Entourage is one of my all time favourite TV shows and I can’t wait for this movie. Here’s the latest trailer:

Sweet Things.....

Shortland Street LogoWelcome to tonight’s recap/discussion thread for Shortland Street, where impressions are everything.

TK and Kylie are definitely an item now and she leaves his house in the morning, narrowly escaping running into Pania and Caleb. Caleb is lee to get back ingot he swing of things and organises a run with TK. Pania, who has still not told anyone about her husband’s drug habit, cautions him to take it slow and he throws a mini hissy-fit about nagging.

Kane introduces his rocker dad Jimmy to Jack and Murray and Jimmy thanks him for being such a good stand-in. There’s lots of nodding, fake smiles and awkward chuckling.

Victoria is trying to avoid Garrett at work, since coming to the (100% correct) conclusion that he is not worth anyone’s time. Kylie overhears and Garrett tells her about the aborted study session he had planned with Victoria and they have a bit of a bitch about her. Kylie realises that Garrett is romantically interested in Victoria. Can he not go five minutes without trying to get into someone’s pants?

Chris and Harry have returned to Aotearoa and Lucy hands in her key to the apartment. Harry gets all huffy about it – although this was supposedly resolved before they left. Lucy thanks them for taking her in when she first showed up and was a “bit of a wreck” i.e. lived in their house while they were away, went through all their belongings and threw a tantrum at Rachel in a bar. Harry flops onto the couch, distraught at losing the company of someone who is still pretty much a total stranger.

Back at Shortland Street, Caleb and TK strut around the men’s locker room in their short shorts and Caleb starts doing one-armed pushups for no apparent reason and then puts TK in a headlock (I have no idea why). TK allows himself to be bullied into press-ups and Caleb is weirdly excited.

At the Cooper Home Bella is talking about how she needs something new in her life (very subtle, Shorty writers) when Jimmy arrives with Murray, Kane and Jack, and he immediately gains some ginger groupies in the forms of Wendy and Bella. Muzza on the other hand, is still smarting from being rejected by Kane in favour of Jimmy so he’s not in the best of moods.

After being beaten by Caleb in the press-ups competition, TK is reluctant to work out with him anymore. Caleb moans about the new desk job he has, working with Pania and manages to persuade TK to g for a beer. Somehow Kylie and Pania are also invited to what I am sure Caleb wanted to be a “bros only” drinking sesh.

Kylie heads straight from reception into the staff room, where she runs into Victoria. She then proceeds to tell Vic about what a nice guy Garrett is and how cute his relationship with Ula was. Although she doesn’t mention that Garrett cheated on her with Ula, nor does she mention that Victoria should STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM HIM AS POSSIBLE.

At Rachel’s apartment Harry appears to be sinking into teenage depression only a few hours after Lucy’s departure. Chris suggests ordering something to eat but Harry has lost his appetite.

Dayna shows up at the Cooper House and is more than a little surprised to see Jimmy. At first no one notices her because they are busy watching an insurance advertisement from ’89, written by Jimmy, starring some kittens. Wendy does some mean air guitar. Dayna makes her presence known and Jimmy recognises her. Dayna is not happy.

At the IV, Caleb is telling a story about TK losing a fight with a chiuhaha and steadily getting drunker. Pania tries to gte him to ease up on the booze and he throws another hissy-fit. Meanwhile Kylie and TK bond over talking about his friends’ difficult lives. Kylie offers to leave to give TK some “man-time” with Caleb, but he wants her to hang around.

Back at the Cooper house, Jimmy is telling stories about cold champagne and Amy Winehouse, when Dayna pulls Muzza aside for a chat. She doesn’t think Jimmy should be back in Kane’s life, as he will only build his hopes up and then let him down. Murray reveals that despite his initial reservations he is starting to warm to Jimmy. Dayna points out that if her fears are realised, there is a risk that Kane’s mental health may slide backwards. Murray takes this onboard.

Back at the bar Caleb is watching Kylie’s behind as she stands at the bar. Pania decides she wants to leave but Caleb stays to party some more.

Chris and Harry are at the hospital as Chris checks in with Boyd (who I haven’t seen around lately). While waiting for him Harry overhears Michael talking to some unknown girl, who tells him of her plans to become a pro footballer. Harry immediately falls in love with her, and it’s as if Lucy never existed.

TK sits Caleb down at the IV and foces him to order a meal. Across the room Kylie accidentally runs into some guy, who calls her a dumb blonde. Caleb leaps from his chair to defend Kylie’s honour and TK has to step in to prevent a fight.

Jimmy, Jack and the Coopkins are having dinner when Murray decides to voice Dayna’s concerns. Kane doesn’t appreciate people worrying about his wellbeing and he reacts badly. Jimmy starts to pick up on the hostile vibes and decides to book himself a hotel. This mkaes Kane even grumpier.

Out in the courtyard of the IV, Caleb is scavenging for unfinished beers when Kylie comes out to coax him back in for dessert. But in his drunken state Caleb mistakes her concern for flirtation and forces himself on her. Kylie pushes him off in shock and leaves the bar, only to run into TK, who demands to know what happened.


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