perhaps more accurately, as a “lop-sided Christmas tree”.

The interview can be seen on or on youtube at,

Snooki, JWWOW, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Sweetheart, Vinnie, Angelina and ‘The Situation’ come to our shores with their tanning beds; press on nails, hair gel and totally ‘into themselves’ attitude.

The seaside fist-pumping, open-shirt wearing, bling-blinging self proclaimed ‘guidos’ and ‘guidettes’ in Jersey Shore are coming to MTV NZ in March.

Jersey Shore is a reality show that follows eight Italian- American housemates spending their summer on the New Jersey Shore, capturing all the action as they live, work and party-it-up.  Think Sopranos meets Laguna Beach; this is a reality show that has got balls!

“It’s a runaway American dream where the highway’s jammed with broken guidos on a last-chance hair-gel drive” Rolling Stone January 2010

The girls know how to fight while the men all try to out-vain each other with their lip gloss, hair gel, tans and muscle shirts. The girls have a rather refreshing view on body image – preferring to sink beer and eat Doritos than stress out about being a size zero.  The difference between the girls in Jersey Shore and MTV’s  The Hills is that the Jersey girls have each others backs, these ‘guidettes’ will kill for one another.

The popularity of the season was witnessed when the finale of Jersey Shore rated higher than The Jay Leno Show, averaging 4.834 million viewers (Nielson).

So tune in and check out why this show has incensed sponsors and politicians while becoming an overwhelming hit with the masses!

9/2 Animal expert Jack Hanna; musical guests The Swell Season

10/2 Academy Award nominated actress Sandra Bullock; 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover reveal

11/2 Actress Jennifer Garner; 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model; musical guest Sade

12/2 Actress Jessica Biel; Academy Award nominated actor Christoph Waltz

15/2 Regis and Joy Philbin; a Top Ten List presented by actor Benicio Del Toro

16/2 Academy Award nominated actor Jeff Bridges; comedian Joe Wong; musical guests The Soft Pack

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 23,930
Breakfast 126,370
ONE News Midday 101,740
ONE News 546,020
Close Up 486,960
Tonight 157,610

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 5,490
Sunrise 25,430
3 News at Twelve 33,340
3 News 399,600
Campbell Live 281,460
Nightline 188,890

Prime Minister, John Key was asked to draw his version of an alternative NZ Flag by TVNZ’s Pippa Wetzell on Breakfast at 7:15am this morning.

By the time the programme went off-air at 9am, TVNZ had received many pledges of money for the A4 sized doodle, the highest being $1000.  Mr Key gave his consent for the drawing to be auctioned for charity and it has been listed on Trade Me this afternoon with all proceeds going to the children’s charity, Cure Kids.

Mr Key described his drawing as a “silver fern”.  Pippa Wetzell described it, perhaps more accurately, as a “lop-sided Christmas tree”.

Top TV Shows: Week 5 (31st January – 6th February 2010) (5+) Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research

Show Channel Date Audience (000s)
The Inspectors TVOne 01/02/2010 608.0
Dog Squad TVOne 01/02/2010 589.3
One News TVOne 31/01/2010 588.3
The Zoo TVOne 31/01/2010 495.8
Shortland Street TV2 02/02/2010 473.7
Coronation Street TVOne 04/02/2010 472.8
Sunday(PM) TVOne 31/01/2010 449.7
Close Up TVOne 02/02/2010 445.8
MasterChef New Zealand TVOne 03/02/2010 436.9
Packed to the Rafters TVOne 03/02/2010 432.4
Sunday Theatre TVOne 31/01/2010 431.3
American Idol TV2 05/02/2010 417.5
Two Weeks Notice TV2 01/02/2010 408.4
IRB Sevens World Series TVOne 06/02/2010 379.8
3 News TV3 02/02/2010 376.2
Band of Brothers (R) TVOne 01/02/2010 366.8
Pirates of the Caribbean:At Wo TV2 04/02/2010 362.6
Two and a Half Men (R) TV2 03/02/2010 356.9
Cold Case TVOne 02/02/2010 352.5
House TV3 02/02/2010 348.0
Beyond The Darklands TVOne 02/02/2010 344.3
Hell’s Kitchen TV2 02/02/2010 343.4
Rush Hour 2 TV2 06/02/2010 339.4
Die Hard 4.0 TV3 01/02/2010 328.8
Emergency Heroes (R) TV3 01/02/2010 320.9

AGB Nielsen Media Research