The wait is over for fans of quality television as SKY announces new premium entertainment channel.

SKY subscribers will soon have access to the very best in quality entertainment and drama from across the globe when SKY launches SoHo, a brand new premium channel at the end of October.

SKY Television CEO John Fellet said the company’s investment in standout content will truly differentiate SKY’s customer offering.

“We agree with some media commentators who state New Zealanders are missing out on quality television and we’re proud to be doing something about this. While other networks are ignoring critically-acclaimed content, we are delighted to be offering it a home in this country,”

“The launch of SoHo, a dedicated channel for the discerning television fan, enables us to offer a compelling selection of content for the engaged viewer who wants more  intelligent, dramatic, provocative and distinctive programming choices. For many New Zealanders this will become their favourite channel,” he said.

SoHo’s broad spectrum of content offers something for everyone

Travis Dunbar, SKY’s Director of Entertainment Content said much of the programming to be broadcast on SoHo has never screened in New Zealand before and will feature consistently in easily accessible primetime slots.

“Viewers can rest assured that as well as bringing them the best television on the planet as soon as it is available to us, we will remain committed to these programmes throughout their run, so they’ve no need to worry about their favourite being dropped mid-season or moved to an inaccessible timeslot,” he said.

SoHo will feature an outstanding content line up, with the main criteria for programming acquisition being originality, quality and distinction. This includes the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama starring Sean Bean based on the series of books ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin; the dark and disturbing American reimagining of the Danish masterpiece The Killing; thrilling six-part BBC spy drama The Hour set in a 1950’s newsroom where the reporters become embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy; BBC’s noir thriller The Shadow Line about a murder investigation; Hell on Wheels, AMC’s upcoming American period drama set during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad; series 2 of the critically acclaimed prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire; Treme, following a group of New Orleans residents rebuilding their city and lives following Hurricane Katrina, and the Michael Mann directed horse-racing drama Luck starring Dustin Hoffman.

“SoHo is proud to also host new episodes of drama that has been abandoned by other networks with continuation of series such as Rescue Me and will also reintroduce viewers to classic iconic content such as The Wire, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos. All available content will be screened in HD, with the exception of some classic library content which is only available in standard definition,” said Mr Dunbar.

Programming is structured around a 6.5 hour block of content which plays four times in each 24 hour period. Key series will screen twice each week in primetime and SoHo will feature a Box Set Weekend every week, where back to back episodes of full seasons of iconic series will air. Box Set Weekends scheduled at launch include the latest season of True Blood, 2010’s award-winning first season of Boardwalk Empire, season 5 of Dexter and the original season of HBO’s The Wire.
While the combined launch schedule of SoHo is predominantly content made for pay television, representing less than 5% of all the series made in the US market each year, it is over-represented in nominations for Emmy’s, Golden Globes and Critics-Choice Awards. SoHo will launch at 3pm on Monday October 31st on SKY Channel 010. All content will air uncut and uninterrupted. SoHo will be available free to all SKY Subscribers for that day and throughout the calendar month of November, following which it will be available to all SKY Basic Subscribers as a premium channel for an additional $9.99 per month.

SoHo Secures Exclusive Deal with HBO

As part of the SoHo launch, SKY is delighted to confirm an exclusive content deal with Home Box Office (HBO), a multi-year, multi-platform deal which will see SKY become The Home of HBO in New Zealand.

Travis Dunbar said the HBO output deal adds great value and quality to SKY’s entertainment programming across a number of platforms. Under the agreement all new HBO content including series, mini-series, films, documentaries and comedy specials will be broadcast exclusively, in both standard and high definition, across all SKY platforms. The deal also incorporates free-to-air broadcast rights for Prime Television.

“Our agreement with HBO, a company with an outstanding reputation for critically-acclaimed original programming made specifically for pay-TV, shows our commitment to provide the best pay-TV experience for our customers,”

“This output deal is our company’s first of this size for exclusive series content. HBO produces a small number of quality cable shows each year and our commitment is to purchase all of their new content on an annual basis. This exclusive arrangement will form the backbone of the programming content for SoHo,” said Mr Dunbar, adding the HBO content will be complemented with additional exclusive and quality first run series from both the US and UK markets.

“Series such as True Blood which have found their natural home on Prime will continue to be available to our free-to-air viewers and our deal allows us the flexibility to provide Prime with other terrific drama content to supplement their schedule,” he said.

