TV3’s award-winning local drama Outrageous Fortune hit a mid-season ratings high last week, when more than 500,000 viewers (All 5+) tuned into see the latest installment in the West family saga.

The August 11 episode, which told the story of Sheree Greegan’s revenge on the West family, drew a 42.7% share  in TV3’s target 18-49 demographic (source: AGB/Nielsen Media Research) – winning its timeslot.  The episode also won the 18-39 and 25-54 demographics convincingly, with shares of 46.8% and 40.2%, respectively.

Kelly Martin, TV3’s Director of Programming, says the ratings are a testament to the strong storylines and high production values of the show, which after five series, remains fresh, surprising and always entertaining.

“Outrageous Fortune just gets better and better,” says Martin.  “The writers, cast and crew have delivered a fantastic fifth series – including one of the most dramatic mid-season twists to date.  I can assure viewers the second half of this season of Outrageous Fortune goes from strength to strength.

“It’s also a thrill to see Kiwis tuning into local programmes in such large numbers.  Local content is the backbone of our hugely successful Tuesday Night line-up, and I’m delighted to see Target and Hitched also attracting strong audiences.”  

John Barnett, Chief Executive Officer of South Pacific Pictures, producers of the show says: “We are thrilled that Outrageous Fortune engages audiences in the way that it does.

“Long may New Zealand’s love affair with the Wests continue.”

Outrageous Fortune screens at 9.30pm, Tuesdays on TV3.  The channel’s Tuesday night line-up kicks off with 3 News and Campbell Live, followed by Target, Hitched, Lie To Me, and Outrageous Fortune, and wraps up with Nightline and Sports Tonight.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 68,020
Breakfast 175,650
ONE News Midday 116,090
ONE News 715,340
Close Up 609,970
Tonight 163,670

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 11,670
Sunrise 30,390
3 News at Twelve 34,950
3 News 499,950
Campbell Live 265,520
Nightline 128,260

Freeview Limited and SKY Television announce that an agreement has been reached regarding Prime Television being made available on Freeview satellite® and Freeview |HD® platforms from Monday 17th August, 2009.

Having launched a little over two years ago, the availability of Prime on Freeview now brings the total number of channels to 13 on Freeview satellite® and 12 on Freeview|HD®. This is yet another compelling reason for Kiwis to switch from analogue TV to free-to-air digital TV.

More than a quarter of a million homes have already done so, as was signalled by Freeview in July 2009.

Freeview was created to provide consumer choice in digital TV access and this latest exciting development means New Zealanders can now choose to watch all national free-to-air channels in digital quality.

“All you need is a Freeview approved digital receiver and your existing TV and you can enjoy Prime’s programmes in digital quality for free” says Sam Irvine, General Manager, Freeview.

Current Prime viewers may also be able to take advantage of their UHF aerials which could provide them with access to the Freeview |HD® platform. All viewers need to do is to visit to see if they are in a Freeview |HD® coverage area.

“Sensing Murder”, “Mitre 10 Dream Home” fail to sense that the dream is over.

OK that’s a bad pun even for me but it’s actually with a bit of sadness that I report that Wellington based production house NINOX shut its doors last week. Other shows they made included “Emergency Heroes” & “Location, location, location”.

It really is a bad sign when an organisation with hits as big as this take a turn for the worst, however it would seem that the company had been in a bit of financial poo since earlier this year so perhaps the writing was on the wall.

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TV3 is commissioning a sixth season of Outrageous Fortune – and the first to screen in high definition.

It’s expected 18 episodes of the South Pacific Productions hit will air next year, ensuring Tuesdays remain TV3’s most-watched night of the week.
The network is halfway through season five and the ratings are “holding up fine”, programming chief Kelly Martin says.

“Tuesday is still consistently our best night of the week, mainly because we have local content at 7.30/8pm and then Outrageous Fortune at 9.30.”
Although TV3 has led the HD TV charge in NZ, it was South Pacific Pictures that decided to shoot season six of Outrageous Fortune in HD.

It made this year’s TVNZ commissions, Go Girls and Diplomatic Immunity, in HD, but previously hadn’t considered the higher resolution for its flagship drama because so many seasons had already been made in standard definition.
“We just looked at it and figured that by the time we deliver – 2010/11 – nearly all outlets will be HD, so we need it for our markets,” chief executive John Barnett says.

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 41,230
Breakfast 144,780
ONE News Midday 121,090
ONE News 648,920
Close Up 472,020
Tonight 186,200

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 13,550
Sunrise 30,180
3 News at Twelve 44,200
3 News 371,760
Campbell Live 231,710
Nightline 144,640

Top TV Shows: Week 32 (2nd – 8th August 2009) (5+) Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research

Show Channel Date Audience (000s)
One News TVOne 02/08/2009 759.4
Fair Go TVOne 05/08/2009 750.4
Wild Vets TVOne 02/08/2009 685.4
The Politically Incorrect Pare TVOne 05/08/2009 683.8
National Bank Country Calendar TVOne 08/08/2009 627.8
Sunday(PM) TVOne 02/08/2009 608.7
Shortland Street TV2 05/08/2009 606.4
Close Up TVOne 03/08/2009 560.2
Coronation Street TVOne 04/08/2009 548.1
Motorway Patrol TV2 06/08/2009 545.5
Two and a Half Men (R) TV2 05/08/2009 541.2
Illegal NZ TV2 06/08/2009 532.6
The Force TVOne 03/08/2009 526.0
3 News TV3 04/08/2009 507.9
The Missing TVOne 03/08/2009 504.8
Intrepid Journeys TVOne 07/08/2009 491.6
Desperate Housewives TV2 03/08/2009 489.7
Medical Emergency TVOne 03/08/2009 486.6
Packed to the Rafters TVOne 04/08/2009 467.2
Target(Doco) TV3 04/08/2009 454.7
All New Simpsons TV3 02/08/2009 433.2
Real Crime TVOne 05/08/2009 429.2
The Big Bang Theory TV2 05/08/2009 412.7
Outrageous Fortune TV3 04/08/2009 406.1
20/20 TV2 06/08/2009 405.9

AGB Nielsen Media Research

NZI Business (6–6:30am) 49,390
Breakfast 146,030
ONE News Midday 115,900
ONE News 643,580
Close Up 534,550
Tonight 145,190

ASB Business (6:30–7am) 10,860
Sunrise 27,390
3 News at Twelve 16,630
3 News 433,520
Campbell Live 274,440
Nightline 127,070


Which Ghostbuster Actor “Heroes” gonna call?


Ernie “Zeddemore” Hudson will play a Baltimore detective names Lubbock on “Heroes”.

Thats pretty cool, I love how this show gets all the sci-fi/pop culture icons in on the action. Shows that can just sit back and have fun like this are always welcome….now, lets just get slimer a cameo on “Lost” and we’re set!

ONE News Anchor, Wendy Petrie is 3 months pregnant with her third child.  Her baby is due in February and she plans to take 3 months maternity leave before returning to work.

“I’m delighted for Wendy and Ross as is everyone at TVNZ and we wish her the very best with the pregnancy”, says TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery.

Wendy Petrie and Ross Peebles have two daughters, Addison (5) and Liv (3).

“Ross and I are thrilled to be having another baby and it’s a relief to be able to confirm the news, you can’t hide much from the observant journalists and producers I work with”, says Wendy Petrie.