Not a lot of TV watching happened last night due to my five year old son breaking his arm in two places and ending up in Starship children’s hospital for surgery.  Some might say that if he’d been inside watching TV it wouldn’t have happened but he was outside attempting to conquer the monkey bars.

So what did I miss?

Whatever you’d like to discuss about television today, this is the place for you!

House of Thrones.  Says it all.

3-news3 News lead tonight with revelations that political hopeful, Kim Dotcom, owns a signed copy of Mein Kampf, the autobiographical manifesto written by Adolf Hitler.

However, Dotcom claims that he doesn’t subscribe to Nazi ideology and owns no other Nazi memorabilia.

“Let me make absolutely clear, OK. I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did.” Dotcom told TV3’s Brooke Sabin.

Last week, Dotcom had a gag order issued by the High Court against his former bodyguard Wayne Tempero who has spent the last few years by his side 24/7. Continue reading »

Shortland Street Logo

Nate gets his comeuppance and it is hilarious. I highly recommend OnDemand-ing tonight’s episode. Continue reading »

This is quite amusing for a promo for a TV Show and very Simon Cowell.

TV3 and the creators of Missing Pieces and Family Secret are looking for people searching for family members for a new show Who Am I.

Is there a family member you want to find? Have you been separated from someone special in your life? Do you have any questions about where you come from?

If you are looking for family members, or would like to learn more about your family history, you can apply here.

Take a look at the new artwork for the new season of 24: Live Another Day


american-horror-story-freakshow2If you hate clowns, the next season of American Horror Story will probably not be the one for you then as it’s going to follow a carnivalesque theme.

Freak Show will take place in the 1950s and star Jessica Lange as “a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.” The 13-episode run is set in Jupiter, Florida, and will follow Lange’s struggle to keep her business running at all costs. Continue reading »

short-poppiesTVNZ have provided some insight as to why Rhys Darby’s new comedy Short Poppies is heading to Netflix before it is screening in New Zealand.

TVNZ originally looked at scheduling Short Poppies for TV ONE in late 2013 and the producers lined up a deal for the show to go on Netflix in 2014 based on that understanding.

We then made a call to hold on to the series until this year so we could play it together with our other comedy commissions Agent Anna and Coverband to create a strong strand of local comedy for TV ONE this year – but by that point the producers had closed their deal with Netflix. Continue reading »


As if the pregnancy news wasn’t enough, engaged parents to be Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis really are becoming the new Hollywood “it” couple as news breaks that they will be acting on screen again together.  Kunis will play Vivian, a free-spirited world traveler who makes a connection with Kutcher’s Walden on Two and a Half Men. Having previously starred together on That 70’s Show this won’t be the first time that the off-screen couple have had on-screen sparks flying. Continue reading »