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Westside S01E04Episode 4, 1977: Our poison’d chalice
The matter of the poisoned lamington splits the house of West and leads Ted and Rita to sex, drugs and rock & roll.

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Westside S01E03Episode 3, 1976: Instruments of darkness tell us truths

Ted and Rita both champion good causes: a disco dancing overstayer and a mouse who needs to roar.

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Westside S01E02Episode 2, 1975: Is’t Far You Ride?

Ted confronts his great white whale as Rita battles boredom. And a war with the Dallies turn up unexpected opportunities.

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IMG_5588.JPGEpisode 1, 1974: All that impedes thee from the golden round

Ted West is reunited with his true love, Rita. But she has a secret – and he has a lot to prove if he’s to get back on top of his gang, and his game…

New Zealand joins together for the Commonwealth Games as Ted West gets out of jail after a three year stretch for the Smith & Caughey’s cockup. Ted finds he’s been deposed as leader of his gang, and is determined to weed out the rat who put him in jail. On the home front, Wolf resents his father being back, and Rita has problems of her own, including a tenacious young admirier. But should Ted go out on his own to prove his mettle? He has a lot to prove if he’s to get back on top of his game.

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the-x-filesThe X Files creator, Chris Carter, has given a few hints as to what’s coming in the series reboot currently underway.

1. There’s “a big chance” the Lone Gunmen will join returning X-vets Mulder, Scully, Skinner and The Smoking Man. Continue reading »

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