seven-sharp-logoWhen we consider how bad the ratings have been for a number of shows this year, it’s hard to believe there could be any silver lining for anyone. While the bottom has fallen out of much of the audience levels TV3 and TV2’s programming with 3 News, Campbell Live, Masterchef, Dancing With the Stars, Shortland Street and Home and Away, to name a few, haemorrhaging viewers, there have been a couple of stand outs that really have bucked the trend and turned things around on 2014. Especially when you consider Continue reading »



I’ve been blogging about television for more than a decade but it is time for me to move on to other projects.

I have some final pieces of analysis that I’ll be publishing over the next few days but as of today, there will be no more daily ratings published.

I’d like to thank the 1.4+ million people who have joined me on this particular journey. It’s been quite the ride.

If anyone is interested in taking over the site, please feel free to email me:

Mike Puru host of TV3's The Bachelor New ZealandI have a lot of time for Mike Puru. He’s one of the most genuine, nicest personalities in the media. We’ve known Mike since the first season of NZ Idol and he was one of the first people to interview us on TV when he was hosting the youth news and current affairs program Flipside on TV2 and also throughout his time working with Jay Jay and Dom on The Edge.

This week he announced he’s getting his mornings back and leaving breakfast radio and has other projects on the horizon, including hosting the second season of TV3’s The Bachelor NZ.

Mike is a very warm, and likeable personality and as has been pointed out already, it is somewhat surprising that he hasn’t been utilised more on TV by Mediaworks. Continue reading »

Block-NZ_LogoMediaWorks has announced the search for next year’s Block contestants has begun – the casting call for series five of The Block NZ is open!

Producers are looking for teams of DIY enthusiasts – friends, family members or partners from anywhere in New Zealand who are over 18-years-old. Entrants may have previous home renovation experience, but specialists in residential building, painters and professional interior designers are not eligible to enter.

Sue Woodfield, TV3’s Head of Commissioning and External Production says the producers are looking for energetic people with a sense of humour and design flair. Continue reading »

3d-logoSomething I’ve noticed this year is the endless tears over the loss of Campbell Live and now 3D. “We’re losing quality journalism”, we’re told.

Quality news and current affairs, and journalism, has become like the ballet, or symphony, or orchestra. Adored by a passionate few but for the rest of us, we’d be unlikely to ever attend. At the same time, however, we wouldn’t be too happy to see them gone as we can acknowledge their cultural significance.

Since the beginning of 2014, it was no secret to anyone that both 3D and Campbell Live were struggling with their audiences. Campbell Live, against a rejuvenated Seven Sharp spent all of last year taking steps backward after a significantly good year in 2013. Every week, the story that was being painted was looking bleaker and bleaker. Come 2015, the show was given a lick of paint in the form of new branding but this was hardly the solution to what had been an obvious problem. Continue reading »

sotnztviI am currently writing a report on the state of the television industry in New Zealand which will be released next month.

The 30+ page report will include:

  1. key observations on 2015
  2. in-depth analysis of the ratings
  3. insights on what the key players should be doing in 2016 to best navigate the rapidly changing landscape.

This annual report will be a must-read for anyone working in television in New Zealand, particularly broadcasters, producers, PR companies, advertisers and the media.

Make sure you’re on our mailing list so we can let you know when it’s available.


Prime to go HD

Prime TVAt yesterday’s upfronts, Sky CEO John Fellet told attendees that Prime would finally be going HD in the first quarter of 2016. This is good news for viewers who have been calling for a high definition broadcast for some time.

Last year at the same event, there was a suggestion that the move to HD for Prime was imminent. Continue reading »

800-WordsI have good news, the not so good news and annoying news about the new Erik Thomson’s new Australian drama 800 Words.

The not so good news is that the first episode starts ‘out of character’ for the show, primarily because it needs to set up the premise of the series. The show is ultimately about the adventures and misadventures of a family now living in New Zealand – the show obviously deals with the actual move from Australia to New Zealand to begin with. Continue reading »

ditching-the-dishOnline streaming service Lightbox have released a white paper with research that is fairly ominous for Sky. According to the research, 16% of Sky’s subscribers are planning on ditching the service after the Rugby World Cup.  Sky have said they would be “stunned” if this was the case.

“Moving away from SKY TV to an SVOD provider or to free services such as YouTube means there is $100 or $150 (per month) which can potentially be freed up. These folk are making decisions on what they think is right for their families.” says Kim Niblock, Lightbox CEO.

She adds that cord cutters are also likely to feel like they are being gouged.

“The way that content is provided by pay-TV is out of kiiter with what the market wants. There are a lot of people who are philosophically working through whether or not an advertising-based service is working for them, if they want to be locked in to a subscription and if the bundled channels are of value to them. Continue reading »

Are you or someone you know looking for love? Casting is now open for Bachelorettes for season 2 of The Bachelor New Zealand. Find out more at

Posted by TV3 on Thursday, October 15, 2015


MediaWorks is pleased to announce that the casting call for bachelorettes wanting to try their luck at finding true love is officially open for season two of The Bachelor New Zealand.

Producers welcome applications from females aged between 21 and 35 who are genuinely looking for love. MediaWorks will not be doing a casting call for the role of the Bachelor. His identity will be a closely guarded secret, to be revealed within the first episode of the series, which will go to air in the first half of next year.

Continue reading »