Pauline Fowler (played by Wendy Richard), one of the Eastenders remaining original characters, has just had her funeral filmed for the soap.

Pauline is the matriarchal stalwart of Albert Square. Fiercely loyal to her family, she is never afraid to speak her mind.

It was announced in July that she will be leaving the show after almost 22 years, at Christmas 2006.

Here’s some photos from the funeral:

Photos courtesy of Splash News Online.

Emma Bunton will be making a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode of Neighbours filmed in the UK.

Other celebrities expected to appear are chat show host Michael Parkinson, comedian Julian Clary, actor Neil Morrissey and DJ Jonathan Coleman.

The storyline in the UK will include Karl and Susan.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy) is rumoured to be returning for these episodes too.

New Zealand’s favourite drama is full steam ahead in 2007 as new romances begin and established couples face troubled times.

The New Year spells danger for Shortland Street’s golden couples: Chris is fighting an attraction for Justine as Toni is fighting for control of the nursing staff

Will Sarah’s turbulent relationship with Craig finally come to an end as TK vies for her affections? Meanwhile,

Maia and Jay face the decision of whether to have a baby and it seems the outcome will make or break their marriage.

In the ‘new couples’ department Alice romances an older colleague;

Scarlett gets a cruel lesson in love; and are Mark and Tania really meant to be?

Man-hunter Libby also looks to be ending her epic drought – will the new guy in her sights be Mr Right?

Also in the pipeline for 2007 are a surprise marriage, a mysterious newcomer, the unexpected return of an old favourite, and a month of surprise storylines and special guest stars as Shortland Street celebrates its 15th birthday!

Here is the ‘extended’ promo video for Season 3.

I accidentally read a spoiler on another site which says that Sarah is going to be sent to prison!!!!!

Monday: Kim is in shock having just heard from Rachel that she wants to adopt Baby Joe and is forced to confront his old fears. Brad takes the law into his own hands as he is determined to find proof against Johnny.

Tuesday: Brad’s attempts to expose Johnny backfire. Kim and Rachel make a life changing decision. Morag is determined to prove her suspicions about Ash.

Wednesday: Martha is shocked to learn about Ash’s dark side. Brad and Sally’s relationship is in jeopardy. Jack struggles to come to terms with his debilitating situation.

Thursday: Peter and Amanda give in to their desires. Belle crushes Amanda’s hopes for their relationship. Sam is determined to keep her devastating secret from Jack.

Friday: Leah is shocked to discover that Peter is having an affair. Lucas and Ric challenge the girls to a game of strip poker. Cassie is forced to make a decision about her future.

Am almost to the end of the season 2 DVD having watched most of the second half of the season since Sunday. I watched the first part of Downloaded last night – 2 more eps after that.

After finishing each ep I can’t wait to watch the next one. The characters, the action, the dramas, style of the prog. and twists in the story keep me glued to the screen. I used to like Starbuck but at times I don’t like her attitude – she can be a bit of a self-centred fascist IMO. But she also gets to face up to some of her own shortcomings in this season. I find Boomer is developing into the most interesting character. In fact the Cylons are increasingly getting my sympathy, especially the good ones like Baltar’s alternate Cylone woman – the one who was tortured and who Baltar tried to help.

I am wondering how much of the cylons are human. Like if the think like a human and feel like a human, and if Boomer can have a baby by her human boyfriend doesn’t that kind of make them human?


Romance is on the cards again this month for Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) and Mark Weston (Tim Foley), but Tania’s family can’t help wondering it the fomer love rat has what it takes for a successful relationship. A lot has changed since Tania ditched Mark last Christmas after discovering he’s cheated on her with multiple women: Mark has been through counselling and Tania has tried and failed to find lasting love with Anthony Richards (Michael Morris). Mark was there for Tania when she accidentally overdosed on anti-anxiety medication Zolopam. There’s certainly still something between them and Tania is willing to give the relationship another go. But protective mum Yvonne Jeffries (Alision Quigan) isn’t convinced it’s the right thing for her daughter. Her suspicions are heightened even further when she realises there is something between glamorous surgeon Justine Jones (Laurie Foell) and Mark!


Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) is determined to make his mark as head of the new Primary Care Clinic (PCC), but his early initiatives look more likely to put his co-workers’ backs up. The dashing doc isn’t publicity shy – one of his first moves is to spend up large on an advertising campaign for the PCC that features himself. Junior PCC staff member TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) is roped into a campaign that has the tagline “Primary Health Care Never Looked So Good” and hospital staff are less than impressed when the campaign also features receptionist Claire Solomon (Emily Robins) in a sexy nurse’s uniform. Can Callum regain his colleagues’ trust?


A baby could be back on the agenda for newly reconciled couple Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne) and Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstrong) when Maia becomes a temporary surrogate mother this month. A major car crash has left a mother in a life threatening condition and her daughter has been placed in the care of the hospital staff. As Maia spends time with baby Katie, the clucky nurse realises how much she still wants a baby. But does she feel ready to start a family with Jay? The pain caused by Jay’s affair with Dylan Preston (Paul Glover) is still fresh – and the last time that the couple tried to have a baby (using Norman (Jacob Tomuri) as the donor) their relationship also suffered. But Maia’s maternal instincts will not be easily denied.


Normally unadventurous receptionist Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) reveals an addictive side to her personality this month when she joins an illicit after hours game of poker. The game is a feature of the hospital night shift – but is strictly forbidden by management. Yvonne realises she’s living dangerously when staff are warned that anyone caught gambling on premises may face instant dismissal. To make matters worse Yvonne’s daughter Libby Jeffries (Fleur Saville) is leading the inquest. Yvonne is wary of the danger but is prepared to try her luck. Is it worth the risk?

McDreamy’s sister will be coming for a visit and Meredith will get the wrong end of the stick and thinks McDreamy is cheating on her when she sees his sister in his bed. (Source)

I’m sure this storyline has been a million time before. But it’s McDreamy, so we’ll forgive the Grey’s Writers. This time.