The hit show 2Tube will be finishing on Sunday 20th of June.

Also finishing on this date: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Men In Trees


2Tube Issues?

Something I was discussing this morning with a colleague of mine. In Ep1 of 2Tube, a lot of the clips seem to be pulled off YouTube. The issue we are wondering is does this pose an issue of copyright? Surely TVNZ have taken other people’s content without their knowledge and are making a 30 minute show including advertising. If the owners had been approached then I’m sure it would be fine, but it seems they are making money of copyrighted content. Is this fair? Is this legal?

Something to think about.

I tuned into the first episode of 2Tube, curious to see what this new show would be like – and if it would match my expectations.

Sadly, it did. It reminded me of watching America’s Funniest Home Videos back in the early 90’s with Bob Saget.

Hosted by Millen Baird, the show is full of cheesy lines, old videos you’ve already seen on YouTube (and the quality looks crappy when blown up full size on TV) and a studio who audience who looked very unnaturally happy. Very few clips (2?) were from Kiwis – three young bullocks licking each others balls, and a TVNZ reporter getting hit by a cricket ball in the head.

A quick scan on the internet found me the following type of feedback on the show:

“My cat could have written better stuff for that host.”
“Worst show ever. Showing web quality videos on Television..”
“That show was god awful”
“An insult to anyone’s intelligence. The voice overs are so unfunny.”
“I’m not laughing.. and who is that twit thats fronting the show”
“What single brain cell in the programming depts decided we needed to take yet another bash at it? And how HARD is it to screw up the formula?? If we can’t pull off THIS kind of program, I have serious doubts about our ability to do anything…”
“So LAME. I can’t believe the audiance is actaully laughing at these ‘jokes’.”
“”athetic crap. Why watch it on tv if everything is availble off youtube?”
“So lame, its terrible”
“Crap useless tv”
“Most of the clips were off YouTube”
“Should be labeled CRAP TUBE”
“Stupid videos that were incredibly hard to watch, and stupid voice overs.”
“Awful.. having to watch the presenter’s hands waving about really annoyed me too. Won’t be watching it next week.”

(Sources: Trademe and Biggie)

Thankfully only 10 episodes have been scheduled to be made.

By the way, there’s even FREE tickets STILL available!!!

Oh to balance up this post, here’s one happy guy who loves 2Tube. He won the prize in the first show.

Lets see if next week’s ratings plummet or not but oddly 7.7% of NZers tuned in with an 18.2% audience share.



Sunday 6 April, 7.00pm

Debuting on TV2 this Sunday is 2Tube, a brand-new local show combining bloopers, web clips, home videos and short films, that the whole family can not only enjoy, but participate in!

2Tube aims to share with kiwis the funniest clips from all over the world. From internet websites to home videos, short films and even commercials, 2Tube will cover it all.

The last few years has seen the meteoric rise of peer-to-peer sharing sites where people can easily express their creativity and ideas via the internet. 2Tube embraces this technology by allowing the show’s researchers to find the funniest things caught on any and every camera to bring them in to everyone’s living room on Sunday nights.

The show is presented by TV2 personality Millen Baird, a professional actor, writer and comedian with years of entertainment experience. Millen is no stranger to the world of television; his sketch comedy special The Comedy Pilots aired on TV2 in 2005. He has also played roles on Shortland Street and Hercules as well as appearing in numerous theatre productions.

Millen has been busy searching through all the clips that have been either found or sent in by the public. Actively involved in the production of the show, he is also one of the writers. “2Tube’s definitely given me a chance to broaden both my comedy writing skills and character voice work”. He can’t wait for the show to launch, saying “I’m pretty excited about presenting the show in front of a live studio audience. It’s going to be a totally wild experience, a bit like the show!”

Each week, the best material submitted will be narrowed down to 3 New Zealand Finalists. Out of those finalists, one lucky person will walk away with a 50-inch LG Plasma TV. So there’s loads of incentive for all viewers to dig out their favourite and funniest home video clips and share them with Millen, the crew… and the rest of the country!

Sit back and prepare yourself; or pick up your camera and become part of history in the making with 2Tube, starting Sunday 6th April at 7.00pm on TV2.

2Tube is TV2’s new, fun, family show that combines hilarious bloopers, funny web clips, home videos, short films and even commercials. It starts on TV2 April 6th and is hosted by actor and comedian, Millen Baird.

2Tube will review, for the New Zealand public, some of the funniest clips from the Internet and New Zealand. Host, Millen Baird, who has been a professional actor, writer and comedian for seven years, will add his own twist to the already funny material.

Each week, the best material submitted will be narrowed down to 3 New Zealand Finalists. Out of those finalists, one lucky person will walk away with a 50-inch LG Plasma TV.

So sit back and prepare yourself for some of the funniest footage ever to air on primetime television OR pick up your camera and become part of history in the making. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, click here to submit your videos !

To find out more information and see samples of what we’re looking for, go to www.2tube.co.nz