hoskingvshenryToni Street mentioned on Friday’s Seven Sharp a Fight 4 Life she would love to see happen -
Mike Hosking and Paul Henry. Hosking’s reply was about what you’d expect:
“I’d deck Paul Henry…big fat Paul Henry…he’d be puffing getting up off the stool”

It would be interesting that’s for sure! Who do you prefer on screen & why – Hosking or Henry?

PeterWilliams Everyone’s favourite newsreader My favourite newsreader, Peter Williams, is back reading the weekend news on TV ONE.

The friendly face is back presenting tonight’s ONE News with regular co-anchor Bernadine Oliver-Kerby after the manufactured comments he made about Online Bullying and a possible attempt to get rid of him from Television New Zealand. The revelations came out amidst plans for Williams to take leave anyway from the state broadcaster, to attend a wedding in Wellington and celebrate his 60th birthday with a skiing trip in Colarado.

Are you pleased to see Peter Williams back on your screens?


If you didn’t hear yesterday in the news, or on Newstalk ZB, Host of ZB’s Early Edition Rachel Smalley made comments calling New Zealand women “heifers” and “a bunch of lardos”.

Smalley made these comments shortly before 6am yesterday, when she thought her microphone was switched off and in a conversation intended for off-air.

This morning she issued a tearful apology on air, retracting her comments.

I can’t embed the audio from TVNZ, but perhaps Regan is able to do this or get a sound clip from the .MP3′s available on the Newstalk ZB website.

This from ONE News:

Rachel Smalley has made a tearful apology on-air this morning after referring to women weighing 72kgs as “heifers” and “a bunch of lardos” when she thought her microphone was switched off.

Ms Smalley made the comments, which she admits were “hurtful”, during an ad break before 6am yesterday after discussing a story that said an emergency contraceptive pill was less effective in women weighing more than 70 kilograms. The story said the average Kiwi woman weighs 72kgs.

Ms Smalley ended her show today with an emotional apology, saying that the comments went on air “in an environment where it was out of context and was hurtful”.

“It was stupid, it was judgmental and offensive. It was not made as a statement of fact and it was in no way representative of any opinion I have ever held, ever. And I’m sorry, I truly am.

“My role as a journalist has always been to inform and not to offend and yesterday I crossed that line.

“I’m so very sorry that I said what I did and I’m very sorry for the hurt that I caused and the many people that I let down, not least my self, my friends and my family.”

The show ended with a song and not the usual crossover to breakfast host Mike Hosking.

The comments created a stir on Twitter, with ZM host Polly Gillespie tweeting: “I’m a ‘lardo’ and Im owning it…”

Ms Smalley is host of Newstalk ZB’s Early Edition and the co-host on TVNZ’s Q+A programme.

pshIn a very sad start to the week, Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead Sunday in his New York City apartment of an apparent drug overdose. He was 46.

A law enforcement official told the Wall Street Journal that Hoffman was discovered in the bathroom of his fourth floor apartment with a needle in his arm.

Hoffman, who spent 10 days in rehab last May for heroin abuse, was set to star in the new Showtime dramedy Happyish, playing an ad man who is sent adrift when his ad agency is taken over. The project – had been described as a “blistering attack on our youth-obsessed culture and a darkly comic examination of what it means to matter. Or matter not.” Continue reading »

Seven Sharp called on some of their friends to give their take on Lorde and Joel Little’s Grammy award winning song, Royals.

Click here to watch the video

This is an ad that Ellen has done for Beats Music that will air during the Superbowl (in the USA) when the Seattle Seahawks will go up against the Denver Broncos on Monday, 3 February, 12:00 pm on ESPN

ellen china“Ellen” becomes the first American daily talk show to be shown in China, with episodes subtitled in Chinese and delivered within 48 hours of the original broadcast in the U.S.

The episodes from the 11th season on Sohu will be available for viewers on demand 24-7, remaining on Sohu until the license period ends, chief executive Charles Zhang and Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, president of Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution, said in a statement. Continue reading »

ellen cgEllen Degeneres has been chosen as America’s favorite TV personality.

For the second year in a row, the talk show host topped the list of America’s favorite TV personalities and actors, which was released by The Harris Poll on Friday. Coming in second was NCIS star Mark Harmon, with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart in third.

1. Ellen Degeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres)
2. Mark Harmon (NCIS)
3. Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)
4. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)
5. Jay Leno (The Tonight Show) Continue reading »

olivierOlivier Martinez (Kylie’s ex, now Mr Halle Berry) has joined the cast of Revenge as the father to Karine Vanasse‘s character.

The 48-year-old actor will take on the recurring role of Pascal LeMarchal, “Margaux LeMarchal’s (Vanasse) media magnate father.

He is a cutthroat businessman and has a competitive history with Conrad (Henry Czerny), and an even more complicated one with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).”

davereubenThey say these things come in 3′s!

Dave Madden, who played “The Partridge Family’s” band manager on the 1970s TV show, has died after a long illness at age 82.

Madden played Reuben Kincaid on the show, that also starred David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce, Shirley Jones and Susan Dey

He died of congestive heart and kidney failure early this morning. Continue reading »