The 26th season of The Simpsons opened last night with a death. Continue reading »

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Here’s the list of TV people with birthday’s today. Continue reading »

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Michael is staying for now, Evan is leaving, and Rachel still doesn’t know about the baby. Continue reading »


David Cunliffe resigned as leader of the Labour party on Saturday; but he still wants the top job.

He confirmed he will seek a fresh mandate by throwing his hat in the ring for a leadership primary and he hopes to take on Prime Minister John Key in the 2017 election. Continue reading »


Prime TV’s new local series The Brokenwood Mysteries charmed Kiwi viewers last night to give the channel its highest Sunday night rating in the 8.30pm timeslot all year.

Nearly 200,000 viewers watched Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) and his off-sider Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland) solve the first suspicious death in Brokenwood last night – double Prime’s normal ratings in this time slot.

Prime achieved a 13% share in the 5+ demographic, similar to the international blockbuster movie Prometheus on TV3 which also screened last night. Continue reading »


The folks from Ferndale hit the topics of Fiji this week as our favourite drama heads to the islands. Continue reading »


Struggling old media company, Fairfax, has today launched their $300,000 taxpayer funded web series Road Trip on the Stuff website. The news organisation has taken their “make it up as we go along” approach and applied it to television with the intent to crowdsource the storyline.

It appears as though the legacy infrastructure isn’t Fairfax’s only issue as the pilot was barely watchable with the spinning wheel of buffering interrupting the entire seven minutes. Continue reading »