It’s been a while since we had a major entertainment show of our own in New Zealand and while Prime had a crack at this format back in 2008, this time around it’s looking like it’s going to be a much bigger deal.

Firstly, check out the list of audition venues. It’s a 14 city tour!  If you’ve ever seen an episode from the Got Talent franchise, you’ll realise that the auditions are filmed in front of a live audience.  Taking this show to the provinces like this has the potential to be massive. Continue reading »

Tonight on Masterchef the contestants were whisked away
Where they would be cooking in the beautiful Hawkes Bay.
Their core ingredient to prepare would be lamb
No beef, no venison, turkey or ham.
With fifty dollars, around the market they went
Collecting their produce, till all the money was spent. Continue reading »

Game of Thrones may be one of the most acclaimed shows on television at the moment yet it still only averages around 3 million viewers per episode in the US, a tiny fraction of the total viewing public.

So how does a critically-acclaimed show that is watched by so few people actually make money for HBO? has answered this question by looking beyond mainstream ratings success and looking more at the way cable networks such as HBO build audiences through beloved shows like Game of Thrones. Continue reading »

The following are Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards winners in the television category:

  • Favourite TV Show: Victorious
  • Favourite Reality Show: Wipeout
  • Favourite TV Actor: Jake Short (A.N.T. Farm)
  • Favourite TV Actress: Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)
  • Funniest TV Sidekick: Jennette McCurdy (iCarly)
  • Favourite Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants

The 25th anniversary show was once again an action packed slime fest, was fast tracked to New Zealand audiences tonight at 6.30pm on Sunday 1 April on Nickelodeon. The hottest global stars, New Zealand’s favourites One Direction, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry all featured in the show to receive awards, or perform live. Continue reading »

Tamati Coffey is to host TV ONE’s new entertainment series New Zealand’s Got Talent, coming soon to our screens.

Coffey is one of New Zealand’s most popular television hosts and personalities, and is currently TV ONE Breakfast’s roving weatherman.

Tamati Coffey says the opportunity to host New Zealand’s biggest talent show is an honour and an enormous challenge.

“A show of the size and scope of New Zealand’s Got Talent is going to take the country by storm,” says Coffey. “We’ll be travelling the length and breadth of both the North and South Islands to search out some of our most talented performers, be they singers, dancers, illusionists or comics!

“Anyone can enter, no matter what their talent or age and no stone will be left unturned to ensure the very best of Kiwi talent is showcased.

“We want everyone to be involved whether it’s you, your workmates, friends or family. Visit the New Zealand’s Got Talent website and get involved now!” Continue reading »

Stuff is reporting that TV3 is set to screen a reality TV show along the lines of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” about Sally and Jaime Ridge. TV3 and Jaime Ridge have neither confirmed nor denied the story.

Now whether it’s true or not hardly seems to matter: it seems everyone has something to say about it.

The first I heard of the story was on Facebook where a friend commented: “When the buttons fall off the paper lamps, the cats s*** on the flower cushions and no-one wants your overpriced knickers … why not make a reality tv show? What’s the bet this brings Nicky Watson and Charlotte Dawson out from under their [collagen] rocks..” while another said “faith in humanity status: dwindling”. There’s over 200 comments on Stuff’s story in just a couple of hours. I read through them for a while and couldn’t find a single comment remotely in favour of the idea.

Call me crazy, but with such fervent reaction to the show’s concept, it makes me think that the show could be ratings gold. Kiwis would secretly tune in to fulfill their favourite pastime: hating on anyone who’s a local celebrity (unless they’re a sports star) and there’s already a long list of specific reasons why people love to hate Sally and/or Jaime Ridge too. The show would be a chance for people to add more reasons to that list.

PS. Geordie Shore. Need I say more?

Our opening shots of tonight’s episode are more reminiscent of ‘The Bachelor’ as Andrea Bathgate explains that she has developed a ‘special relationship with a certain someone in the house’, but she is not saying who. I am really hoping it is Matt Gillary because she seems to be pashing him on the couch a fair bit.