“We are flattered to be a part of this huge commitment by SKY to create a home for such distinguished programming,” added Jennifer Bowen, senior vice president, HBO International Sales. “It is SKY’s creativity and innovation that makes them a perfect partner for HBO.”

As well as available across SKY’s entertainment platforms, HBO content will also be accessible to SKY customers through iSKY.

SoHo at a glance

• SoHo will launch on Monday 31 October at 3.00pm
• SoHo will be available on SKY Channel 010
• SoHo will screen uninterrupted, un-cut HD quality content
• Exclusive deal with HBO will see all new HBO productions including series, mini-series, documentaries and comedy specials broadcast across SKY platforms including pay channels, free-to-air on Prime and on iSKY.
• SoHo scheduled content is uncut and commercial free. Programming runs in a six hour block and each programme will air two days a week.
• Approximately 90 seconds commercial airtime per hour between scheduled programming
• Free to all SKY Subscribers from 31 October 2011 – 30 November 2011
• Monthly subscription fee from 1 December 2011 of $9.99 per month
• HD programming will be accessible for subscribers with MY SKY HDi and HD Ticket.
• The majority of content will be broadcast in HD, with the exception of some classic library content which is only available in SD.
• iSKY catch up available as well as library content.

SoHo launch programming at a glance
• New content includes Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Treme, The Killing, The Hour, Rescue Me, Dexter, In Treatment, Weeds, How to Make it In America, Luck, Girls, Bored to Death, Hell On Wheels, Pillars Of The Earth, Camelot
• Premium library content includes The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Entourage, True Blood, Mad Men, The Wire



Most watched

  1. One News: 682,550 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Shortland Street: 541,450 (TV2, 7:00pm – 7:35pm)
  3. New Zealand’s Next Top Model: 436,790 (TV3, 7:30pm – 8:40pm)
  4. The Graham Norton Show: 407,090 (TV3, 8:40pm – 9:40pm)
  5. Close Up: 406,760 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)

Most watched evening (7.30pm – 11pm)

  1. New Zealand’s Next Top Model: 436,790 (TV3, 7:30pm – 8:40pm)
  2. The Graham Norton Show: 407,090 (TV3, 8:40pm – 9:40pm)
  3. Bridge to Terabithia: 405,340 (TV2, 7:35pm – 9:30pm)
  4. The Vampire Diaries: 239,620 (TV2, 9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  5. Family Guy: 234,040 (TV3, 9:40pm – 10:10pm)

Most watched daytime (9am – 5pm)

  1. ONE News Midday: 148,780 (TV ONE, 12:00pm – 12:30pm)
  2. The Erin Simpson Show: 123,000 (TV2, 4:00pm – 4:00pm)
  3. Ned’s Declassified School Surv: 122,890 (TV2, 4:00pm – 4:30pm)
  4. Emmerdale: 120,250 (TV ONE, 1:00pm – 1:30pm)
  5. The Erin Simpson Show: 116,620 (TV2, 4:30pm – 5:00pm)

Most watched on TV ONE

  1. One News: 682,550 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Close Up: 406,760 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. MasterChef Australia: 260,080 (4:55pm – 6:00pm)
  4. How to Look Good Naked: 223,590 (7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  5. Breakfast: 174,090 (7:00am – 8:00am)

Most watched on TV2

  1. Shortland Street: 541,450 (7:00pm – 7:35pm)
  2. Bridge to Terabithia: 405,340 (7:35pm – 9:30pm)
  3. The Vampire Diaries: 239,620 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: 179,640 (6:30pm – 7:00pm)
  5. America’s Funniest HV: 150,120 (5:00pm – 5:30pm)

Most watched on TV3

  1. New Zealand’s Next Top Model: 436,790 (7:30pm – 8:40pm)
  2. The Graham Norton Show: 407,090 (8:40pm – 9:40pm)
  3. 3 News: 260,930 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  4. Campbell Live: 255,560 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  5. Family Guy: 234,040 (9:40pm – 10:10pm)

Most watched on FOUR

  1. The Simpsons: 124,610 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  2. King Of The Hill: 81,360 (6:00pm – 6:30pm)
  3. That ’70s Show: 71,770 (6:30pm – 7:00pm)
  4. Family Guy: 65,280 (7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  5. America’s Most Wanted: 62,930 (10:25pm – 11:25pm)

