Over 2.6 million New Zealanders tuned in to watch series three of MasterChef New Zealand which concluded last night on TV ONE.

This year the Kiwi cooking show has been a consistent ratings achiever, with an average 590,000 Kiwis aged 5-plus watching every week, a nine per cent increase on season two and a fourteen per cent increase on season one.

In last night’s series finale Auckland marketer Chelsea Winter was named MasterChef 2012, after completing four gruelling challenges alongside fellow finalist Ana Schwarz. Continue reading »

Martyn Bradbury has devised a cunning strategy to keep TVNZ7 on the air.

I have been hosting these save TVNZ7 meetings all across the country and what amazes me is the genuine fury by so many at these meetings at the decision to close TVNZ7, and they demand a strategy to stop it. They like what the other political parties have to say on their new and sudden commitment to fully fund public broadcasting but they want a strategy that stops the death of TVNZ7 now, not by 2014.

So here is the strategy. There is no point attacking the Government, public broadcasting is as high on National’s agenda as Republicanism is on Labour’s, and when you watch the last Backbenches in Auckland and Nikki Kaye’s whipping, you clearly see why National want to kill off critical media. National like soft media, like the morning madhouse on the Edge, or Sports Talk Radio, or ZB, or Michael Laws – they don’t like public broadcasting so appealing to them is as pointless as praying for divine intervention. Continue reading »

I’m planning on watching The Killing

Wednesday nights are always eagerly anticipated in our household, as the brilliant show The Killing screens at 8.30pm on Soho. With just five episodes remaining in the season, the suspense is continuing to build, and each week has plenty of “ooh, I didn’t see that coming!” moments. Must-see TV.

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The following statement has been made in response to comments made on the Masterchef New Zealand facebook page regarding last night’s finale.

MasterChef New Zealand producer Imagination TV has confirmed that an identical time extension was offered and accepted by both Chelsea Winter and Ana Schwarz during the final challenge of last night’s episode of MasterChef New Zealand on TV ONE.

The finalists were given three hours to produce the ‘tortuous trifle’ in the fourth challenge of the MasterChef NZ decider.

“At the end of the three hours neither of us were in a position to plate up and present our trifles to a standard we were happy with,” said Winter and Schwarz. Continue reading »

Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. Suburgatory: 30960 (TV2, 8:05pm – 8:35pm)
  2. The Middle: 30620 (TV2, 7:35pm – 8:05pm)
  3. Intrepid Journeys: 26760 (TV ONE, 8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  4. MasterChef New Zealand: 18250 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  5. NCIS: Los Angeles: 17610 (TV3, 9:30pm – 10:30pm) Continue reading »

Over half a million people watched entertainment content from TVNZ Ondemand in May, leading to a record high of 2.5 million video streams. This is a massive 56 per cent increase in the number of streams from the same month last year.

High quality content aired on TV ONE and TV2 continues to drive this success with local favourite Shortland Street consistently appearing in the top ten streams for the platform. The 20th anniversary of the show in May boosted the number of video streams, along with TV2’s hit drama Revenge, popular comedy The Big Bang Theory, and leading local series MasterChef New Zealand. Continue reading »

NZ On Air, TVNZ and South Pacific Pictures have joined together to secure more subtitles on Kiwi DVDs.

The move helps extend DVD viewing options for Deaf and hearing impaired audiences.

Louise Carroll, the chairperson of the cross sector Captioning Working Group, says the group applauds this development. “New Zealand’s level of captioning was among the lowest in the world. NZ On Air is helping remove at least one aspect of this barrier by improving DVD access for more than 700,000 Deaf and hearing impaired people.” Continue reading »

Most watched

  1. MasterChef New Zealand: 766,140 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 9:30pm)
  2. One News: 700,580 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  3. Shortland Street: 664,890 (TV2, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  4. Close Up: 501,270 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  5. 3 News: 442,790 (TV3, 6:00pm – 7:00pm) Continue reading »

Tisdale joins Sons of Anarchy

Former High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale has joined the cast of Sons of Anarchy for two episodes. Tisdale will play a high-priced escort in the show’s fifth season.

Samberg in new comedy

Former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg has booked himself a new gig in a new comedy series called Cuckoo that will also feature Greg Davies from The Inbetweeners. Continue reading »

Auckland marketing executive Chelsea Winter has been named MasterChef New Zealand 2012 on Tuesday 12th June on TV ONE.

In a two-hour special, Winter and fellow finalist Ana Schwarz battled it out to decide who would win the MasterChef New Zealand title and over $100,000 worth of prizes.

As a final test of their knowledge, skill and all-round cooking ability, Winter and Schwarz faced not one, but four epic challenges: a taste test, an invention test, a mystery box challenge and a pressure test, involving a fiendishly hard dessert.

Special guests included British culinary legend Rick Stein, Euro executive chef Eugene Hamilton, and former MasterChef contestant and wild game expert, Cameron Petley.

At the start of the epic cook-off, the pair entered the MasterChef kitchen to the sounds of applause from their fellow Top 16 contestants, gathered together for the grand finale. Continue reading »