Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. Castle: 71040 (TV ONE, 9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  2. Criminal Minds: 69980 (TV ONE, 8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  3. MasterChef New Zealand: 28510 (TV3, 7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  4. Odyssey: 25670 (TV3, 9:35pm – 10:30pm)
  5. Mayday: 23480 (PRIME, 9:35pm – 10:35pm) Continue reading »

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

The new companion series for the hit zombie show The Walking Dead began last night and Fear The Walking Dead, as a spin off, worked really well. So well that it drew the highest series premiere for a cable channel with 10.1M viewers.

Unlike The Walking Dead which begins after the zombie apocalypse has taken place and it quickly becomes all about survival, Fear The Walking Dead begins in Los Angeles while the world is still functioning as normal. Continue reading »

Most watched

  1. Border Security International: 216,200 (35%, TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  2. One News: 204,700 (29%, TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  3. The Force: 204,200 (38%, TV ONE, 8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Shortland Street: 196,700 (52%, TV2, 7:00pm – 7:35pm)
  5. Seven Sharp: 131,400 (29%, TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)

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Most watched

  1. One News: 711,420 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Border Security International: 625,060 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  3. The Force: 538,880 (TV ONE, 8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Seven Sharp: 447,830 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  5. Shortland Street: 376,380 (TV2, 7:00pm – 7:35pm)

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Sky begs customers to stay with themIt would appear that Friday’s issuance of Sky’s annual report was the final straw for investors who have been bailing from the pay tv broadcaster ever since.

While the stock market took a 2% hammering yesterday, Sky’s contribution was double that as dreadful slide continued.

In a little over 12 months, CEO John Fellet has steered Sky Television to a 25% devaluation in the stock price so it is little surprise that an expected resignation announcement is forthcoming. Continue reading »

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Shortland Street LogoWelcome to tonight’s recap/discussion thread for Shortland Street. Continue reading »

Here’s a bit of a look at just how bad the Masterchef ratings are for TV3. Firstly, here’s what six season premieres look like.
masterchef-nz-season-premieres Continue reading »

Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. How To Murder Your Wife: 61130 (TV ONE, 8:30pm – 10:30pm)
  2. Weekend Murders: 33020 (PRIME, 8:40pm – 10:40pm)
  3. MasterChef New Zealand: 24510 (TV3, 7:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Sunday: 23600 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 8:00pm)
  5. House Hunt: 22790 (TV ONE, 8:00pm – 8:30pm) Continue reading »