Lest we forget.

Anything you’d like to discuss about today’s Anzac commemorations can be done here along with any other general TV topics you’d like to raise.

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Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones (The one who nearly had the unfortunate life of being Joffrey’s wife) talks to Seth Meyers and explains why she has a shaved head.

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TK remains grumpy, Honour turns over a new leaf, and Vinnie faces temptation. Continue reading »

days-of-our-livesChoice TV have announced that today’s episode of Days of our Lives marked the end of their initial run with the series.

Today’s episode of The Days of our Lives is our final for now. When we purchased the series we took a year’s worth of episodes and these have now run out. We need to evaluate how the series has worked for us and hope to have more news at a later date but just wanted to let you all know……

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With 24: Live Another Day only 11 days away and no sign of it in the upcoming schedules, I asked TVNZ, Mediaworks and Sky to confirm which of them had the rights to the new series of the program and whether or not it would be fast tracked. Continue reading »