A very pregnant Alice Piper (Toni Potter) returns to Shortland Street this month, having been away from Ferndale following her high-blood pressure scare. Now rested and relaxed, and having had plenty of time to ponder her future, Alice has come to one conclusion.

She and her unborn child need a certain man in their life. After offloading her bags at Maia’s apartment, she heads straight for the hospital where she tracks down Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei). Confronted with a determined Alice in the corridors, Craig is taken by surprise, but can’t help admiring the “pregnant glow” that Alice is exuding.

Making plans to talk things over leaves Alice optimistic that Craig could feel the same way. Could reconciliation be on the cards for Alice and Craig?

There’s a rare treat in store when Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) turns songbird in a very special Shortland Street episode.

This is not the first time we have heard Amanda /Sarah’s amazing vocal ability. Who could forget the memorable musical duo of Sarah Potts and Craig Valentine singing “Why does love do this to me?” a few years ago.

This time, Sarah performs a song written by Australian Eddie Perfect, and arranged especially for this episode. An exclusive website only version of the song will be available here on the official Shortland Street website, after it has gone to air, so don’t forget to check back.

Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) arrives home from a relaxing sea cruise, only to sail into an ocean of controversy. She’s not happy to hear her head-strong youngest daughter Tania (Faye Smythe) is still dating a gang member!

When Tania arranges for Yvonne and Kingi (TeKohe Tuhaka) to meet, she hopes her mother will get to know her boyfriend before she judges him. Bolstered by Kingi’s confident claim that he can win Yvonne around, Tania has reason to be assured of her relationship getting the maternal seal of approval.

But has she underestimated Yvonne’s deep seated opposition to the new man in her life or will the meeting be smooth sailing?

It’s been a while between romances for Shortland Street’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Warner (Michael Galvin). In recent months, he’s devoted his time to son Harry, following the death of Harry’s Mum, Toni Warner (Laura Hill).

Now it seems the suave Doc might be ready to dust off his favorite pick-up lines, when a certain icy blonde catches his eye. Beautiful Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen) has been playing the field ever since she arrived in the PCC as a GP locum.

This month, she can’t believe her luck when she realises this man of means is interested in her. Genuine and generous, is Chris about to get taken for a ride by a master manipulator – or will a true romance blossom, surprising them both?

Gang tensions have been escalating in Ferndale ever since the WhiteTail gang made the suburb their home base.

This month on Shortland Street, gang tensions explode in a violent event that will see blood spilled. In an incredibly dramatic and action packed episode, a disgruntled gang member will make it past hospital security and will strike deep in the heart of the hospital itself.

As the news of the incident spreads, panicked staff will be scrambling to hear who has been involved. Who will be affected? Who will live? Who might die?

All will be revealed in upcoming episodes of Shortland Street.

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this September.

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Just wait til you see what an action packed month we have on New Zealand’s favourite soap. Just for you here is a brief glimpse of some of the highlights of this coming month:

A Fraction too much Friction

Ex-copper turned nurse, Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson) is back at Shortland Street, but not everyone is happy to see her. Having not endeared herself to her colleagues the first time around, the often feisty Tracey is determined to be accepted on her own terms this time. She’s refreshed her nursing training and just wants to put her terrifying experience at the hands of Ferndale’s notorious Strangler behind her. But when she shows excessive force with a patient, Dr Kip Denton (Will Hall) worries that she is a loose cannon. A heated argument ensues, and it’s apparent that the fine line between friction and “frisson” could be crossed!

Strangeness and charm

If you’ve ever wondered which individuals could produce an offspring as unique as Gerald, your questions are about to be answered. This month, Gerald invites girlfriend Morgan and flat-mates Libby and Kieran, to a birthday dinner party at his Mum and Dad’s. At first glance, Nigel and Katie impress, but unfortunately Gerald’s stress levels go through the roof when his parents reveal their liberal attitudes and start to bicker over personal and very private business. It’s a cringe making night – and what will Gerald’s friends make of his parents’ revelations?

