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Here’s the list of TV people with birthday’s today. Continue reading »

Shortland Street LogoHarper’s father is sick, Vinnie and Leanne have grown closer, and the deadly virus has not returned to Ferndale (yet). Continue reading »

paul-henry-michelle-dickensonIs there honestly anyone in New Zealand who doesn’t already understand that from time to time, Paul Henry says offensive things? And if you know this and choose to watch anyway, aren’t you wishing to be offended on purpose?

On Tuesday night, Paul Henry had Michelle Dickinson, a program regular from the University of Auckland, in for a chat about sciencey things. It was all good until he got to discussing her recent trip to Necker Island and a photo with the owner, Richard Branson, in which he was giving her quite the hug. “Did you have sex with him?” he asked.

That one line has drawn the ire of some viewers who have laid complaints with TV3 and others who are calling for him to be sacked. Continue reading »

The premise of Utopia intrigues me. Dump a whole lot of people from different walks of life together and get them to start a new society. Everyone has their own ideas as to what their ideal Utopia would be. In reality, it’s unlikely to be what everyone else wants.

Putting 20 hippies together would result in predominantly boring television so the casting team have done what you’d expect for a reality TV show – spiced it up by casting lots of people with opposing views. In doing so, Utopia will be anything but.

Quickflix_throng_200x175Whether you’re a channel surfer looking for something to watch or someone who leaves your TV on one channel for the entire evening, here are our thoughts from tonight’s TV Guide on what we think might be worth checking out this evening.

Must Watch:

The Late Night Big Breakfast (TV One, 10:05pm)
The Late Night Big Breakfast is an energetic, eclectic, and original weekly half-hour comedy show hosted by comedy team Leigh Hart, Jeremy Wells and Jason Hoyt.

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12_monkeysRe-imagined shows can either get it incredibly right, or horribly wrong. SyFy had great success with Battlestar Galatica and now 12 Monkeys the movie turned TV series has been positioned as another re-imagined series.

The producers behind Syfy’s upcoming apocalyptic drama, “12 Monkeys,” distanced the series from the Terry Gilliam film during Monday’s Television Critics Association press tour.

“It’s a complete re-imagining,” said co-executive producer Terry Matalas. “We’re all big fans of the original film and we didn’t want to just re-do what the movie does. Everything from the top-down changed. While the story has a lot of the same themes, it wouldn’t make sense to tell the same story again.” Continue reading »

Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory: 54390 (TV2, 8:45pm – 9:15pm)
  2. The White Queen: 47210 (PRIME, 9:35pm – 10:50pm)
  3. Nashville: 36170 (TV ONE, 9:30pm – 10:25pm)
  4. Supernatural: 32750 (TV2, 10:45pm – 11:40pm)
  5. Elementary: 29760 (PRIME, 8:35pm – 9:35pm) Continue reading »


MediaWorks has launched the ‘plus one’ version of popular entertainment channel FOUR on the Freeview and SKY platforms. The new channel is an exact duplicate of FOUR, broadcast an hour later, and is available on Freeview channel 9 and SKY channel 512.

FOUR Plus 1 began broadcasting on Freeview Satellite and SKY at 10am today (Thursday 17 July, 2014). The channel has been available on the FreeviewHD service since June 26, and has already proven popular with those viewers. Now it is available to all New Zealanders. Continue reading »