Toni and Chris reach a new understanding.
Callum weighs into Maia’s troubles.
Tania takes her confusion out on Kip.


Chris lays down the law.
Hunter and Wiremu face a menace.
Hone’s up for the challenge.


Gerald’s hygiene obsession pays off.
Sophie and Olive get up to mischief.
Libby’s morality is challenged.


Hunter struggles with his conscience.
Scotty begins to connect with his past.
Toni faces an inner battle.


TK and Sarah do right by their friend.
Hone struggles with grief.
Chris admits his true feelings.


Riley enlists extra help.
Kieran forges ahead with his plan.
Gerald’s relief causes a stir.


Gerald goes undercover.
Riley encourages Callum’s naked ambition.
Toni and Chris find hope in a new home.


Callum forms an unholy alliance.
Alice faces a dilemma.
Maia struggles with motherhood.


Craig and Alice face the spotlight.
The Jeffries demand answers from Maia.
Riley has a surprise in store for Chris.


Riley’s new consultant defies expectations.
Chris welcomes an old friend.
The new doctor makes a widespread impact.


Toni and Chris go too far.
Maia wins hearts and minds.
Libby falls from grace.


Libby and Gerald play spy vs spy.
Riley goes head hunting.
Joey comes back to haunt Alice.


Alice struggles with unwanted attention.
Kieran sets Hunter a challenge.
Sarah and Craig join forces on a mystery.


Craig tries to tell Sarah what to do.
Callum makes a new friend.
Gerald makes a bold decision.


Morgan finds a friend in Gerald.
Scotty’s attitude to culture is challenged.
Kieran has a secret plan.


Scotty seeks to win favour.
Maia puts work first.
Libby faces a dilemma.


Scotty faces a trial by fire.
Toni asserts her independence.
Libby’s loyalties are tested.


Scotty suffers public humiliation.
Justine gets a taste of her own medicine.
Chris accuses Riley of playing dirty.


Alice feels pressured into making a big decision.
Gerald has another shot at love.
Maia faces her worst fear.


Maia plays pass the parcel.
Craig is unsure about his future with Alice.
Tensions build between Chris and Toni.

Exclusive to the official Shorty website! All the latest news and views, straight from the set this May.

People get ready

It’s a month of fresh faces this May with the return of two characters – and the arrival of two new ones.

After a six month maternity leave, Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne) decides to return to Ferndale and resume her post as nursing manager at Shortland Street Hospital. Of course, with her comes baby Jay Jeffries. What Maia has failed to realise, is that life as a working solo mother is much more difficult that she ever anticipated. Will Maia cope with raising a child and running a nursing unit or is something (or someone) going to suffer?

Another blast from the past comes in the form of theatre nurse Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper). After her abrupt departure from Ferndale, it comes as a shock to some to witness the return of the nurse who had such a special bond with Joey Henderson (Johnny Barker). But are the staff ready to welcome Morgan back to Shortland Street? Or will her link with Joey mean that she’s permanently ostracised?

Also arriving this month is Martha Riley. Sent by the D.H.B. to audit the hospital, Riley (as she prefers to be known) bowls into Ferndale with a suitcase full of wit and a strong American accent which may catch some kiwi viewers by surprise. While initially her charming manner puts staff and management at ease, it soon becomes clear that Riley is in Ferndale to stir things up, and no ones jobs are safe while she’s around.

Waiting in vain

Dr. Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) has been battling with a mystery illness for months now, but this month her investigation gathers momentum. Though she’s chosen to keep her concerns a secret from the ones she loves, old flame Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) has proved an ally in the search for a diagnosis. Despite impending fatherhood with nurse Alice Piper (Toni Potter), Craig offers Sarah a shoulder to cry on when she needs it the most. Could Sarah’s secret rekindle an old bond between the former lovers?

Sun is shining

Just when it looks like Hunter McKay (Lee Donoghue) is destined to lead a life in hospitality, opportunity comes knocking and he gets offered the modelling gig of a life-time. Landing a full advertising campaign for a brand of designer jeans, Hunter is even more floored when he finds out he’ll be working with international model Anja Sadovenko (Reanin Johannink). But despite being put up in a lavish house and having his every whim catered for, Hunter soon learns that there’s more to modelling than meets the eye.

No woman, no cry

Toni Warner (Laura Hill) gets an offer she can refuse this month on Shortland Street. When Toni decides she needs to move on from living with friends Sarah and TK, ex-husband Dr. Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) proposes she move into her old house as a ‘flatmate’. Despite wanting to maintain a healthy relationship with Chris for the sake of their son Harry (Henry Williams), Toni realises that Chris’ offer may come with restrictions she’s not prepared for.
Excited about the idea of meeting and dating new people, Toni declines his offer, but the original problem still remains – where is Toni going to live?

and it has to be said a bit of dread!

