20000 Streets Under the Sky

NZ Televsion Premiere: 20,000 Streets Under The Sky
UKTV – Starts Sunday 4 March, 9.30pm (3 part series)

A timeless classic of London life in the 1930’s.
A faithful adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s classic trilogy, Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky revolves around the Midnight Bell, a pub off the Euston Rd. The story follows the painful pursuit of love form three different perspectives; Barman Bob, who yearns for penniless street walker Jenny; his colleague Ella, torn between the attentions of an older, wealthier man and secret desire for Bob; and Jenny, forced onto the streets through circumstances and now struggling to keep her heads above water. This three part series observes the finer points of ordinary life by exploring the intensely painful subjects of unrequited love ambition and disappointment.
Starring: Bryan Dick (Blackpool and Bleak House), Zoe Tappner (These Foolish Things and Stage Beauty), Sally Hawkins (Fingersmith and Tipping The Velvet) and Phil Davis (Bleak House and Rose and Maloney)