Hit the ground running

Since she ditched her family at the airport, Shanti’s mother Shobhna Kumari is reveling in her new status as a liberated woman. She’s teamed up with fellow single-gal Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan), who is enjoying introducing Shobhna to New Zealand’s laid-back culture. This month, one of Yvonne’s interests becomes Shobhna’s addiction – gambling! Whereas Yvonne has always been happy to play poker for peanuts, it seems Shobhna is committed to a game of higher stakes. Will Shanti intercede before her mother gets in too deep? And is Yvonne about to feel Shanti’s wrath for leading her sheltered mother astray?

So deep

He’s had plenty on his plate lately, having busted up with Alice Piper, then enduring his daughter Scarlett’s trial. Now Craig Valentine finds his enthusiasm for his job as Head of ED seriously on the wane. But when a patient presents with a rare illness, his interest is piqued. Could this medical mystery be the challenge Craig needs? When Craig starts to dig, he’s stunned to discover the man’s been working as a drug cowboy. Smelling a rat, Craig resolves to ask the drug company some tough questions. Can one man take on the system or is he asking for more trouble than he can handle? Exclusive to the official Shorty website! All the latest news and views, straight from the set this August.

Show yourself

A talented new surgeon makes his mark at Shortland Street hospital this month, in the form of dashing doc Ethan Pierce (Owen Black). Some might see him as cocky and arrogant but Ethan is confidently assured of his own abilities and knows his place in the world. His arrival at the hospital causes a stir amongst the female fraternity, but one person in particular has cause to be disturbed by Ethan’s presence. Why this person covers up her prior association with Ethan is yet to be revealed. What juicy revelations could she dish on Shorty’s newest heart-throb? Stay tuned as past histories are revealed.

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this August


OMG :-O Craig is gonna die on Shortland Street real soon!!!

Here’s some of the Heroes Season 3 spoilers out on the net:

Linderman is back! He has a prophecy of doom that the second coming is at hand.

Nathan Petrelli seems to actually die!

The Speedster is a new villain.

Sylar and Angela Petrelli might be working together?

Peter Petrelli oddness: a large bald man in prison says he’s really Peter Petrelli?!


Morgan defends her man.
Tania decides what she wants.
Callum is a smooth operator.
Gerald plays an odd match-maker.


Kip grapples with his feelings.
TK queries Sarah’s career plans.
Gerald plays dirty to get clean.


Kip misplays his bishop.
Chris has something to prove.
TK confronts Sarah about her secret.


Craig struggles to keep the peace.
Hone must face up to responsibility.
Kip teaches his rival a lesson.


Tania makes travel plans.
Callum misses the love connection.
Alice makes a decision.


Riley wonders if she’s made the right choice.
TK is caught off guard in the ring.
Sarah’s predictions come true.
Gerald uses his medical instincts. Hone tries to help.


Callum and Justine battle it out.
Libby feels exposed.
Tania undertakes a difficult task.


Kip is not a quitter.
Gerald runs a risky search.
Scotty and Shanti deal with an unthinkable union.


Gerald gets an embarrassing reputation.
Alice plays at being mum.
Callum gets more than he bargained for.


Callum passes the point of no return.
Kip and Tania play hide and seek.
Alice gains an ally.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy has promised fans of the show that season 5 will be the “most exciting, fly by the seat of your pants/skirts, “Oh My God Did That Just Happen???!” Season of Grey’s Anatomy EVER”.

Season 4 left many loose ends:

Will Derek and Meredith stay together this time? Will they build that dream house overlooking the city on Derek’s land? Will they make babies together?

Will Izzie and Alex get together? Will each find healing from their past relationships?

Will George and Lexie become more than friends?

What’s next for Cristina?

What’s next for the love triangle of Erica Hahn, Callie Torres and Mark Sloan?


Gerald and Morgan talk about appetites.
Tania and Kip get physical – and regret the consequences.
Chris re-evaluates a friendship.


Chris is faced with a difficult decision.
Sophie struggles with teenage restrictions.
Tania faces temptation.


Tania takes a risk.
Chris decides his future.
Sophie pushes Hunter to the limit.


Sophie struggles to make peace.
Gerald makes a bad patient.
Dessert turns to custard for Shanti and Scotty.


Alice considers her future.
Tania enjoys living dangerously.
Riley reconsiders a decision.

