Glee’s Chris Colfer is to appear in an episode of Hot in Cleveland.

Langley Kirkwood, Meaghan Rath, Chaske Spencer and Tom Pelphrey are joining the third season of Banshee. More details on what characters they will play can be found here.

Here is today’s general discussion thread for anything and everything to do with television. You know what to do.

Here is today’s list of TV people with birthday’s today.

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) 17
Matt Cardle (The X Factor) 31
Cody Chrisian (Pretty Little Liars) 19
Allison Williams (Girls) 26
Lois Chiles (Dallas) 67
Tom Kane (Star Wars: Clone Wars) 52
Susan Ward (Make it or Break it) 38

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My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st - Kasey and Karena: These two have come back strong in the past few challenges, and head into tonight’s challenge as one of the two top teams.  Plus, they are hilarious, so that gets them the top spot.

2nd - Jaimie and Bec: These two ladies clearly want to win and they have excellent teamwork.  This has helped them create some great dishes in the recent weeks and the judges seem impressed.

3rd – Tanisha and Verena: I still think Tanisha and Verena could take out the competition but they head into tonight’s challenge after underwhelming in the kitchen last night.

4th – Nikki and Jordan: Nikki and Jordan did not impress with their Indonesian cuisine last night, and Nikki is becoming a bit of a weak link.  I really hope they can pick it up tonight and stay in the competition.

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Shortland Street Logo

Murray gets in over his head, Brooke gets involved, and TK gets blackmailed. Continue reading »

Jesse MulliganI guess it was only a matter of time…

Seven Sharp co-presenter Jesse Mulligan is to leave the show, he announced on air tonight.

Mulligan has been a co-presenter since the programme started in February, 2013, and recently took on the role as host of the TV ONE weekly comedy Best Bits.

In a statement he said he’d “had a ridiculously good time making Seven Sharp”. However, he said it was time to get back to his comedy roots.

“Hosting Best Bits has reminded me how much fun a live audience can be, and I leave Seven Sharp very confident that the brilliant Mike and Toni will continue taking the show from strength to strength,” he said.

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There is a saying that goes it’s not what you know, but who you know.  This most certainly seems the case for Tori Spelling.  I never understood why she landed a role on Beverly HIlls 90210 until I realised her father’s involvement.  I don’t recall anyone at the time thinking she’d landed the role on her own merits.  Anyway, here we are, many years later, and there is still this interest in her and her life.  Furthermore, she’s got her own series about to debut about, drum roll please… her celebrity lifestyle and failing marriage.

In case you’re one of the people who actually are interested of if you just like watching slow motion train wrecks, here is the trailer.

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If you haven’t gauged how excited I am about the return of 24, you’re not keeping up. With 24 days until 24: Live Another Day debuts in the US, the marketing machine is clicking into gear some pretty cool stuff for fans.

 Fox launched Open Cell Friday morning, a repository for (fictional) paperwork that proves Bauer’s innocence. (The new 24 picks up with Bauer on the lam in London, wanted for terrorism.) Promotional spots of Mary Lynn Rajskub in character (Chloe) and the event series’ latest hashtag, #ChloeHack, are now running to point viewers to the website.

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One of the big TV villians of my childhood was MacGyver’s Murdoc. He freaked me out and possibly even gave me nightmares.  Now, however, one crazy fan is acting as Michael Des Barres very own Murdoc which now has actor fearing for his safety.

Michael Des Barres played master assassin Murdoc for several years on “MacGyver,” but now he’s afraid for real because of threats to kill him and his family. Continue reading »