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On The Nation this weekend…. A new report on incomes shows child poverty has dropped – but is it enough? What’s required to really help kids in need? Social Development Minister Paula Bennett fronts up on inequality and family violence.

Then as it tries to balance environmental concerns with jobs, Labour energy spokesperson David Shearer reveals his party’s new policy on offshore drilling. Continue reading »

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Q+A airs later this Sunday, at 10.00am after FIFA World Cup Quarter Final coverage.

Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Labour leader David Cunliffe at the Labour Party Congress. After months of poor polling, can the party turns its fortunes around? Continue reading »


This weekend on The Nation… With Labour lagging in the polls, what is its plan to win back voters? 3News political editor Patrick Gower speaks to Labour leader David Cunliffe live from the party’s congress in Wellington.

Then the Minister of Maori Affairs, Pita Sharples, talks to Lisa Owen about his achievements in Parliament, the future of the Maori Party, and its relationship with National. Continue reading »

Coming to Maori Television tonight is the third incarnation of the TVNZ7 show Media7 – Media Take. The media commentary show with Russell Brown and Toi Iti will analyse the weekly news to determine a lack of balance, inaccuracies or lies plaguing the media world.

Russell Brown writes

In te reo Māori, “Take” means “reason” or “purpose” – but the name of the programme also makes sense in English: as a take on on the media. We like the fact that it’s a bicultural name for a bicultural show. Continue reading »


The National Party is gearing up for the election at their party conference this weekend. It says New Zealanders are better off under National – but are they right? Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Prime Minister John Key.

Three years ago, Q+A debated the issue of ‘dirty dairying’ with the then new Federated Farmers President Bruce Wills and Environmental Scientist Dr Mike Joy. Are farmers doing a better job at keeping our waterways clean? Bruce Wills and Mike Joy are back on Sunday to tell Susan Wood what they think. Continue reading »


This weekend we present an exclusive poll result: ‘Should National do a deal with Colin Craig’s Conservative Party?’

Do voters support an arrangements? And what do National Party voters in particular think? Continue reading »

It’s that time of the year again… the Shortland Street Winter Season and One Hour Mondays kick off on Monday 30 June, at 7pm on TV2.

60-minutesOn the next episode of 60 MINUTES, Karen McCarthy takes us on a nostalgic journey, marking 50 years since The Beatles’ one and only New Zealand tour.

Fifty years ago The Beatles touched down in Wellington on their one and only tour of New Zealand. Touring here just 12 weeks after taking America by storm, John, Paul, George and Ringo played eight concerts in four cities. Featuring rare colour footage of their tour, an interview with John Lennon in New Zealand that has never before been broadcast, and four New Zealanders telling their stories for the first time (one of The Beatles’ Kiwi bodyguards, a woman who was in the Maori welcoming party at Wellington Airport, a veteran radio producer who interviewed The Beatles, and a psychology professor who made a world-first study of the phenomenon that is Beatlemania). This is Fab Four nostalgia at its finest. Karen McCarthy with the story. Continue reading »