Home and Away

I look forward to watching the Home and Away omnibus every Sunday morning.. it’s my guilty secret. I should be too old for Home and Away since I’ve left school now… but I still love it.

I don’t really tell anyone I watch it because it’s a little embarrasing to be watching a show mainly about teens but I love the fact that the show is always exciting. I don’t care that its not the most realistic soap in the world. Theres always some mystery, hotttt guys and heaps of outdoor scenes unlike lots of other soaps.

I went to Aussie recently and checked out the beach where they film it, its gorgeous.

I lurve this ad!!

I thought about this ad a lot when I was in Brazil at the beach!

The second series is as good as the first – if not better!:)

Last night the new guy Ronan, was introduced. He looks interesting and could be a good addition to the team. Better than Ford who was always a pathetic actor. Now he’s been beamed away!:) Guess we’ll see him again though, even more Wraith-infected!

In spite of the action last night, found the best part was the humour of Dr McKay. Had to keep laughing at him, he’s so funny!;) At the beginning he annoyed me – but I was told that he was one of the best later on! BIMI was right!;)

The New Zealand version of Dragon’s Den has been excellent! One of the only Kiwi reality shows worth watching these days. My favourite dragon was Annette Presley, she always liked to throw a bit of humour into the mix.

This is one show that I sincerely hope gets brought back for a second season on TV One. It would be a shame to see it over so soon.

Bones is my other huge love that I would die if I missed it. Bones and Booth are so cute. 😛 I can’t wait for the next season. I want it back now! Is it gonna be later this year or sometime next year? Does anyone know?

Ahh I love this show! I bought seasons 1-7 on DVD a few months ago and last night I just finished season 4. They’ve just vanquished The Source, Phoebe has just discovered Cole is in the Wasteland and they were offered the chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives.

It was cool to see all the Prue episodes again, but Paige is cool too.

I can’t wait for season 8 to be released. The way I’m going with watching my DVDs, I’ll be finished all 7 seasons before it’s even out!

We watched the NZ version of So You think You Can Dance – and now we can see the American version on Saturdays at 7.30 on TV3.

The final group have now been selected by the instructers/judges.
Included is the big guy who didn’t think he had much chance, even though the ballroom instructer said he was like an elephant when dancing.
Also the cocky guy was very lucky to be included after running down a particular instructer/judge and saying he though he was better, etc. None of them were impressed with his attitude.

Looking forward to seeing the various dances in the coming weeks.
The NZ series showed us some fantastic dancing, expecting this to do the same!

Star Trek -The Next Generation I think is the best series of Star Trek.
Most of the movies are of The Next Generation too.

Am currently subscribing to and collecting the complete series with magazine that goes with each DVD.
Available from:
Netlink Subscriptions, e-mail subs@ndc.co.nz. Phone 09 308 2871


Bad Girls

One of the best series on TV!
Always look forward to seeing Bad Girls. Plenty of drama and scandal, with bits of humour thrown in.

Last night for instance, it was really sad for Tina because she so didn’t want to be on the outside away from her mates, and all she had to cling to was Bodybag/Sylvia, her personal officer. But Bodybag didn’t want her hanging around, and tried to get her to leave, and it was so funny seeing them walk up the road and into the bank together. Where Tina held it up with a toy gun, just to get back inside, and then one of the customers died of a heart attack!

Then all the while inside there’s a dead body of one of the inmates, and the killer trying to keep it hidden, aided by the 2 Julies who don’t really want to be involved. Will the body be found in the dryer next week?
Will Tina be back with her mates?

I’m really, really happy that Telecom are starting to roll out the Animal ads again, with the orignal voice that was used when Spot was around! Big thumbs up 😀