DAVID LETTERMAN is entering his last full week of Late Show’s after a record 33 years in Late night TV. While a comedy pioneer and a huge presence in entertainment himself, Late Night has been a bastion for musicians and performers to showcase their wares. We’ve collated some of the best and iconic performances below:

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Shortland Street 2014 Cast

Shortland Street 2014 Cast

What a year.

We cried and cheered for the deaths of Roimata, Josh, Sarah and Brett. We farewelled Nate, Vasa, Ava, Brooke, Toby, Emma and Evan.

We cringed when “Sup Bro” came out of Chris Warner’s mouth. We giggled when Leanne asked if Sarah and TK’s child was named Trifecta. We started to watch the finale with high hopes and nerves before they fell when we reaised nothing was really going to happened. Offscreen, we loved James’ sweater collection at Shorty Street Scandal and wondered who let Ben Mitchell do another interview.

Ferndale Talk’s second annual Best of 2014 Awards are now open for voting. Voting closes Saturday, December 20 with results released on Sunday, December 21. May the best actor win.

The GC‘s pilot ratings came in with an estimated 370,660 watching the show.

It was the most-watched show on TV3 last night, with about 30,000 more viewers than 3 News.

How does this rating compare?

You could rightly point out that both TV2 and TV ONE had more people watching their shows on at the same time.

You could wonder why more people watched The GC last night than have ever tuned in to an episode of The Almighty Johnsons, or why more people watched The GC’s pilot than any episode this season of Go Girls, or why Outrageous Fortune didn’t achieve that sort of viewership until series three.

Or why only one episode of Campbell Live in the past year (Wheee! Live snow in Wellington!) had more people tune in than The GC‘s debut.

Or why only the season finale of New Zealand’s Next Top Model last year had more people watching than The GC.

Food for thought for “unpopular” headlines.

New Zealand’s reality TV show queen Julie Christie has done it again with what could well be her biggest show to date: The GC. Hate it or love it, you’re talking about it. You’re quoting it. And as to be expected, #TheGC trended worldwide.

I’ve no idea why promotional articles about the show were at such pains to say that it is nothing like MTV’s Jersey Shore or its official UK adaptation, Geordie Shore.

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Here’s all the TV shows I’ve been watching lately:  


From the makers of 24, this is a much more grown up version of the same themes of terrorism and politics.  Clare Danes is outstanding and Damian Lewis is such a fascinating character.  I love the character intricacies, the unexpected twists and the endless guessing games as to what’s going on.  Love this show. 


This is a pretty dark and dirty political drama starring Kelsey Grammar as the mayor of Chicago.  I enjoyed this much more than The Wire, but it had a similar feel to it.  I love the politics of the relationships between the characters: they are all so flawed and messed up individuals but you want them to not give up on each other.  A warning: after watching this, you end up being very suspicious of all other real-life politics.  


A fantastic weekly soap which I can’t imagine doing well plot-wise after one or two seasons, but I’m going to enjoy every episode of it until then. Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe play two very strong female leads which you can’t help but love and love to hate respectively.  This is in the genre of Gossip Girl and The O.C. with their the rich, beautiful and unhappy families but with the added fun of seeing the high and mighty brought down to earth with a nasty thud each week.  I’m just waiting for the tables to be turned on the revenger…  


I loved last season of Survivor (religious manipulation much!).  I hadn’t watched much of Survivor for many, many years (I think the last one I got hooked on was Survivor Australia!) so tuned into this season as well.  The male/female split has only made me embarrassed for the women involved, but I haven’t yet got as interested in the characters like I did early on last season but it is only the start of the season.  


Not as into it lately with the cast changes, but Gregory House is still one of the best characters on TV.  

Go Girls

Gotta love the bubbly zany fun characters and such a strong talented core cast.  I also love all the attention to detail in the scene changes and the music. 

Masterchef NZ

I’m always a little bored at the start of the show, but can’t wait for the regular weekly eliminations to start and getting to know the contestants more.  

Home and Away

Yes, yes.  It’s my little bit of regular soap escapism.  Normally I listen to it while I’m working away in the evening. 


Even though I’m not interested in watching Wild Boys. I love the ad in the background on this site. It makes Throng look more slick instead of having the plain white background.

Just is case fellow members of Throng you have missed the entire series run of Friends. TV2 will again be screening it from the beginning on Tuesday. Be sure not to miss this rare occurance or you will be kicking yourselves.

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I have only just started watching this show from season 1 and it has to be one of the best shows I have seen and apparently it’s an unknown tv show.

Psych is about a young man called Shawn who is very observent to the things around him and uses his “gift” to pretend to be psychic and help the police solve cases. Shawn also has a partner, his best friend Gus who usually has to go along with Shawns antics.

Oh, and Shawns father is also a former police officer who we see giving Shawn fatherly advice in the opening of every episode and during which of.

Most of the episodes are light hearted, so if you want to wind down and relax you will be in good company.

Psych, Prime TV, 6.00pm Sunday

Looks Like TV3 have revamped the 3 News’ Graphics Package. What do you guys think of the change? 3 news1