Here’s a sneak preview into Weeds Season 4 which starts in the US on June 16 2008:

Exclusive to the official Shorty website! All the latest news and views, straight from the set this June.

It’s another action packed month on New Zealand’s favourite soap. Especially for the fans – here’s a brief glimpse of some of the highlights of this coming month:

When it’s good

When Shortland Street first hit New Zealand television screens on May 25th 1992 it was met with mixed reviews.

However, headlines like “New soap has dead-end feel to it” and “Soap gets thumbs down” didn’t dampen the spirits of TVNZ’s prime time serial drama which will celebrate its milestone 4000th episode on Friday June 6th 2008 with the return of original cast character Dr. Hone Ropata (Temuera Morrison).

But that’s not all that is happening in June as Shortland Street rocks on into its 17th year!

Fight for your mind

Dr. Ropata has always been thought of as an easy-going kind of guy but this month we see a darker side to his character. When Hone becomes easily angered while out for a drink with old friend Dr. Chris Warner (Michael Galvin), Chris is forced to take him home before any further trouble starts. When Hone reflects on his time in Africa it becomes clear to Chris that despite his calm exterior, Hone is suffering from some very serious inner turmoil. What could possibly have happened in his past to affect Hone so badly?

Bring the funk

Businessman Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) becomes a creature of the night when his new business venture gets off the ground.

After seeing a gap in the entertainment market, IV Bar owner Kieran decides to take his hospitality skills to the next level, by organising illegal dance parties – much to the dismay of his uptight girlfriend Libby (Fleur Saville).

And Libby’s not the only one who’s not pleased with this arrangement. Kieran’s new right hand man Hunter McKay (Lee Donoghue) is caught in the midst of a moral dilemma when younger sister Sophie (Kimberley Crossman) sneaks into one of the dance parties and starts hanging out with some pretty suspect characters. But it seems Kieran may have bigger issues at hand when local gang – and rival dance party organisers, the Whitetails, get wind of his plans and vow to put him out of business using what ever means necessary.

With a huge financial investment at stake, Kieran has to take some pretty serious risks to ensure that his new business venture doesn’t fail – but at what personal cost?

Diamonds on the inside

After her last crush was revealed to be a serial killer, it would be fair to assume that Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper) is a bit apprehensive about starting a new relationship. This month however, she wonders whether she might get a second chance at love when her friendship with metro-sexual receptionist Gerald Tippett (Harry McNaughton) blossoms.

Despite their obvious interest in each other, is Gerald really ready for a woman like Morgan? With his disastrous relationship with Lindsay still fresh in his mind, Gerald decides to seek ‘expert’ advice on how to treat a lady. Only problem is – he asks Kieran and Kip for their opinions.

Just what do these two boys suggest to get Gerald and Morgan’s fledgling romance off the ground? And are they really the best men to be offering relationship advice?

Poor old Gerald’s about to find himself in a rather unusual situation with this one!

Glory and Consequence

It seems that the longer Riley (Jacque Drew) is about Shortland Street hospital – the more trouble she causes.

This month Riley decides to implement a new health care initiative for the emergency department, in the form of a scheme which rewards patients who have been kept waiting.

It doesn’t take long before the plan starts to backfire – causing all sorts of problems in a department that is already stretched to its limit. Will the staff stand up for themselves and let Riley know what they think of her far-fetched schemes? Or will they let her get away with more meddling?

Meanwhile, the flirtation between Callum and Riley steps up a notch when Callum sees that it may help in his bid to move further up the career ladder. But is the married man playing with fire by leading Riley on? And just what will Callum’s wife, Justine have to say about her husband’s new career plans if she finds out?

Another Lonely Day

It seems the novelty of dating Dr. Denton (Will Hall) may be wearing off for Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe). When these two first got their relationship off the ground just months ago, Kip’s tomfoolery and blokey behaviour seemed to be a constant form of entertainment for the fun loving Jeffries sister.

But recently, Tania has started to find the things she used to love about Kip – are now the things she likes the least.

What is it about Tania’s lifestyle that is making her question the love of a good man? Is it just a phase she’s going through, or could it be time for Tania to call it quits with Kip?

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this June.