Does anybody know where I can find the two MacGyver movies (MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis and MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday)??? I have been searching for these forever, it seems, and would really LOVE to get my hands on them to complete my MacGyver collection 😉

Here’s some of the funny silly nicknames we’ve had:

Dina in Season 4 of 24 my friends and I called “Osama” because her voice was so deep and she was a middle-eastern terrorist.

Audrey Raines in 24 we affectionately called “Horse face”.

Dominic Bowden was fondly called “Fanta face” in Season 1 of NZ Idol because he had just a wee bit too much fake tan on.

Do you have any?

What is it about this show that makes me enjoy it so much?!! I mean, seriously, a tv series about a group of men who are in prison for various violent crimes … why the heck would I find that interesting?! and why the heck would I be glued to my seat every Wednesday night, hanging on every minute of drama?!!

What happened to this show? I actually really enjoyed it :/

Did it get axed halfway through series two?


NZ Idol, Ben

Hello! well I was just wondering who likes Ben (from season 3 not season 1) and who doesnt, I personally cant stand his voice, but how do YOU feel about his singing?

They’ve been stuck on the Island for two seasons, and only sixty-five days have passed.

How much longer until they escape? Will they ever?
Who really are these “others”, and what do they want?
What happens to Walt and Michael? Can they leave?
How many more of our lead characters die?

And lastly, my personal favourite.. Do Kate and Sawyer ever hook up?

Let’s hope Season 3 will answer these questions and more.. but let’s really hope that Kate and Sawyer finally screw their heads on right enough to see how cute they’d be together.