Most watched on PRIME

  1. Prime Evening News: 199,550 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  2. Deal Or No Deal: 100,740 (5:00pm – 5:30pm)
  3. Millionaire Hot Seat: 78,980 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  4. The Block: 77,690 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  5. Live To Dance: 72,030 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

The Crowd Goes Wild: 53,090 (6:30pm – 7:00pm)

Most watched on Maori TV

  1. Billy T James Special: 170,470 (8:00pm – 9:00pm)
  2. Gurrumul: 45,780 (9:00pm – 9:55pm)

Most watched on the BOX

  1. Ice Road Truckers: 40,170 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)

 Most watched on SKY Sport 1

  1. Intl Rugby Replay: 50,040 (7:50pm – 9:30pm)

Most watched on SKY Sport 2

  1. NRL: 50,600 (9:45pm – 11:35pm)
  2. NRL Pre Game: 41,530 (9:30pm – 9:45pm)

Most watched on SKY Movies 1

  1. Robin Hood: 24,810 (8:35pm – 10:50pm)

Head to head

  • Breakfast (6:30am – 6:55am): 88,150
  • Breakfast (7:00am – 8:00am): 174,090
  • Breakfast (8:00am – 9:00am): 147,160
  • 3 News Firstline (6:30am – 7:00am): 36,690
  • 3 News Firstline (7:00am – 8:00am): 42,690
  • AMP Business (6:00am – 6:30am): 38,340
  • ONE News Midday (12:00pm – 12:30pm): 148,780
  • 3 News at 12 (12:00pm – 12:30pm): 33,060
  • One News (6:00pm – 7:00pm): 682,550
  • 3 News (6:00pm – 7:00pm): 260,930
  • Close Up (7:00pm – 7:30pm): 406,760
  • Campbell Live (7:00pm – 7:30pm): 255,560
  • Tonight (10:50pm – 11:20pm): 132,030
  • Nightline (10:40pm – 11:10pm): 138,030

Biggest increases (previous week)

  1. Prime Evening News: PRIME 199550 – up from 121140 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  2. Millionaire Hot Seat: PRIME 78980 – up from 46870 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. The Penguins of Madagascar: TV2 98510 – up from 68330 (7:25am – 7:50am)
  4. Deal Or No Deal: PRIME 100740 – up from 71240 (5:00pm – 5:30pm)
  5. Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kid: TV2 81610 – up from 52400 (7:10am – 7:20am)

Biggest decreases (previous week)

  1. Close Up: TV ONE 406760 – down from 493140 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  2. How to Look Good Naked: TV ONE 223590 – down from 305330 (7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  3. Unzipped: TV ONE 112170 – down from 188700 (9:45pm – 10:15pm)
  4. Masterchef: TV ONE 160990 – down from 200050 (8:35pm – 9:45pm)
  5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: TV2 179640 – down from 217650 (6:30pm – 7:00pm)


  1. The Block: PRIME (7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  2. New Zealand’s Next Top Model: TV3 (7:30pm – 8:40pm)
  3. Bridge to Terabithia: TV2 (7:35pm – 9:30pm)
  4. Billy T James Special: Maori TV (8:00pm – 9:00pm)
  5. Live To Dance: PRIME (8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  6. The Graham Norton Show: TV3 (8:40pm – 9:40pm)
  7. Gurrumul: Maori TV (9:00pm – 9:55pm)
  8. 30 Days: PRIME (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  9. The Vampire Diaries: TV2 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  10. Family Guy: TV3 (9:40pm – 10:10pm)
  11. The Millen Baird Show: TV3 (10:10pm – 10:40pm)

Channel Share (All Day)

  • SKY Network: 29.7%
  • TV ONE: 22.2%
  • TV2: 17.6%
  • TV3: 16.4%
  • FOUR: 4%
  • PRIME: 3.9%
  • Other TV Channels: 3.8%
  • Maori TV: 1.9%

Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+

Fair Go reporter Phil Vine is said to be recovering well after being impaled on a chair at the TVNZ headquarters this week.

Vine suffered the injury at the cafeteria in the building on Wednesday when the chair he was sitting on collapsed, leaving a 10cm piece of wood in his back and leg.

“TVNZ can report that he’s recovering well but the injured staff member has requested privacy and we’re going to honour those wishes and that means we’re not going to be releasing any more info about his condition,” said spokeswoman Georgie Hills.

