You’ve heard of soap on a rope, well this is soap on a mobile. MyStory is a byte-sized soap you can get straight to your Vodafone mobile 5 days a week. And at the moment you can still get it for free. The first 1000 subscribers are free and the producers of the programme, Wellington’s Gibson Group, have told us subscriptions haven’t yet reached the 1000 mark.

To subscribe on your Vodafone 3G phone (Telecom handsets can’t access the show at this stage), you just text ‘mystory’ to 246. That text costs 20c, but getting the episodes to your phone is completely free after that. For more info, check out .

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From Wednesday, 2 May 2007, New Zealanders will be able to watch their favourite programmes in crystal clear, high resolution, digital quality for free.

The “switch-on” event this afternoon is to be held at the Auckland Museum for invited guests, members of the broadcasting industry, and the media. It will start the transition from analogue to digital and is arguably the most significant event in New Zealand broadcasting since the launch of colour television in 1974.

In addition to the Freeview “switch-on” there will be presentations from the Minister of Broadcasting (Steve Maharey) and Freeview management, as well as a display of broadcasting technology from the last 40-years. A press conference will be held at the conclusion of the event with Freeview, broadcasters’, and the Minister available for interviews and comment.

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Expect a completely rebranded TV One in April/May. In addition there will be changes coming to One News and expect to see it become available on more platforms (e.g. cellphone, iPod, downloadable).

Rove is returning after a five month break following the death of his wife. In Australia, he’ll be screening at 8:30pm on Sunday nights starting April 1. He’ll be up against top rating shows Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. No word yet on the NZ timeslot.

The show is getting a major overhaul. Peter Helliar will be back, and Hamish Blake and Andy Lee may be regulars.