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My super scientific Masterchef rankings:

1st: Kasey and Karena: While they did not get the best feedback last night, I doubt they were overtaken in points by the other two duos.

2nd: Jaimie and Bec: With the best comments last night, we can assume they may have clawed a point or two back from Kasey and Karena’s lead and at least given themselves an advantage over Nikki and Jordan.

3rd: Nikki and Jordan: These two fighters need a stunner today. I hope they cook with beef regularly.

The general consensus on the Masterchef NZ Facebook page is that Jaimie and Bec should have been eliminated last week, with most people hoping for a Kasey/Karena versus Nikki/Jordan final. I would tend to agree.

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Shortland Street Logo

Murray isn’t happy about Kane’s move, Honour isn’t happy with Kane, and Leanne plots revenge. Continue reading »

If you ever wondered how some of those Game of Thrones actors managed to keep their beards in such pristine order, wonder no more.

campbell-live-logoYesterday, the Government announced it would ban all legal highs until they could be proven to be ‘low-risk’, and plans to remove the synthetic drugs from sale with a fortnight. Campbell Live’s recent coverage of the impact of legal highs on New Zealand society is widely credited as playing a major role in the Government’s change of direction.

Tonight the programme looks at the future under the new legislation, examining what it will mean for users, reformers, and those who make a living selling legal highs. Continue reading »

This is unbelievable. Well, almost.

A popular professor at Bergen Community College was suspended after he posted a picture of his daughter wearing a Game of Thrones T-shirt on Google+.

Francis Schmidt, who teaches art and animation at the community college in New Jersey, posted the photo of his daughter on Google+ on Jan. 12. She’s wearing a large shirt, one big enough for her to sit in, with a famous line from Daenerys Targaryen, whose goal is to take the throne she believes belongs to her: “I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”

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MEDIAWORKSPerhaps this appointment was prompted by the need to have someone figure out why the ratings for Sunday night at 7pm have been so low.

MediaWorks TV is delighted to welcome Inna Goikhman as Director of Research and Analytics.

Paul Maher, Chief Executive – MediaWorks TV, says: “Inna is a great addition to MediaWorks TV. She brings a real understanding of the media market, and how to best leverage our unique content relationship to find solutions for our customers. Continue reading »

Disney have announced that a sequel to the made for TV Teen Beach Movie is now in the pipeline with New Zealand born Maia Mitchell reprising her role as McKenzie.

“Teen Beach Movie 2″ will reunite the key cast members and creatives from the original, which paid homage to the beach-party movies of the 1960s with a time travel storyline that sent a pair of contempo surfing buffs back to the era of bouffants and Brylcreem. Disney confirmed the news on Saturday at the taping of the Radio Disney Music Awards kudocast. Continue reading »