The veteran journalist has asked hospital staff to not release details about his condition.

It is understood TVNZ has removed all outdoor chairs from its Auckland building.

Source: Stuff


Most watched

  1. One News: 698,870 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding: 562,680 (TV ONE, 8:30pm – 9:35pm)
  3. Shortland Street: 550,020 (TV2, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  4. Police Ten 7: 517,840 (TV2, 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  5. Coronation Street: 515,960 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:30pm)

Most watched evening (7.30pm – 11pm)

  1. My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding: 562,680 (TV ONE, 8:30pm – 9:35pm)
  2. Police Ten 7: 517,840 (TV2, 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  3. Coronation Street: 515,960 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Random Breath Testing: 477,650 (TV2, 8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  5. Motorway Cops: 298,100 (TV ONE, 9:35pm – 10:45pm)

Most watched daytime (9am – 5pm)

  1. ONE News Midday: 122,590 (TV ONE, 12:00pm – 12:30pm)
  2. ONE News 4:30: 94,010 (TV ONE, 4:30pm – 4:55pm)
  3. Emmerdale: 76,950 (TV ONE, 1:00pm – 1:30pm)
  4. The Erin Simpson Show: 76,090 (TV2, 4:30pm – 5:00pm)
  5. Good Morning: 72,410 (TV ONE, 9:00am – 12:00pm)

Most watched on TV ONE

  1. One News: 698,870 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding: 562,680 (8:30pm – 9:35pm)
  3. Coronation Street: 515,960 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Close Up: 445,340 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  5. Motorway Cops: 298,100 (9:35pm – 10:45pm)

Most watched on TV2

  1. Shortland Street: 550,020 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  2. Police Ten 7: 517,840 (7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  3. Random Breath Testing: 477,650 (8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. 20/20: 259,620 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  5. Chuck: 178,850 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

Most watched on TV3

  1. 3 News: 303,120 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Campbell Live: 239,360 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Home and Away: 200,050 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  4. Baby Mama: 165,160 (8:30pm – 10:35pm)
  5. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss: 134,320 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)

Most watched on FOUR

  1. The Simpsons: 102,190 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  2. Family Guy: 81,960 (7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  3. Futurama: 67,680 (8:30pm – 9:00pm)
  4. Cops: 65,760 (10:50pm – 11:20pm)
  5. American Dad: 63,920 (8:00pm – 8:30pm)

Most watched on PRIME

  1. Prime Evening News: 156,710 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  2. Filthy Cities: 142,340 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  3. Torchwood Miracle Day: 119,440 (9:35pm – 10:40pm)
  4. Deal or No Deal: 93,550 (5:00pm – 5:30pm)
  5. The Block: 78,900 (7:35pm – 8:30pm)

The Crowd Goes Wild: 34,960 (6:30pm – 7:00pm)

Most watched on Maori TV

  1. Hunting Aotearoa: 74,250 (9:30pm – 10:00pm)
  2. Hyundai Code: 41,150 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

Most watched on the BOX

  1. Law & Order Criminal Intent: 55,450 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  2. NCIS: 40,480 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  3. Law & Order Criminal Intent: 37,020 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  4. Monk: 27,730 (5:00pm – 6:00pm)
  5. The Simpsons: 26,760 (4:00pm – 4:30pm)

Head to head

  • Breakfast (6:30am – 6:55am): 82,460
  • Breakfast (7:00am – 8:00am): 164,140
  • Breakfast (8:00am – 9:00am): 132,780
  • 3 News Firstline (6:30am – 7:00am): 27,170
  • 3 News Firstline (7:00am – 8:00am): 34,620
  • 3 News Firstline (8:00am – 8:30am): 27,060
  • AMP Business (6:00am – 6:30am): 28,270
  • ONE News Midday (12:00pm – 12:30pm): 122,590
  • 3 News at 12: No information available.
  • One News (6:00pm – 7:00pm): 698,870
  • 3 News (6:00pm – 7:00pm): 303,120
  • Close Up (7:00pm – 7:30pm): 445,340
  • Campbell Live (7:00pm – 7:30pm): 239,360
  • Tonight (10:45pm – 11:20pm): 159,240
  • Nightline (10:35pm – 11:05pm): 110,830

Biggest increases (previous week)

