Oh the absurdity.  From How to Get Away with Murder, the script writers are jumping the shark


David Letterman has allowed us to look behind the scenes and get to meet and get to know some of his staff, including Tony Mendes, the guy that holds up the cue cards.

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blocknz300Day one of kitchen, dining room and external painting week saw strategy come into play and bitterness and resentment set in among the teams. Continue reading »

ewen-gilmourSuch sad news today that Ewen Gilmore has passed away, aged 51. The comedian appeared on Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Treasure Island, 7 Days and more recently, Road Madness on TV3.

Mediaworks released the following statement.

On behalf of everyone at MediaWorks, we’d like to pay tribute to our friend and colleague Ewen Gilmour, who sadly passed away overnight. He was a much-loved and respected part of the wider MediaWorks family and had given generously of his immense talent over the years. Continue reading »

Shortland Street Logo

Last night we finally found out what Lucy’s beef with Rachel is.

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Welcome to the new series of The Block. This series will be screening four nights a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

This years teams are:

  • Maree and James: South Auckland team Maree Wright (27) an event manager and her property valuer partner of 13 years, James Steele (28)
  • Jo and Damo: Recently married Feilding team, former children’s clothing designer Jo (34) and her Policeman husband, Damo Neal (36)
  • Alex and Corban: Married West Auckland team, fashion buyer Alex (29) and her mechanical engineer husband Corban Walls (32)
  • Quinn and Ben: Christchurch team, beauty therapist Quinn (26) and her husband Business Development Manager (30) Ben Alexandre.

So tonight we have the first episode of My Kitchen Rules NZ, screening on TV One, after My Kitchen Rules Australia just completed a ratings-winning season on TV2.

Getting a head start on The Block NZ, and the competing each week on Tuesday and Wednesday for ratings bragging rights, it will be an interesting season for sure.

Whenever NZ takes on an established reality TV format from another country, there are obvious comparisons made about our version quality in comparison. Clearly the budget for MKRNZ will be smaller, but fingers crossed the quality is still up there. You won’t hear a bunch of comparisons from me as I didn’t watch most of My Kitchen Rules Australia this season. I am one of those annoying people who googled the winners before it was even screened in NZ.

But I can’t google the results of tonight’s episode so I might as well recap it!

The ten teams are split into two groups for the instant restaurants. The first five teams are:

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The Greens released their disability policy today and are calling for 100% captioning on all television programmes.

“Internationally, New Zealand lags behind on captioning. On average only 25 per cent of New Zealand TV is captioned compared to 85 per cent in Australia and 99 per cent in the United Kingdom and United States of America.”

No on-demand TV was captioned in New Zealand.


Fair enough. I don’t know if 100% is realistic, but it would be good to see these services improved, to make TV more accessible to those in NZ with hearing difficulties. I know when I am old, I would still like to be able to know what is happening on Shortland Street if I can’t hear so well!