Flight of the Conchords is set to be one of the biggest TV success stories for Kiwis in 2007. HBO’s much-hyped new comedy series is based on the New Zealand music-comedy duo of Jemain Clement and Bret McKenzie who have moved to New York. The pair star and executive produce the 12-episode first season of the show which debuts in the US on June 17.

“Splitting their time between seeking venues where they can perform and awkwardly courting women they meet on the street or at parties, the duo sometimes finds it easier to express through music – and are apt to break into song at a moment’s notice.”

In a ground-breaking move, HBO has not only put the debut episode online before it airs, they are enabling friends to share it online via their MySpace profiles.

Flight of the Conchords

Why not count the number of TV show references in Winston Peter’s speech yesterday? How many did you find?

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In what is one of the biggest news stories of the last decade in New Zealand, all media outlets will be jumping over themselves to get interviews and exclusives.

What are your thoughts on how the story is being covered.

One News Coverage

Filmed live from the Aotea Centre in Auckland, Dominic Bowden and Megan Alatini host this glamorous event celebrating 15 years of New Zealand’s iconic drama – Shortland Street.

Shortland Street first hit our screens on May 25, 1992, with Marj Neilson’s immortal line, “Good afternoon, Shortland Street Accident and Emergency Centre”. Almost 15 years later, Shortland Street is New Zealand’s longest running drama series and continues to be one of the highest-rating drama programmes on New Zealand television.

Tonight, NZ Idol host Dominic Bowden spends a day in the multi million dollar footsteps of American Idol and E News host Ryan Seacrest. 20/20 uncovers some of Seacrest’s secrets and gets his views on our NZ Idol contestants.

Tune in to TV2 tonight at 9:30pm to see Dominic’s exclusive interview.

Dominic is about to begin hosting a new Idol-esque show which is rumored to be screening at the end of the month.

It was only a matter of time before TVNZ’s slick ondemand service was joined by other sites offering TV shows and movies for legal download. While worldwide leader iTunes has yet to offer any TV shows to Kiwis, ReelTime has today launched their New Zealand store.

ReelTime allows users to download movies and TV shows to rent or own and will expand its offerings over the coming months as rights are granted. Shows are priced at $2.95 and includes series such as Mercy Peak, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Auf Wiedersehen Pet and The Darling Buds of May.

Tonight brings to a close the six-part Gibson Group documentary series Here to Stay with former All Black Frano Botica tracing by the roots of fellow Dalmatian settlers to New Zealand.

Have you been following the series? What are your reflections on the show and will you watch the second season?

Year after year, Mucking In is an audience favourite. Combining a garden makeover, travel, community spirit and championing good samaritans the feel-good and practical show has broad appeal.

Host Jim Mora says “Once again, we discovered so many New Zealanders who were just as outstanding as in the past, which is saying something!”

Gardener Tony Murrell added “The gardens look great, but most importantly, we made a whole new series of friendships in wonderful Kiwi communities. The people make this show, and they make us proud of it.”

Last night a star-studded crowd of about 300 came together at Aotea Centre to celebrate Shortland Street’s 15th birthday. The red carpet event was attended by current and former cast with stars such as Temuera Morrison, Craig Parker and Angela Bloomfield. The cast of Dancing with the Stars were all glammed up and Prime Minister Helen Clark and Minister of Broadcasting Steve Maharey also attended. Check out our photos – how many of the stars do you remember?

A special birthday tribute to the show screening on Mothers’ Day is a must see for all Kiwis. Hosted by Dominic Bowden, the special includes musical performances, bloopers, behind the scenes, classic moments and more.

Congratulations South Pacific Pictures and TV2 on 15 years of the show!

You’ve heard of soap on a rope, well this is soap on a mobile. MyStory is a byte-sized soap you can get straight to your Vodafone mobile 5 days a week. And at the moment you can still get it for free. The first 1000 subscribers are free and the producers of the programme, Wellington’s Gibson Group, have told us subscriptions haven’t yet reached the 1000 mark.

To subscribe on your Vodafone 3G phone (Telecom handsets can’t access the show at this stage), you just text ‘mystory’ to 246. That text costs 20c, but getting the episodes to your phone is completely free after that. For more info, check out www.watchmystory.tv .

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