Neill Rea drives the Brokenwood Police car in the 2015 Kumeu Christmas parade

Neill Rea drives the Brokenwood Police car in the 2015 Kumeu Christmas parade

After NZ On Air announced it wouldn’t be funding Mediaworks proposed new weeknight soap opera but would be funding a third season of The Brokenwood Mysteries, David Finch wrote this in the comments:

I have no particular opinion on the virtues of TV3’s planned soap (and no affiliation with its producers) but I hope NZ on Air will be publicly pressed to explain themselves a little more. They say a soap doesn’t match their priorities, which begs the question… whose priorities exactly? What kind of influence does NZ on Air truly have on what we watch? If they are guided by the power of ratings, which is the only measure of success which matters to our current government, then there is at least as much logic in investing in a nightly soap on a major channel than there is in pumping another $4m subsidy to little-watched Prime for Brokenwood Mysteries (just for example). The one soap we have consistently tops the ratings for its host channel after 25 years despite an increasingly fragmented market and changing viewing habits. It has out-rated every other drama series that NZ on Air has ever invested in (except perhaps Outrageous Fortune at its very peak). Which would be less embarrassing if those other shows really were ambitious serious non-commercial dramas. But they’re not. Most of them have been flashy soaps with bigger budgets. NZ on Air say they favour “returning series”, but a series designed to return four nights a week indefinitely doesn’t interest them.

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Mike Puru host of TV3's The Bachelor New ZealandI have a lot of time for Mike Puru. He’s one of the most genuine, nicest personalities in the media. We’ve known Mike since the first season of NZ Idol and he was one of the first people to interview us on TV when he was hosting the youth news and current affairs program Flipside on TV2 and also throughout his time working with Jay Jay and Dom on The Edge.

This week he announced he’s getting his mornings back and leaving breakfast radio and has other projects on the horizon, including hosting the second season of TV3’s The Bachelor NZ.

Mike is a very warm, and likeable personality and as has been pointed out already, it is somewhat surprising that he hasn’t been utilised more on TV by Mediaworks. Continue reading »

Last night a reader emailed me an idea which I think could have merit. Take a read and tell us what you think.

Nearly all of Mediaworks’ morning radio shows -The Edge Breakfast, The Morning Rumble, Mai Morning Crew, MORE FM Breakfast, George FM Breakfast, The Sound Breakfast, The Breeze, Magic – run until 10am. All except The Paul Henry show on Radio Live, finishing at 9am. Continue reading »

Should Heather du Plessis-Allan be charged over her procurement of a firearm?

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The BSA has released its findings on Mike Hosking’s final word from Seven Sharp on the waitress at the center of the ponytail incident involving the prime minister earlier in the year.

First, watch the monologue and then read the finding

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What should I do?

I have been approached by a foreign business wanting to advertise on Throng. This particular company offers services for accessing content restricted by geo-blocking.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be inclined to pass but considering none of the local TV networks are making any offers, what do you, my good readers, think I should do?

Rugby World Cup 2015How would you feel if everything you were about to read were true?

How would you feel if Sky hadn’t won the rights to the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

How would you feel if another company had outbid Sky for the rights to the 2015 Rugby World Cup which would have made the entire event available at a fraction of the cost for New Zealanders?

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That face you make when you accidentally spoil a show. Guys, we're so sorry about last night and we’re making sure it won’t happen again!

Posted by My Kitchen Rules NZ on Monday, June 29, 2015

Does “We’re making sure this never happens again” mean that TVNZ will never delay shows again?