Episode 1

First three minutes of episode 1:

Two new characters are coming to Summer Bay for three months: Rocco (played by 23 year old Ian Meadows) and Jonny (played by Callan Mulvey). Rocco and Johnny have lost their mother and are part of a gang. Rocco comes to the bay to start a new life for himself but his Johnny follows and tries to get him back into the gang. The boys have a bit of a dark past – full of violence and crime. Johnny is a surfer.

Wow, wow, wow!

Anyone watching season two? I’m finding it oddly convoluted and not nearly as intense/suspenseful as the first season.. With all the characters all over the place and no real direction, I just don’t feel as compelled to watch it each week as I used to.

I still think Sarah is hot, and I can’t wait to find out what happens with the storyline between her and the FBI guy (can’t remember his name .. Frank?), but the other storylines are just a bit meh, at the moment.

And I was sad when Tweener got caught, I was just warming to his character 🙁

Anyone else feeling the same?


Season 3 Info

If you’re itching for info on what happens in Season 3 of Lost, US Today has a great article which went up just before the Season 3 premiere.

Matthew Fox thinks it’s going to be the best season yet and will do a lot of new things.

In Season 3, The Others desperately want something from Jack – but what exactly? And are The Others actually the good guys – will we grow to love them too?

Apparently the first five minutes of Season 3 is going to “blow people’s minds” with a huge surprise.

There’s also going to be more romance in Season 3 – but will it be Kate and one of The Others, instead of Jack or Sawyer? And there’s a new girl called Juliet who might just steal Jack’s heart.

I can’t wait!

Reports are out saying that Isabel Lucas and Jason Smith (Tasha and Robbie) have finished their time on Home and Away. Isabel plans to backpack around the world then volunteer for OzQuest in Africa.

Wonder how the couple (and their new baby) have been written out?

TK gets a shock this week when he finds out his new love interest is… a sex worker!

Holly Makatea (Miriama McDowell) is also the administrator at a GP practice.

Coming up before the end of the year: fire, injuries, police cars, fire trucks and a major accident which was shot on the old Mangere Bridge in Auckland this week!

Recently in TV Guide, It was reported that Mark wanted to buy Ant’s car, because he was heading over to Sydney.
So hes not going to join the swiss, but maybe Tania might go too?
After all, she was going to join him ice-skating on the Swiss ski-fields. Will she be by his side this time?
Is this yet ANOTHER charactor(sp) to leave Shortland Street this year?

There will be a hostage situation at a supermarket. Lynette, Nora, Edie, Austin, Julie, and others are there. The shooter will be Laurie Metcalf’s character, Carolyn Bigsby, because she found out her husband, the store owner, is having an affair. Susan, who isn’t in the store, tricks the hostage negotiator into giving her a phone and begs Carolyn to allow her to trade places with Julie. Art, the new neighbor in the Youngs’ house, saves the day. The story will be featured on the news, much to Bree’s horror. Bree feels guilty because she was the one who told Carolyn about the affair. Lynette will be wounded, but not badly, and another character will be killed. The character that will die will be a woman who will be prominently featured this season up until her death, but she won’t be one of the four leads. She will also be a relative of Art’s. Two characters are set to die in that situation. One, someone who we’ve met before, and two, someone who is introduced in that respective episode. Neither are series regulars.