Is it just me or do these Shortland Street clues seem to be rather repetitive?


11:00am – December 14, 2013

The Northland Police Department would like to address the concerns of its local residents and the wider New Zealand public following a published news article in this morning’s iNews dispatch on the Northland Bomb Case that is currently under investigation by the Northland Police Department.  Not only did the news article (published at 10:43AM) fail to state the correct version of events and date of the incident but it directly misled the public on the casualty count at the crime scene. Continue reading »

English village changing name to honor Game Of Thrones

The Radio Times is reporting that the rural village of Kings Langley – a civil parish in Hertfordshire, England – will temporarily change its name to Kings Landing to mark the release of Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 DVD set. Apparently a producer on the show arranged the new title after hearing “Kings Langley” as a train stop while visiting London. No word on whether the people of Kings Langley will have to put up with an annoying brat king.

Beauty & The Beast likely cancelled Continue reading »

A set change aye TV3? I knew something was up.


We’re a week into the new year already!  50 weeks to Christmas…  Did you catch the new Paul Henry Show trailer yet?  Are you done waiting for all the regular shows to come back?  I find it interesting that while we suffer with a bit of a vacuum, the US are still screening new episodes.

As always, the floor is yours to discuss whatever you want to do with TV.

60 Minutes in the US this week screened a story on Kim Dotcom and the Mega Upload extradition and copyright infringement case. Not sure when it will screen here on Prime but CBS have made it available to view outside of America.

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Netflix are ramping up for season two of one of the best shows of 2013, House of Cards.

Meanwhile… Mediaworks, who announced their new deal with Sony back on the 26th of July would see House of Cards coming to TV3, still haven’t announced when the first season will screen.

What do you think?

Movie director Michael Bay was to discuss Samsung’s new curved HDTV at CES today but ended up embarrassingly walking off stage in less than 2 minutes after the teleprompter failed him and he was unable to wing it.

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Hot Set (Four, 7.30pm)
The reality competition, in which contestants are asked to create movie sets to a particular theme, is starting to heat up with only two episodes left. Tonight, the contestants are asked to put their spin on the serial killer lair. Creepy! Continue reading »