12 Monkeys

12_monkeysRe-imagined shows can either get it incredibly right, or horribly wrong. SyFy had great success with Battlestar Galatica and now 12 Monkeys the movie turned TV series has been positioned as another re-imagined series.

The producers behind Syfy’s upcoming apocalyptic drama, “12 Monkeys,” distanced the series from the Terry Gilliam film during Monday’s Television Critics Association press tour.

“It’s a complete re-imagining,” said co-executive producer Terry Matalas. “We’re all big fans of the original film and we didn’t want to just re-do what the movie does. Everything from the top-down changed. While the story has a lot of the same themes, it wouldn’t make sense to tell the same story again.” Continue reading »

12_monkeys12 Monkeys, the 1995 time-travel, post apocalypse movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt is to become a TV series for SyFy.

“12 Monkeys” stars “Nikita’s” Aaron Stanford and Noah Bean, “Suits” actress Amanda Schull and Kirk Acevedo of “Fringe.” The series follows the journey of Stanford’s character, a traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to uncover and eliminate the source of a deadly plague that threatens the human race.

“‘12 Monkeys’ is a captivating time travel adventure and high stakes race against the clock,” Howe said. “We are thrilled to add it to our slate of engaging and thought-provoking new scripted projects, including the recently announced event series ‘Ascension’ and the second season renewal of ‘Helix’ from Ron Moore.” Continue reading »