10 Things I Hate About You

5:00pm Sunday, August 8 on TV2

Rachel Hunter guest stars as a reality show host, in tonight’s episode of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Joey (Chris Zylka) is getting himself ready to audition for a model reality show called The Biggest Poser, hosted by Rachel Hunter. Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin) is concerned that Joey’s determination to get on the show has resulted in an eating disorder. Bianca and Chastity (Dana Davis) plan a fake intervention for Bianca to try to convince Joey that he has a problem, but the plan backfires because Joey has invited Walter (Larry Miller) and the school counsellor Ms Tharpe (Leslie Grossman, Nip/Tuck).

Meanwhile, Patrick (Ethan Peck) gets kicked out of his house and needs to crash at Kat’s (Lindsey Shaw). Patrick’s mysterious behaviour compels Kat to follow him to find out what he is up to. She brings Cameron (Nicholas Braun) along for the ride and they find out that Patrick has been going to therapy in secret.

5:00pm Sunday, July 4 on TV2

Secrets are shared and alliances tested as 10 Things I Hate About You returns to TV2 for a new season.

Bianca (Meaghan Martin) is terrified Chastity (Dana Davis) will find out she kissed her boyfriend Joey and knows Chastity won’t stop until she finds out who betrayed her. Bianca asks Joey (Chris Zylka) to steal Cameron’s (Nicholas Braun) keys to the AV room during gym so she can steal the security footage of them making out and erase the tape. But Joey gets caught in the act and must ask Cameron to help Bianca out.

After defiantly riding off school property on a motorbike with Patrick (Ethan Peck), Kat (Lindsey Shaw) is momentarily stoked about fighting the system. But then the reality sets in that she has been suspended, and her father Walter (Larry Miller, Pretty Woman) is less than impressed.

5:00pm Sunday, April 25 on TV2

Two wildly different sisters arrive at a new school desperate to find their place, in a brand new teen comedy series based on the popular movie, 10 Things I Hate About You.

In today’s premiere episode, Kat (Lindsey Shaw, Aliens In America) and Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin, House M.D) Stratford arrive at a new town with their overprotective father, Walter (Larry Miller, Pretty Woman). As they start at their new school, both have very different priorities. Kat instantly gets off on a bad foot with Chastity (Dana Davis, Pushing Dasies) the most popular girl, by side swiping her car, while Bianca is set on becoming Chastity’s best friend. Kat, meanwhile, clashes with the school’s resident bad boy, Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck, Twelve), but soon finds herself drawn to him, even though her new friend, Mandella (Jolene Purdy, Donnie Darko), warns her against him.

Elsewhere, loveable nerd Cameron (Nicholas Braun, Sky High) instantly falls for Bianca, but has to make friends with her before she’s swept away in the popular crowd. Bianca, however, ruins her chances of getting into Chastity’s cool clique when she shows up wearing the same shirt as her – and is then caught in the closet with Joey (Chris Zylka, soon to be seen in TV2 comedy, Cougar Town).

One of the young stars, Ethan Peck, is no stranger to Hollywood, having grown up around his famous grandfather, Gregory (as seen in Cape Fear and Hitchcock’s Spellbound). However, the actor is keen to play down the connection.

“I don’t use him as any type of vehicle to further my career,” Peck insists. “It’s just a great, cool thing, if anything. He was really just a grandfather to me.”

Peck’s Hollywood connections don’t end there, as he also follows in the footsteps of Heath Ledger, who played the bad boy role in the original movie. However, Peck says that he doesn’t “feel the pressure to fill his shoes”.

“We’re not repeating anything, or even recreating the film,” he says. “I think the creator thinks of it as ‘re-imagining’.”

When it comes to any similarity between himself and his character’s attitude, Peck is quick to draw a line.

“He is very angry, and very aggressive, and doesn’t have much guidance. He does what he wants and isn’t good to people around him. If you want to look at myself in high school, I’m nothing like him – except for the fact that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing or what he wants. I definitely had that!”