DWTS-TV3Ok people. The announcement has been made. TV3 are bringing back Dancing With The Stars so which celebrities do we want to see frock it up other than Hilary Barry, Mike McRoberts and John Campbell?

Who would you like to see on the dance floor?

After tonight’s performances, who was your favourite Top 12 X Factor NZ contestant?

Who is your favourite X Factor NZ finalist?

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In an interview on The Edge, new X Factor NZ judge Shelton Woolright told the hosts that he’d only been asked to a judge yesterday.

However, at 9:31pm on the 16th of March, Shelton confirmed on his Facebook page that he was the new judge and that rehearsals were starting on the 17th.

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One lucky Throng reader could be sitting with me at the first live show of The X Factor NZ tonight. If you’re able to get yourself to the studio in South Auckland this evening and would be keen to join me, please email me using the contact form.

masterchef-logoWith the final episodes of Mad Men due to hit screens next month, a number of restaurants in New York are partnering with AMC to deliver the Mad Men Dining Week experience. While it’s a cool little campaign, I can think of something that would work a little better.

With TV3 embarking on the 6th season of Masterchef New Zealand, I wonder how many restaurants here would participate in a Masterchef NZ dining week? Continue reading »

Which act would you like to see make the Top 13 of The X Factor NZ?

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This graphic was included in Sky’s latest interim report but there is something quite obvious that is missing.

A virtual chocolate fish to anyone who can spot what it is.


With a convicted killer in the line up for the second season of The X Factor NZ there are many feelings about whether or not Shae Brider should be there, despite having served his time in prison.

What do you think? Should Shae Brider be allowed to continue on with his journey with The X Factor NZ or should he not? Please vote and then leave your reasons why you voted the way you did in the comments.

Should Shae Brider be on The X Factor NZ?

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This 60 second clip is running on TV3 at the moment and claims they have the biggest shows ever on TV3 in 2015.

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There has been much speculation that Art Green, former extra on Spartacus, is TV3’s The Bachelor. What do you think? Do these abs:

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