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It’s that time of the year again… the Shortland Street Winter Season and One Hour Mondays kick off on Monday 30 June, at 7pm on TV2.

60-minutesOn the next episode of 60 MINUTES, Karen McCarthy takes us on a nostalgic journey, marking 50 years since The Beatles’ one and only New Zealand tour.

Fifty years ago The Beatles touched down in Wellington on their one and only tour of New Zealand. Touring here just 12 weeks after taking America by storm, John, Paul, George and Ringo played eight concerts in four cities. Featuring rare colour footage of their tour, an interview with John Lennon in New Zealand that has never before been broadcast, and four New Zealanders telling their stories for the first time (one of The Beatles’ Kiwi bodyguards, a woman who was in the Maori welcoming party at Wellington Airport, a veteran radio producer who interviewed The Beatles, and a psychology professor who made a world-first study of the phenomenon that is Beatlemania). This is Fab Four nostalgia at its finest. Karen McCarthy with the story. Continue reading »


Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Prime Minister John Key fresh from his meeting with President Obama.

Corin also interviews two US Politicians – one Democrat, one Republican – about the Trans Pacific Partnership, Iraq and who will be the next President of the United States. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… John Key’s gone to Washington, but what has he achieved? 3News Political Editor Patrick Gower sits down with the Prime Minister for his first TV interview after meeting President Obama. Then the Democrat congressman and co-chair of the Congressional Friends of New Zealand caucus, Rick Larsen, discusses Iraq, drones and trade.

Labour leader David Cunliffe joins Lisa Owen to talk about his horror week, that letter, and the implications for his leadership. Continue reading »

late_night_e345_MasterEver wanted to watch breakfast TV at night?

Good evening and welcome to The Late Night Big Breakfast, New Zealand’s first late-night but closer to prime-time, highly scripted yet impromtu, breakfast entertainment show!

The Late Night Big Breakfast is an energetic, eclectic, and original weekly half-hour comedy show hosted by comedy team Leigh Hart (Moon TV), Jeremy Wells (The Unauthorised History Of New Zealand), and Jason Hoyte (Nothing Trivial).

As the title suggests, the programme mimics lifestyle and chat show formats. The structure, tone and content reminds the viewer of morning television, the only difference being the set is dysfunctional, the banter is ill-informed, and the weekly guests are for the most part, perplexed!

Continue reading »

1. Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson David Shearer speaks to Political Editor Corin Dann about the deepening crisis in Iraq.

2. Climate Change Minister Tim Groser: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is pushing back against President Obama’s call for more global action on climate change – where does NZ stand?

3. Out and about with Conservative Party leader Colin Craig as he ponders where to stand in this election.

4. Susan Wood interviews NZ entrepreneur Victoria Ransom. A multi-millionaire after selling her start up to Google, Ransom talks about life as a Google executive, the future for social media, and our online privacy.

Our panel: Dr Maria Bargh, Stephen Franks, Helen Kelly.

*Please note earlier time of 8.30am this week, adjusted for TV ONE’s FIFA World Cup coverage.


This weekend on The Nation… a flagship policy under fire? 3News Political Editor Patrick Gower asks Education Minister Hekia Parata if her $359 million super teacher and principals policy will be derailed by opposition from the sector and whether public confidence can be restored in Kohanga Reo after the Serious Fraud Office investigation.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig joins us to talk about deals, strategies and whether he’s hitting a wall with his efforts to win over National. Continue reading »


Is it goodbye to John Banks, and to the ACT party?

Deputy Political Editor Michael Parkin interviews ACT campaign director Richard Prebble and National’s campaign director Steven Joyce. We’ll also be asking Mr Joyce about the Government’s latest Regional Economic Activity Report. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… the verdict is in and John Banks is guilty of filing a false electoral return. So what’s next for his party and electorate? We’ll talk to three contenders for the Epsom seat: ACT’s David Seymour, Labour’s Michael Wood and the Green Party’s Julie Anne Genter.

Then, are the regions in trouble? Or are they waiting to be unleashed? Lisa Owen will interview the Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce about which provinces are lagging behind and how we can spread the wealth and population beyond the big cities.

And Auckland Mayor Len Brown will talk about whether public space and car parks could be sold off to help fund his rail link – the top priority of his 30-year blueprint for the country’s largest city.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: 3News political reporter Tova O’Brien, Generation Zero Auckland director Dr Sudhvir Singh, and journalist and former Act MP Deborah Coddington.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.