  1. Fringe: TV2 132030 – up from 88530 (10:30pm – 11:35pm)
  2. The Penguins of Madagascar: TV2 96770 – up from 61480 (7:25am – 7:50am)
  3. Random Breath Testing: TV2 477650 – up from 449730 (8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kid: TV2 82110 – up from 59730 (7:15am – 7:25am)
  5. Campbell Live: TV3 239360 – up from 219350 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)

Biggest decreases (previous week)

  1. Emmerdale: TV ONE 65480 – down from 142770 (12:30pm – 12:55pm)
  2. Close Up: TV ONE 445340 – down from 514070 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Emmerdale: TV ONE 76950 – down from 137980 (1:00pm – 1:30pm)
  4. Motorway Cops: TV ONE 298100 – down from 356640 (9:35pm – 10:45pm)
  5. Come Dine With Me: TV ONE 69150 – down from 117840 (1:30pm – 2:00pm)


  1. Baby Mama: TV3 (8:30pm – 10:35pm)
  2. My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding: TV ONE (8:30pm – 9:35pm)
  3. 20/20: TV2 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)
  4. Torchwood Miracle Day: PRIME (9:35pm – 10:40pm)

Channel Share (All Day)

  • SKY Network: 29.3%
  • TV ONE: 28.7%
  • TV2: 16.6%
  • TV3: 11.3%
  • PRIME: 5.4%
  • Other TV Channels: 3.7%
  • FOUR: 3.5%
  • Maori TV: 0.9%

Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+

The Big C renewed

The Big C has been renewed for a third season by Showtime in the US. The comedy-drama will return with ten new episodes midway through next year.

New series from Scrubs creator

Scrubs and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence is developing a new series that is believed to be a workplace comedy. Lawrence will collaborate with a writer who has been involved in the likes of How I Met Your Mother and Friends.

Whitaker developing new show

Forest Whitaker has started work on developing a new TV project called H.I.K.E. that centres on a female police officer who struggles to balance her career with family life.

Smith reality series gets the green light 

Kevin Smith’s new reality series Secret Stash has been given the green light by AMC. The series will be set in the director’s comic book store in New York.

One of New Zealand’s most experienced communications professionals this week joined the MediaWorks’ team to work on corporate affairs and public relations

MediaWorks’ Group Managing Director Sussan Turner said Greg Shand would start on September 5.

“I think MediaWorks will be well served in its various key marketplaces by having someone of Greg’s considerable experience in business, government and media to help us build even stronger relationships with all our key stakeholders and audiences.”

“Greg has the professional background we have been looking for in a new communications partner and will help to further promote the integrity and credibility of MediaWorks radio, online and television assets.” she said.

Greg Shand has an extensive media background.  Having worked as a journalist and Political Editor for the NZ Herald and Auckland and Sunday Star newspapers.  More recently he has been engaged with corporate public affairs as a principal and Managing Director of Baldwin Boyle Group, who advise a number of NZ, Australian and global companies.


Thursday September 8

Rugby World Cup 2011 Preview Show

LIVE 8.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join Melodie Robinson, Ian Jones, Scotty Stevenson, Tony Johnson, Justin Marshall, Willie Lose, Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison for a one-hour special RWC preview show of all the teams involved in Rugby World Cup  2011, LIVE from the Viaduct Harbour Events Centre (VEC) in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.


Friday September 9

RWC Build-up Show

LIVE 6pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join Tony Johnson, Justin Marshall, Ian Jones and international panelist Stuart Barnes at the VEC in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, as the countdown to RWC 2011 begins. Steve Devine and Richard Turner are SKY’s roving reporters on the day and at Eden Park, Auckland, the team checks in with former captain of Tonga, Willie Lose.


RWC 2011 Opening Ceremony 

LIVE 7.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Melodie Robinson and Tainui Stephens guide viewers through RWC 2011 Opening Ceremony at Eden Park, Auckland, before the Tournament’s first match between New Zealand and Tonga.

The 45 minute Opening Ceremony is sure to delight millions of viewers around the globe, showcasing New Zealand on the world stage.


All Blacks v Tonga

LIVE 8.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join SKY’s internationally renowned commentators Grant Nisbett, Grant Fox and Ian Smith as the first whistle of the Tournament sounds at Eden Park, Auckland, to signal kickoff at RWC 2011.  Melodie Robinson and Willie Lose keep us up to date from the ground post-match.


