Here is today’s list of TV people with birthday’s today.

Kevin Alejandro (True Blood) 38
Russell Crowe 50
James Garner (Maverick) 85
Wayne Rogers (M*A*S*H) 81
Cristine Prosperi (Degrassi) 21
Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers, Coronation Street) 84
Teri Ann Lynn (Bold and the Beautiful) 48 Continue reading »

My super scientific Masterchef rankings*:

1 (no change) Tanisha and Verena

2 (up from 3): Karina and Kasey

3rd equal: Jaimie and Bec, Nikki and Jordan and Trudie and Shelley (I can not separate these three duos).

*I think that any of these duos could win.  The competition is so hot.

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THE NATION_Patrick Gower and Shane Jones_01Continuing on the coverage of Progressive Enterprises and Countdown supermarkets, Patrick Gower talks to Labour’s Shane Jones on The Nation.

Shane Jones says Parliament’s Commerce Select Committee has been subject to “threatening behaviour” from Countdown’s lawyers

Gower: We are aware that a letter exists

Jones: There is a letter around….I challenge you to follow up and you’ll find further evidence that when this Aussie-owned supermarket feels it’s backed in a corner, it comes out and uses every device available. Continue reading »

THE NATION_Lisa Owen and Patrick Gower_03The Nation took on Progressive Enterprises this morning with an interview with The Mad Butcher’s Michael Morton and Local Government New Zealand president Lawrence Yule.

Morton makes new claims that his suppliers are being pressured by Countdown (who is a direct competitor).

Owen: But you’re concerned that your supply chain’s being squeezed by Progressive aren’t you?

Morton: Yes I am, it is my belief that that is happening, yes. Continue reading »

On the eve of the royal tour, Sir Don McKinnon, former deputy Prime Minister and Commonwealth Secretary General, told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that it’s inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic.

“I think it’s inevitable. I don’t know when and I’m not going to campaign actively one way or the other. I have a great respect for Her Majesty the Queen. I had so many meetings with her, and I have respect for Prince Charles. We had him here a little over a year ago and he proved very popular with the people. But it’s a debate that will continue, it’s important we have a good debate about this and about the flag. Continue reading »

Every time I see Winston Peters getting interviewed by a journalist I expect he has something to hide.  The man simply cannot answer a straight forward question without having to be all elusive, vague or condescending.  I don’t trust him but apparently at least 7% of the population do if the latest polls are anything to go by.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that his party is doing better than recent polls would suggest.

“The polls have been overly kind for National election after election, and against a real night result they’ve been far too high. For Labour they’ve been about right up and down but about right. For the Greens they have been excessively favourable to the Greens, always way above what they find they get. And for one party we’re always below what we really get, so your so-called 7% polls are nonsense. We’re doing far better than that.” Continue reading »

marksainsburyThe headline in this morning’s Sunday Star Times read “Personal Grievances at TVNZ Double”.

TVNZ spent almost quarter of a million dollars to settle a doubling in personal grievance cases in the past financial year.

The payments cover employment action taken by 10 staff and total $246,000 – up $182,150 on 2012, during which there were four settled personal grievances.

In 2011, TVNZ paid out $82,000 following four grievances, and in 2010 the figure was $86,250 following five complaints against the network.

Let’s crunch these numbers.  This equates, on average, to 4 people being paid $20,500 in 2010, 5 people being paid $17,250 in 2011, 4 people being paid 15,692.50 in 2012 and mysteriously, 8 people being paid $30,750 each in 2013.

That settlement trend was heading down until 2013, the year Seven Sharp replaced Close Up. One large, single settlement could easily bump up those numbers without creating any cause for concern over other issues of grievances at TVNZ. Continue reading »

hoskingvshenryToni Street mentioned on Friday’s Seven Sharp a Fight 4 Life she would love to see happen –
Mike Hosking and Paul Henry. Hosking’s reply was about what you’d expect:
“I’d deck Paul Henry…big fat Paul Henry…he’d be puffing getting up off the stool”

It would be interesting that’s for sure! Who do you prefer on screen & why – Hosking or Henry?