Most watched

  1. One News: 716,250 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Dog Squad: 586,910 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  3. Life Flight: 531,360 (TV ONE, 8:00pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Shortland Street: 488,750 (TV2, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  5. Seven Sharp: 425,350 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)

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The X Factor Australia launched last night across the Tasman with a fairly positive response to the level of talent if Twitter was anything to go by.  The series opened with a sensational performance by 14 year old Jai Waetford who left judge LMFAO’s Redfoo with damp eyes.

under_the_dome_2Under the Dome, the adaptation of Stephen King’s best-seller has been renewed for a second season.  The series has been CBS’ most-watched summer premiere since 2000.

Will the rumors ring true with the 2014 judging panel on American Idol consisting of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson and Will.I.Am?

CNN has commissioned a new feature-length documentary on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The recently returned Whose Line Is It Anyways has been renewed for an expanded second season by the CW.

Last year we wrote a post titled The Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Igloo.  For some reason, Sky took exception to this post and said a number of things behind the scenes and even accused Freeview of being behind it.  All of this is highly ironic as Sky were responsible for it themselves.  We have attempted to discuss this with Sky but it hasn’t seemed that important of an issue to them

There is a bit of a back story.  We had approached Sky, their Igloo PR company, Mango, and their ad agency, OMD, about working together with them on the launch of Igloo in a similar way as we have successfully done with Freeview in the past.  After months of to-ing and fro-ing, their end response was basically, we’re running our own influencer program and you guys don’t meet the criteria.  You can imagine how shocked I was when Igloo’s GM called a couple of hours after the post went live to protest.  Or when Sky’s head of Corporate Communications weighed in.

It wasn’t that long ago, when you searched for Igloo, this is what you saw in google:

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If there is anything good to be said about Sony’s handling of the X Factor post the show it’s that they appear to actually be doing something.  Unlike Idol where things floundered and then vanished, Sony appear to be taking their role seriously and the fact that 3 of the finalists have now released singles suggests that auditioning for a second season might be worthwhile after all.  I’ve always suggested that the success of the series came down to how committed Sony were going to be to the contestants post the show.  So far things seem to be panning out better than I had expected.

First, Jackie Thomas release her winners single, It’s Worth It and then runner up Whenua Patuwai release his debut single Something Special. This morning, third place getter Benny Tipene release his debut single Walking On Water which has gone straight to number one on iTunes.

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On winning The X Factor, Jackie Thomas went straight to number one on iTunes and then when the New Zealand Top 40 came out on Friday, It’s Worth It also debuted at the top spot and was certified Gold.

While this appears good news, it should be highly concerning.  In 2004, Ben Lummis was dumped by his label which site cite poor sales as a major factor in the decision.  The problem for Jackie is that Ben Lummis debut single They Can’t Take That Away was certified triple platinum in it’s first week.  That equates to at least three times as many units sold, if not six times.

Time will tell…

Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. Mr Selfridge: 50200 (TV ONE, 9:35pm – 10:40pm)
  2. Midsomer Murders: 43040 (PRIME, 8:40pm – 10:40pm)
  3. X-Men First Class: 25730 (TV3, 8:35pm – 11:20pm)
  4. Call The Midwife: 20040 (TV ONE, 8:35pm – 9:35pm)
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6-u-2Replacing TVNZ U, TV2+1 will launch on September 1st.

The new channel will be an exact duplicate of TV2, broadcast an hour later.

“The plus one version will give TV2 viewers another chance to watch their favourite programmes on the country’s most commercially successful channel,” says Kevin Kenrick.

Time-shifted TV is popular with viewers, he says. “Viewers love to call the shots and watch programmes in more ways. With the launch of TV ONE +1 and the explosion of TVNZ Ondemand’s popularity in the last year, we’ve seen our viewers seize the opportunity to exercise greater choice and control over their viewing options. Our audiences are growing as a result.”

New channel numbers/EPG positions will be released in August.

6-u-2Youth Channel TVNZ U will be closed on August 31st due to it running at a loss for the past two years. It will be replaced by TV2+1, which launches September 1st.

TVNZ’s Chief Executive Kevin Kenrick says, “Despite our best efforts, we’ve not been able to make it work financially.”

“As it is, the channel is a very lean operation and no significant savings can be made to address the shortfall.”

“The team who worked on U have done a tremendous job. And we’ve picked up some valuable expertise along the way, particularly in the way we use live TV and social media to connect with audiences.”

A consultation process is underway with affected staff.

It’s a little ironic that Sky are announcing this on the day that all the kids are heading back to school.  I guess it will give some parents something to hold onto for the duration of the school term

SKY is bringing some peace to your household during school holidays by announcing the launch of a new family pop up channel, SKY Movies Family that will run in New Zealand School Holiday periods throughout the year and provide a movie nirvana for kids and parents.

The channel will launch at the beginning of the third term holidays on Saturday 28 September 2013 at 12.30pm, running through until Sunday 13 October 2013 on SKY Channel 035. Starting at 6am each morning during the holiday period, the channel will run through until the end of the 7pm blockbuster movie slot each night (anywhere from 8.30pm to 9.15pm).

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