As someone who works in the disability awareness field and who has had a physical disability from birth, I see a fantastic chance to challenge (and change) people’s preconceptions of disabled people.

Will the writers give me what I want? I hope so. Will we at last get a core cast character with a permanent disability? Again I hope so.

Anyone else agree with me?


Lost S04E06

Airing on March 6, 2008: the episode is called The Other Woman and is Juliet-centric this time.

Watch out for Jack and Juliet (doesn’t the pair just sound cute?) to kiss passionately in this episode!

Will update this with video previews as soon as they’re released!

Can’t wait 🙂


Lost S04E05

This episode looks fantastic – it’s all about time travel! Season 4 is Lost’s best season for a long time 🙂

Naturally, it’s a Desmond-centric episode – remember how he could somehow “see” into the future?

The official teaser for the episode says: “Sayid and Desmond hit a bit of turbulence on the way to the freighter, which causes Desmond to experience some unexpected side effects.” We’ll also get to see more of Penny, as she’s listed in the credits.


Feb 25th – 29th:

Monday: Sally helps Leah overcome her grief in an unexpected way. Time is running out for Sam, as Johnny’s threats intensify.

Tuesday: Cassie and Ric discover the truth about Dan’s death. Aden faces criminal charges. Amanda and Jazz return to Summer Bay! Irene lands herself in trouble when she tries to defend Annie.

Wednesday: Cassie has an upsetting realization about her HIV. Ric and Mattie take one step closer to reconciliation. Jazz wants Tony back.

Thursday: Sam’s crisis worsens when she is accused of having an affair. Rachel and Jazz battle it out over Tony.

Friday: Summer Bay pays tribute to Dan after his tragic death. Ric and Mattie are finally reunited!

Feb 18th – 22nd 2008:

Monday: Distress sweeps the bay, when a loved one is rushed to hospital.

Tuesday: Johnny blackmails someone to help him. Who could it be? In an act of defiance against God, Annie puts herself in grave danger.

Wednesday: Sam helps Johnny. What power does he hold over her? A guilty charge falls on Aden’s innocent shoulders. Annie rejects her brothers love.

Thursday: Sam puts her family and friends in danger as she moves Johnny into Luc’s old bedroom. Will a teenage road trip turn into the trip from hell? Leah’s world comes crashing down.

Friday: The bay tries to cope with the terrible news of Dan’s death. Johnny watches Mattie as she sleeps. What danger is she in?

Feb 11th – 15th 2008:

Monday: Rachel puts her indifferences aside to help a friend. Sally is reunited with a very special person. Johnny Cooper breaks out of jail and heads for Summer Bay

Tuesday: Aden makes it his mission to get Geoff to retaliate. Ric becomes Cassie’s pillar of strength after her diagnosis. Johnny returns to Summer Bay.

Wednesday: Johnny could strike at any moment. Irene puts a plan into place to expose Dom’s true colours. Rachel gets a romantic surprise.

Thursday: Can Annie’s faith survive another blow? Aden pushes Geoff too far. Lucas leaves the Bay forever to start a new life at university.

Friday: Roman’s secret past is revealed. Johnny makes his move. Which Summer Bay favourite is attacked?

Feb 4th – Feb 8th 2008:

Monday: Henk and Martha try to keep a secret from Cassie. The serial attacker escapes from hospital. Is romance in the air for Rachel and Roman?

Tuesday: Annie is in a dangerous situation. Geoff makes a life changing decision. Caught in a love triangle, will Rachel decide with her heart or her head?

Wednesday: Is friendship blossoming into romance for Rachel and Tony? Will a dreaded phone call ruin everything? An old favourite moves back to the bay.

Thursday: Cassie is hit by a car – after finding out her blood results. Sally confronts Miles about their connection.

Friday: Miles has a shock revelation for Sally.

According to the new issue of the Radio Times (9-15 February), Richard Armitage is quoted as saying:

“Guy is a dream part and I can’t wait to start filming the third series in Hungary in May”.

He also says:

“But it will be weird without Lucy (Griffiths, who played Marian). To kill the woman you love is a very hard part to play. I questioned the writers, and I’m still not sure I agree with it. I’ve had so much aggressive mail since, I’m a proper baddie now”.


Poor bloke, getting mail from crazies. But the fact that he didn’t agree with the season’s ending goes some way to explain the acting and chemistry feeling a little off in the final episodes.