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The folks from Ferndale hit the topics of Fiji this week as our favourite drama heads to the islands. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… Labour’s had its worst election result in 92 years, so what happens next? We’ll talk to former Labour president Jim Anderton, CTU president Helen Kelly, and tech entrepreneur and past donor Selwyn Pellett about the party’s future direction and the leadership.

Then, with an unprecedented majority, our reporter Torben Akel examines what’s at the top of National’s to-do list during its third term. Continue reading »

DINNER WARS Quinn and Ben

Dinner Wars, one of the most controversial and creative challenges of The Block NZ is back – this week things are heating up in more than just the kitchen for Maree & James, Jo & Damo, Alex & Corban, and Quinn & Ben.

As well as completing the main bathroom and laundry, each team must sharpen their knives, pull on their aprons and pull out all the stops to impress the other contestants at their winning dinner party. Contestants must score each other’s performance – but will they play fair or let their true colours show? Continue reading »


The 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten (JABAT) comedians are running their own version of election coverage, with a schedule of entertainment and comedy across TV3, Kiwi FM, the web and social media this Friday and Saturday under the banner DERISION ’14.

7 Days Producer, Jon Bridges says the DERISION ’14 activity is complementary to TV3′s Election Night coverage.

“Elections are important, and TV3 always has the best people and the best pictures on Election Night… but sometimes you just want a bit more fun, a bit more comedy,” he says. Continue reading »


With just days of campaigning left before the election, the leaders of the three main political parties pitch for your vote.

Political Editor Corin Dann interviews National Party leader John Key and Labour Party leader David Cunliffe. Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… in a New Zealand exclusive, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald talks about the Snowden leaks, how New Zealand is involved, and what Kim Dotcom might have up his sleeve for his “Moment of Truth.”

Greenwald is just part of our special hour and a half long pre-election show. We’ll talk to John Key, David Cunliffe, Russel Norman, Winston Peters and Colin Craig about key policies and who gets to call whom on the morning of September 21. Continue reading »


On The Nation this weekend… Is there a housing crisis, and what should we do about it? National and Labour housing spokespeople Nick Smith and Phil Twyford go head-to-head on affordability, foreign ownership and capital gains taxes.

And with the fallout over Dirty Politics causing movement in the polls, we talk to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and Conservative Party leader Colin Craig about what happens now they’re inching closer to five percent. Continue reading »

Tonight, Prime Minster John Key and Labour Leader David Cunliffe go head to head in the first leaders debate of the election.

Feel free to discuss the debate in the comments section below.

The Leaders Debate: TV One, 7pm


Housing affordability is one of the big election issues and Political Editor Corin Dann will host the first TV debate on Sunday. Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith and Labour’s Phil Twyford go head to head.

The latest on the ‘dirty politics’ saga – with Kiwiblog Editor David Farrar and former Labour Party President Mike Williams. Dr Maria Bargh is our political scientist. Continue reading »


On The Nation this weekend… What matters more: the environment or economic growth? National’s environment spokesperson Amy Adams debates water standards, dairy farming and the Resource Management Act with Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

We delve more into dirty politics and ask whether Labour and the Greens can come up with a coherent economic plan.

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: 3News political editor Patrick Gower, Fairfax political reporter Andrea Vance, and the New Zealand Herald’s investigative journalist David Fisher.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.