Some of New Zealand’s most dramatic stories are being brought to life this August, with a brand new season of Sunday Theatre dramas airing on TV ONE.

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nz-on-air-logo-300Local stories will feature strongly in next year’s television line-ups with NZ On Air investing $20.3 million from its first funding round of the financial year in drama and dramatised documentary.

A brand new 13 part drama series for prime time on TV One is Dirty Laundry. It centres on a middle-class family whose mother is jailed for money laundering – will they keep her business interests going to sustain their lifestyle? It is written and produced by some of our most experienced drama creatives, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan and Stephen Zanoski.

Fans of the outrageous Wests will be delighted to see a second series of Westside on TV3. The prequel to Outrageous Fortune has been highly appreciated by fans of the original series. The second season of Westside will treat audiences to 10 more episodes of Ted and Rita’s world. Continue reading »

masterchef-logoMediaworks have invested heavily in reality TV programming in the hopes of boosting their ratings by picking up the shows that have been cancelled by TVNZ. The shows, by themselves, aren’t that bad. The ratings, however…

Sunday night’s ratings for the sixth season premiere of Masterchef New Zealand on TV3 can only be described with words like awful, tragic, and horrendous etc. A dismal 159,390 people tuned in for the first live episode broadcast. And in case you need to read that number twice, it was 159,390 people.

The fifth season on TV One had an average audience per episode of 464,971 while the previous lowest rating episode had been 351,890, also in the fifth season. Continue reading »

emmyB1Here are the nominees for the 67th Annual Emmy Awards:

Outstanding Drama Series
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Last week the increasingly disgruntled Sky subscribers were complaining about the incentives offered to new subscribers while brand loyalty was being ignored.

This week, after Sky’s marketing department ran out of ideas, they created an arbitrary birthday celebration with 25 prizes up for grabs for existing subscribers with extra entries based on the length of time subscribers have had a decoder.

However, the “birthday celebration” is about as meaningful as a Briscoes sale. If the birthday is based on when Sky began broadcasting then the 25th anniversary was six months ago. The company, itself, was founded 28 years ago. Continue reading »

BT_theV-14 (alt)Bohemian rockers Brendon Thomas and The Vibes have joined the Smoke fold after inking a deal with Sony Music.

The trio, comprised of frontman Brendon Thomas, drummer Timothee Nolier and bassist Michael Anderson teleported from the psychadelic 60’s to our TV screens earlier this year, auditioning for the sophomore season of The X Factor NZ.

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An extended never-before-seen episode of Top Gear will air on TV3 tonight, the last from Season 22.

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Sky begs customers to stay with themWell surprise, surprise, surprise. If you were banking on your Sky subscription to allow you to follow the historic All Blacks vs Samoa rugby test today then more fool you. Another major sporting fixture and yet another monumental failure by Sky, followed by their standard “oopsy, but we’re really sorry” apology.

During the first half of the match our monitoring systems detected technical issues. SKY GO relies on the services of several third party vendors and, following our investigations, the issues were resolved by working with one of our suppliers.

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one news now

They might have the most watched TV news bulletin in the country but when it comes to your online news source during the rest of the day, TVNZ are well behind the New Zealand Herald and Stuff. Queue the introduction of a new news website from TVNZ.

Yesterday, TVNZ sent out a news release announcing the arrival of One News Now:

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MediaWorks is pleased to announce that Michelin star chef Josh Emett and acclaimed restaurateur Mark Wallbank will be joining Al Brown on the judging panel of TV3’s MasterChef New Zealand.

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