Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie wins New Zealand’s Next Top Model and Laura Scaife comes second – according to the Sunday papers.

What do you think?

Rumor has it that the tiny pacific island nation of Samoa will be the next location of the hit reality show Survivor but this announcement wasn’t supposed to be made public until May.

Samoan Media have reportly been given gagging orders and warned that any leaks could result in Samoa missing out on the lucrative publicity and revenue from having the series shot there.

CBS has ordered two more series of Survivor which will take the total to 20 by the end of 2010.

Each week we will be uploading a teaser on YouTube for the next week’s episode of Go Girls.

Check out the teasers for episode 2 and episode 3.

I complained to the TV Guide on how they revealed the killer as Maia.

In their defence


hey jaydend, if your talking about the latest cover story, it came with a spoiler warning

we tried our hardest to let you know that it was a spoiler, and you had the option to read it or not.

It’s the month of the year Shortland Street fans have been hanging out for – they know December and the season finale will see the culmination of some of the year’s biggest storylines. Or will this year leave us with more questions unanswered?

One thing is for certain – stay tuned for some of the most dramatic moments of the year!

Life in the Kumari -Scott household has been anything but settled since newlyweds Scotty and Shanti moved into their first home. Shanti is unaware of the house’s dark history – it was the scene of a grisly murder-suicide. So when the terrified neighbors refused an invitation to the housewarming party, it should have rung alarm bells that all was not right at the old bungalow.

And this month, the strange events start to escalate. It begins with faulty electrics, a burst hot water cylinder, falling wallpaper and a busted swing. Next come macabre blood-like stains, unexplained accidents and things that go bump in the night.

Trying to put on a brave face, Shanti invites a few pals around for a girls’ get-together, but the house has its own agenda. As renovations unearth a chilling discovery behind the walls, under the cover of darkness a blood-curdling scream will rent the air. By the end of the evening, blood will be spilled – but whose?

Shortland Street beauty Brooke Freeman has been enjoying life’s luxuries since moving into the home of boyfriend Dr Chris Warner. The only fly in her idyllic lifestyle, is Chris’ eight year old son, Harry.

Having spent a lot of time alone with Harry due to Chris’ demanding career, it would be fair to say that Brooke is not a natural with kids. This month, a discussion with a child psychologist unearths the source of Harry’s unhappiness.

Seizing the chance to unburden about Brooke, Harry fills Amelia in on Brooke’s evil deeds, including the fact that she has tried on his dead mother’s clothes and stolen her make-up. Brooke meanwhile, is hopeful that she’s paved the way to get Harry out of the house, when she feigns concern about him to Amelia.

Amelia’s conclusion is that Harry is emotionally disturbed and needs urgent intervention. Will Brooke succeed in her plan to get Harry sent away so she can have the unsuspecting surgeon all to herself?

A love triangle with a twist is another of December’s big themes. Surgeon Ethan Pierce has been working his way into the life and heart of serial killer survivor Alice Piper.
Meanwhile, warm hearted lesbian nurse Maia Jeffries has been growing suspicious of Ethan’s intentions towards her vulnerable friend. Complicating things is that Maia has started to have romantic feelings for Alice herself.

But is either woman really prepared for the dark force that is Ethan Pierce? With Alice falling further under Ethan’s spell, will she heed Maia’s warning that Ethan’s not the man for her? This month, the gloves are off between Maia and Ethan.

When Maia hears an explosive revelation and Ethan’s connection to it, tensions explode – culminating in a very public showdown. But who will come out on top? And will Alice align with her boyfriend or her best friend?

When a bus accident swamps Shortland Street’s Emergency Department, it’s all hands on deck. Surgeons Chris Warner and new Zimbabwean recruit Xavier Moyo are called in to assist and Xavier quickly establishes himself as an able pair of hands.

However ever-competent Head of ED Sarah Potts is suddenly struggling. Having battled her on-off symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for many months now, the condition chooses an inopportune time to reappear – right in the middle of one of ED’s biggest days.

Struggling to keep her emotions (and symptoms) in check, a tearful Sarah retreats to the comforting arms of husband TK Samuels. Concerned, TK insists on running a battery of new tests – but neither he nor Sarah is prepared for the results and the shock condition they reveal!


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Ambitious new surgeon Ethan Pierce (Owen Black) pushes the boundaries with a risky surgery this month, on nine year old Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy sufferer, Timothy Carson.

The character of Timothy is played by Austin Taylor, who actually suffers from the debilitating illness, which is characterised by progressive weakness, difficulty in walking and performing everyday physical activities. More information can be found at the official website www.nma.org.nz

Both senior surgeon Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) and anaesthetist Luke Durville (Gerald Urquhart) advise Ethan not to progress with the operation, considering it reckless. So when things start to go wrong, who can Ethan call on to help save his patient?