Just after their arrival to the Masterchef Kitchen Andy Curran bows out of the competition for health reasons, but someone will still be eliminated. Thai is the name of the game tonight: contestants have to cook the guest judge, Che Barrington’s dish with his recipe but without quantities, their own Thai curry and ‘perfect’ Jasmine rice all in 90mins. Not very long at all. Continue reading »

Let me preface this post by saying that I despise New Zealand’s overzealous love of rugby about as much I despise New Zealand’s apparent dislike for Australia and its residents.  These two things alone seem to be driven so much by the media that it appalls me.  Considering Australia is New Zealand’s #1 overseas holiday destination and many Kiwis choose to live there makes the entire premise a farce, but let’s come back to the rugby element.

On Saturday, New Zealand learned that we had lost one of our greatest minds.  Sir Paul Callaghan, the 2011 New Zealander of the Year, held many accolades including being a Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.  His list of credentials are as long as they are impressive.  However, despite this, his death and ultimate loss to New Zealand was relegated to the fourth most important news item on both One News and 3 News, something I thought was worth lamenting. Continue reading »

The following post was written by one of our UK team who recently attended a preview screening of Touch hosted by BSkyB which featured a Q&A session with the star of the show, Kiefer Sutherland.

I attended the press screening in London of the pilot episode of Kiefer Sutherland’s new TV drama, Touch, and I have to conclude, simplistically put, it looks like it could be a brilliant drama.

There’s only one caveat to that, and that is that we’re asked to accept a good deal of information in the first episode; to take a number of the fundaments of the show as a given, and therefore, I suspect if people don’t watch beyond the pilot, they might misjudge it. Continue reading »

On ‘Project Runway’ you can see if the garment looks like a gorgeous LBD (little black dress) or a trash bag. On ‘Idol’ we all can hear the singing and know whether it is worth of a record deal or the shower. On ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ you know if someone is a leader or if they couldn’t lead a horse to water, but there becomes a problem with Masterchef where it is all about who has the yummiest dish. We may have 3D TV now but we don’t yet have ‘Eat-Me TV’.

On the latest episode of Masterchef the contestants were faced with the challenge of cooking three classic take-away meals, burger, fish’n’chips and pizza, with 3 minutes in the pantry and 2 hours to cook, for guest judge and star of ‘The Food Truck’ Michael Van de Elzen. There were a fair few tragedies: from unsuccessful pantry runs, forgotten pizza in the oven to pizzas the judges wish they could forget. The triumphs though did allow to see some contestants really rise to the top: Tony Price’s superb improvising on chip making after forgetting his potatoes, Dave McKinnon with a ‘banging’ burger, and Zee Tana and Charlene McGeghan (a emerging dark horse I believe) taking the overall win, thus making them team captains next week. Alas Al Markham was sent packing after a fall out of the pantry rattled him a little too much, throwing him off his game and leading him to produce the least delicious food of the day.

With that all said and done, back to my original point, we can not taste the food for ourselves, we have to rely on the descriptions the judges give us. As of late I feel their descriptions have been a little too out there, trying to create analogies that are elaborate but still leaving me with every little idea as to what they just tasted. Example being something along the lines of ‘ It’s not perfect but it is almost perfect’. Well?? what does that mean? what is perfect and what is just short of perfection? Another example would be when Simon said Al’s fish’n’chips were not ‘worthy’ of a comment: well why?, Were they soggy, too salty? Burnt? Us viewers can’t taste for ourselves and need more information.

I feel this way too when the judges try to tell the contestants what they are looking for in the dishes about to be prepared: ‘We are looking for the wow-factor’, ‘The X-factor’ (there is a whole other show for that) or as Simon would say it ‘5% magic’. What gives dish 5% magic? Throwing Harry Potter’s wand in the pot?

I know the show was filmed last year so it is all done and dusted, with nothing to be done about so instead I would like all Masterchef contestants to send samples of the food they cook each episode to my home for me to enjoy (or not) as I watch the judging. It is the only way I can see around the problem.

What did you make of the ‘Take-aways’ challenge? 4 episodes in: do you think you can pick the winner?

P.S All the food they eat at judging is stone cold, but as soon as a challenge’s time is up and the benches are being cleaned up, the judges go around and have a little sample of the warm leftovers that didn’t make it to the plate.