Saturday September 10

World Cup Stories

LIVE 11.30am SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join host Keith Quinn and guests, former All Blacks Grant Fox and David Kirk as they reminisce on Rugby World Cup Tournaments of the past. Take a look back at arguably the most memorable Tournament for New Zealand fans, the inaugural RWC in 1987.


RWC Build-up

LIVE 12pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Melodie Robinson and Ian Jones set the scene for four matches on the opening Saturday of the Tournament, alongside international panelists Jake White and Stuart Barnes. Richard Turner and Steve Devine will be the build-up teams’ roving reporters.


Scotland v Romania

LIVE 12.45pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Get amongst the action with international expert Miles Harrison, before Scotty Stevenson and former All Blacks Murray Mexted and Matthew Cooper call the play in the all European clash between Scotland and Romania at Rugby Park Stadium in Invercargill. 


Fiji v Namibia

LIVE 3.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

The focus moves up to Bay of Plenty as Fiji take on Namibia at Rotorua’s International Stadium. Ken Laban, Stu Wilson and Willie Lose call every twist and turn of the match LIVE.


France v Japan

LIVE 5.45pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

As the sun sets on Auckland’s North Shore, the atmosphere at North Harbour Stadium will be electric ahead of the Pool A clash between France and Japan. Gordon Bray, Grant Fox and Ian Smith feature on the microphones.


Argentina v England

LIVE 8.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Miles Harrison joins us again from the brand new Otago Stadium. In commentary, Tony Johnson is alongside former All Blacks Justin Marshall and Jon Preston for the mouth-watering matchup between Argentina and England. A tough first-up clash for both sides.


Sunday September 11

Rugby Roast 

LIVE 2pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Host John McBeth is joined by Phil Kingsley-Jones to chew over the latest news and views from the week gone and the week ahead. Special guests this week, Chris Laidlaw and Phil Gifford.


RWC Build-up

LIVE 2.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

The first Sunday of the Tournament features three matches in Albany, New Plymouth and Wellington. At SKY’s base at VEC in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, Ian Jones and Justin Marshall are joined by former World Cup winning Springbok coach Jake White and international rugby expert Stuart Barnes to preview the first match of the day between Australia v Italy. Melodie Robinson is SKY’s roving reporter.


Australia v Italy

LIVE 3.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join commentators Tony Johnson, Ian Smith and Grant Fox for the Wallabies opening match of the Tournament against Italy at North Harbour Stadium on Auckland’s North Shore.


Ireland v USA

LIVE 5.45pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

New Plymouth’s Stadium Taranaki is the place to be early evening for the clash between Ireland and USA. Join commentators Ken Laban, Stu Wilson and Richard Turner for all the action. 


South Africa v Wales

LIVE 8.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Defending RWC champions South Africa start their campaign in New Zealand’s capital against a determined Welsh side coached by Kiwi Warren Gatland. Scotty Stevenson and Miles Harrison inject some colour before handing over to commentary team Grant Nisbett, Murray Mexted and Matthew Cooper at Wellington Regional Stadium.


Monday September 12

The Cup Goes Wild

LIVE 6.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

The Crowd crew transform into the Cup crew and broadcast LIVE from the VEC in Wynyard Quarter, reporting all the goings on from the opening weekend of Rugby World Cup. Regulars Mark Richardson and Andrew Mulligan are joined by former All Black Marc Ellis. Also hot on the trail of everything RWC are James McOnie, Hayley Holt and James Somerset.


Tuesday September 13

The Cup Goes Wild

LIVE 6.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)



LIVE 8.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Tony Johnson and guests look at the weeks rugby LIVE from the Wynyard Quarter studio every Tuesday of Rugby World Cup 2011.


Wednesday September 14

The Cup Goes Wild

LIVE 1pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)


RWC Build-up

LIVE 1.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Join Scotty Stevenson, Ian Jones, Grant Fox and Willie Lose as they build up to the day’s matches as six more teams start their RWC campaigns. Melodie Robinson captures the atmosphere out on the street.


Samoa v Namibia

LIVE 2.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Gordon Bray, RWC winning Springbok Kobus Wiese and Ian Smith commentate LIVE from Rotorua International Stadium as the first of three matches kicks off mid afternoon. The day starts with a hotly contested match between our Pacific neighbours Samoa and the African nation of Namibia.