While new wife Shanti (Nisha Madhan) is off visiting her family in India, Scotty (Kiel McNaughton) greets a blast from the past in the very attractive form of an old nursing mate, Bernadette Hamblyn (Narelle Ahrens).

Within the space of days, Bernadette quickly becomes part of Scotty’s life, getting advice from her nursing mentor on everything from work to her personal issues.

But Scotty is blissfully unaware that his and Bernie’s sudden closeness is causing tongues to wag. Seen together in all the hot spots of Ferndale, staff and friends alike are left pondering. Could it be a case of ‘While the cat’s away, the mice will play?’

Alice Piper (Toni Potter) has suffered so much lately, with the death of ex-boyfriend Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) and the premature birth of her precious daughter Kelly.

Having maintained a vigil beside her child’s incubator, and coped with her mentally unstable mother Fran, this month Alice launches into an ill-advised relationship. Close friends are worried, but Alice is determined to live life on the edge.

Having played it straight with a “proper” relationship with Craig (which ended badly), Alice’s wish is for no-strings attached fun. Unfortunately her latest hook-up has the potential to become her most destructive. Is Alice spiralling out of control?

Being at the front line of the hospital reception means Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) has to deal with all manner of visitors: the ill, the dangerous, the desperate and the delightful.
Well known for her efficient but warm personality, this October, one person in particular catches Yvonne’s eye.

Fraser McKenzie (Peter Daube) is a lawyer, who arrives at the hospital on business. Within minutes, the tall, handsome man strikes up an easy conversation with Yvonne. Running into her after his meeting, Yvonne is surprised and thrilled when he asks her out to dinner!

Fraser proves to be easy company and Yvonne is encouraged by all the signs that he too, is romantically interested in her. Someone new for one of Shortland Street’s favourites? Watch this space as Yvonne experiences the thrill of a blossoming new romance.

Brilliant doctor she may be, but it’s well known that Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) is a non starter in the kitchen. This month, ever-encouraging hubby, TK Samuels (Ben Mitchell), is determined to right that wrong, by introducing Sarah to the art of cooking.

When Sarah expresses a wish to be able to cook Italian food, TK organises a fun evening in, preparing just such a feast. The catch – Sarah has to do most of the work!

Barely knowing her pasta from her elbow, can Sarah rise to the challenge and produce something edible?

And to add more pressure to this potentially disastrous scenario, TK intends for there to be other people present to share in the feast.


Baby Jay Jeffries (Liam Farmer) turns one this month and mum Maia (Anna Jullienne) is able to reflect back over what has been an incredibly challenging year.

With much of the hard days behind her, Maia has been embracing parenthood and is now looking forward to the future. When she hears from ex-flatmate and friend Roz (Lucy von Sturmer), who helped out with Jay while they both lived in Thames, she encourages her to come to Ferndale to visit.

Good friend Alice Piper (Toni Potter) encourages Maia to consider Roz in a romantic light. What she doesn’t realise is that Maia has been harbouring feelings for someone else.

Will Maia take a chance on love this month and who will it be with?

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this October.


When Granny McKay (Judy Rankin) isn’t busy finding fault with her family, it comes only too naturally to find fault in everything else.

Some less than desirable prejudices are made public when Mona gatecrashes a date between grandson Hunter (Lee Donoghue) and new girlfriend Morgan (Bonnie Soper).

Knocking back a bit too much sake at a Japanese restaurant, Mona makes it clear that the Japanese culture is not one she favours, and awkward hilarity ensues. Tune in to Shortland Street tonight to hear Mona’s outrageous gaffes.

Gang tensions have been escalating in Shortland Street’s Ferndale area ever since the WhiteTail gang made the suburb their home base.

Last week on Shortland Street viewers were left on the edge of their seats as gang rivalries came to a horrific climax when a hooded gang member pummelled the operating theatre with gunfire.

Staff at Shortland Street hospital are left to deal with the devastating repercussions of the bloodshed. As the gunman roams loose in the hospital, the panicked staff scramble to find out who has survived – and who else could be in danger.

This is actually what’s happening this week – I have my sources!, I won’t say anything too major, though:

1. Kieran gets caught up in the people who made the bomb that ‘killed’ Justine Jones. These people also have links to White Tail.

2. Alice and Yvonne get concerned at how Fran is handling baby Kelly.

3. Sophie can’t cope at the funeral when a girl comes up saying that Justine saved her life.

TVNZ accidentally placed the summary for Friday 12th September’s episode of Shortland Street on their website before it had screened.

TVNZ soon removed the summary, but you can read it in full at mediafetish.co.nz