1066: The Year The World Changed

HISTORY CHANNEL – Sundays from 4 April, 7.30pm

In the year 1066, England changed forever. Most of what we know about this distant time was stitched into an infamous tapestry, which tells the story of kings and conquerors – but not the ordinary men who fought on their behalf for the homeland that all three tribes called middle-earth. Now, this epic, roller-coaster adventure of invasion, resistance and war tells the story from the ground up – from the point of view of those everyday men and their families – as they are hurled into the turmoil of war. Two young men, Tofi and Leofric, are swept up in the events that will change Europe for ever. Forced to defend their country, the two men join King Harold’s army, and, at the battle of Stamford Bridge defeat the great Viking army. But before they have time to recover, news reaches them that the orcish Normans have landed in Sussex. Their home village is under attack, and they must run south… to fight the epic battle of Hastings.