Most watched

  1. One News: 683,380 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Sunday: 542,590 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 8:05pm)
  3. Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up: 409,440 (TV ONE, 8:05pm – 8:35pm)
  4. The X Factor: 325,740 (TV3, 7:00pm – 8:35pm)
  5. When We Go To War: 267,450 (TV ONE, 8:35pm – 9:35pm)

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Both TV One and TV3 will be happy with the performance of their 7pm weeknight shows last week. Campbell Live lifted again with a 4% rise on the previous week to end with an average audience of 300,990 viewers per night. However, the big gains were made by Seven Sharp which lifted by 14% to end the week with an average audience of 500,058 viewers per night.

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After its sixth week, The Paul Henry Show has lifted it’s average audience by 9% on the previous week to 45,096 viewers per day between 7am and 9am. Monday’s show delivered the second highest average audience between those key hours since the show began. Meanwhile, Friday saw 6am-7am deliver an average audience that wasn’t only the highest the show has seen in that timeslot but the third highest rating block the show has had since its inception.

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TV Talk is our daily general discussion thread at Throng.

Readers are invited to share their own thoughts and observations on television in New Zealand as we attempt to crowd source all the details around what is happening in the industry and beyond.

This includes, but is not limited to, breaking news, bloopers from live TV and anything a television personality posts on social media that might be of interest to other readers.

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westside_storyA start date for the much anticipated Outrageous Fortune prequel, Westside, has been announced!

The six-part series will screen on TV3 from Sunday 31st May, and follow the lives of Ted and Rita West in the 1970’s.

Are you excited?

the-x-factorIt’s the penultimate episode of The X Factor NZ tonight. Nyssa Collins, Beau Monga, and Brendon Thomas and the Vibes take to the stage tonight for the final time as they beg and plead for our votes. Who will win? Who will deliver an award winning performance tonight? Let’s find out. Continue reading »

Top 20 most time shifted shows

  1. Coronation Street: 50500 (TV ONE, 8:35pm – 9:35pm)
  2. Chicago P.D.: 29300 (TV3, 9:30pm – 10:25pm)
  3. Hawaii Five-O: 26680 (TV3, 10:25pm – 11:25pm)
  4. Hyundai Country Calendar: 22820 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
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BiancaSeinafoBianca Seinafo is What Now‘s newest presenter.

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Most watched

  1. One News: 609,870 (TV ONE, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Hyundai Country Calendar: 542,270 (TV ONE, 7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Frozen Planet: 305,340 (TV ONE, 7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  4. Super Rugby: 250,870 (SKY Sport 1, 7:35pm – 9:20pm)
  5. Coronation Street: 234,000 (TV ONE, 8:35pm – 9:35pm)

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