It appears someone at TVNZ has accidentally uploaded a number of TV spots for next week’s Shortland Street episodes!

Click here to view – spoilers!

Spoiler alert!

The top six finalists from New Zealand’s Next Top Model have been revealed after photos of them shooting scenes in an outdoor location were taken.

The six girls snapped were Dakota Biddle, Danielle Hayes, Lara Kingsbeer, Courtenay Scott-Hill, Michaela Steenkamp and one of the Identical Twins.

The photos were taken of the girls on a beach in Thailand two weeks ago and with 12 girls left following last Friday’s episode on TV3, the reveal of the final six on the show is still over a month away.

The models were photographed on a set at the Indigo Pearl Hotel, a five-star accommodation on Phuket’s Nai Yang Beach.

They were seen posing on and leaning against an elephant during a seven-hour shoot on the beach.

TV3 spokeswoman Nicole Wood said the show had paid to keep the private part of the beach to themselves in order to keep the filming away from the public.

Security was employed to keep the onlookers who gathered with cameras at bay.

Source: NZ Herald

Linda Hamilton, best known for her role as Sarah Conner in the first two Terminator Films. Is to have a recurring role in the NBC Televison series Chuck. Screening on Channel 2 in New Zealnd, She is set to play Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, Chuck and Ellies missing mother in the upcoming Fourth Season.

After last nights post about the winner of The Apprentice being unknown, word has come back to us about some rumors that are floating around Wellington.

According to some, the reason for multiple endings being shot was that the first person who was offered the job declined to accept the position.  When the job was then offered to the second person, they also declined.  Predicament much?

So if it’s not Thomas Ben or David Wyatt who win the job, who does?

While the final outcome is still unknown, it has been suggested to us the the job is going to the third place getter.  Does that mean Catherine Livingstone is heading back to her home town of Wellington after all?  I guess the grand finale of The Apprentice next week will definitely be appointment viewing to see what validity these rumors have.

Next year Home and Away will return more to being a family show with teen angst, light heartedness and more humor. 

A female character who moves in with Alf and Miles will bring lots of laughs.

Aden will leave Summer Bay.

Leah, Colleen and Martha may leave.

Martha and Liam get together.

Sally may return.

Marilyn Chambers returns.

Nicole becomes a fashion designer.

Romeo’s sister Mink arrives.

Other new characters: Rabbit, Elijah Johnson, Britt Hobart, Michael Patton.

Have you heard any other spoilers and rumours for what happens next year in Home and Away?  Let us know here!



With the tragic news that a keeper at the Zion Wildlife park in Northland was fatally mauled by a tiger yesterday, it made me realise that an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives to be screened next week (on Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2 I think) depicts a tiger mauling the character of Tony DiMera at the Horton Fundraiser circus.

This episode screened in the US in January 2004 and since New Zealand is more than five years behind we are only seeing that episode now.

Ironically, episodes of The Young and the Restless screened in New Zealand last week (originally screened in the US in Febuary 2005) saw the character of Devon Hamilton being threatened by a Lion after breaking into a Zoo.

This week on Shortland Street:

Callum and Brooke share a steamy kiss.  What’s Brooke playing at this time? 
Hunter discovers Grunter is working two jobs and things go wrong when Grunter falls asleep on the job and there’s an emergency call out.

Tamati and Samantha:

Waltz: What’ll I Do (Birds of a Feather)
Freestyle: Unknown but it’s a dedication to their grandparents

Barbara and Johnny:

Quickstep: You’re The One That I Want
Rumba: The Way We Were
Freestyle: Don’t Stop Me Now