Tonga v  Canada

LIVE 4.45pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

The SKY team travel up to Whangarei for the clash between Tonga and Canada. Tony Johnson, Justin Marshall and Matthew Cooper commentate the teams’ opening matches at RWC 2011, with every point shown LIVE.


Scotland v Georgia

LIVE 7.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

The final match of the day kicks off in Invercargill as Scotland and Georgia meet for first week bragging rights in Pool B. International rubgy experts Miles Harrison and former England first-five Stuart Barnes are joined by former All Black Jon Preston at Rugby Park Stadium.


Thursday September 15

The Cup Goes Wild

LIVE 6.30pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)


RWC Build-up

LIVE 7pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

Ian Jones, Justin Marshall and Miles Harrison are joined by Melodie Robinson ahead of the day’s only match between Russia and USA in New Plymouth.


Russia v USA

LIVE 7.15pm SKY Sport 1 (channel 030) and The Rugby Channel (channel 037)

New Plymouth’s Stadium Taranaki hosts its second match in three days as Russia face USA. Commentators are Scotty Stevenson, Murray Mexted and Willie Lose.

It’s the biggest talent quest ever to hit television screens and Kiwi viewers will be among the first in the world to see it.

The X-Factor USA premieres in America on Wednesday 21 September and Simon Cowell’s highly anticipated singing competition will screen on TV3 hot off the satellite on Thursday 22 September – as close to the US broadcast as possible.

“The X-Factor USA is the ultimate in event television, and TV3 viewers will effectively be there as it happens, sharing every dramatic beat with US audiences,” says Director of Programming Kelly Martin.

“When the worldwide buzz about a show is this big, the only way to programme it is as close to the international broadcast as humanly possible, and that’s what we are going to do.”

The X-Factor USA is a talent competition open to young and old alike – with no upper age limit.  Judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Nicole Scherzinger are searching for undiscovered talent 12 years old or over – both solo artists and vocal groups.

The winner of The X-Factor USA will receive a record-breaking $5 million record deal – the largest guaranteed prize in television history – with Syco, a joint venture between Sony Music and Simon Cowell.

The X Factor USA premieres on Thursday 22 September on TV3

TV3 is gearing up to unleash its newest imports from Rove McManus and Simon Cowell in the coming weeks.

Popular Australian presenter McManus will return to New Zealand screens after a two-year break with his new US-based talkshow Rove LA.

After concluding the Australian series Rove Live in 2009, McManus has been working on cracking the US market and Rove LA is the result.

The show will be filmed in Los Angeles and will feature celebrity guests in much the same way his previous show did. However he will be without the likes of Hamish and Andy, Carrie Bickmore and Pete Helliar this time.

The 37-year-old Aussie says he is looking forward to hosting his own series again.

“It’s been a while though, you know,” he tells TimeOut . “I hope it’s like riding a bike because you don’t want to suck.”

Rove LA will kick off on TV3 the same night as Simon Cowell’s newest baby, The X Factor USA, debuts.

September 22 will mark the return of the former American Idol judge who has adapted the hugely popular UK singing show for the American market.

He will be joined on the judging panel by former Idol judge Paula Abdul, music producer L.A. Reid and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger. The series will be hosted by Welsh presenter Steve Jones.

Source: Herald

LATEST: Stuff is reporting that the staff member was Fair Go reporter Phil Vine.

A TVNZ staffer was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon after a piece of wood became lodged in his back following a tumble from a chair.

The worker, believed to be involved in the Fair Go programme, is in a stable condition in hospital after the incident.

It is believed the man was sitting outside the cafeteria at TVNZ when the chair he was sitting in collapsed.

Ambulance northern communications team manager Glen Taylor confirmed that they tended to a man in his 40s.

“Some kind of wood has then been lodged in his back and part of his leg,” Mr Taylor said. “It was a 10cm long piece of wood.”

Northern fire communications shift manager Jaron Phillips said the fire service was called to assist.

“We were asked to assist ambulance, to a patient that had fallen from a chair and had some wood lodged in [his] back,” Mr Phillips said.

A basket was used to help the man down from the fourth floor of the building to the ambulance below.

TVNZ spokesperson Georgie Hills said: “We can only confirm there was an incident and that we are investigating. I will not be making any further comment.”

Source: Herald