3 Fat Brides 1 Thin Dress

7:30pm Friday, November 20 on Prime

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Mum of two Natasha could have wobbled down the aisle years ago. Fiancé Owen has been waiting 9 years to marry her, and Natasha has already called her wedding off once on account of her weight. They’ve finally set the date but weighing in at over 15 and a half stone, Natasha knows that her big day won’t be perfect unless she’s a lot smaller. Despite this, she’s so attached to her deep fat fryer that she’s named him Freddie, and confesses that life is so quick and easy with Freddie that Owen would have a rival to contend with if she could marry him instead!

Competing with Natasha for the dress of her dreams is Julie May. She hosts karaoke gigs for a living, and while she might get full marks for her singing voice, she’d get ‘nul point’ for her health and size – Julia May is a whopping 19 stone and morbidly obese. Smoker Julie’s working hours means she eats at irregular times and her cupboards are full of junk. Julie and her fiancé want to start a family but are worried this won’t be a possibility if she doesn’t get her weight and health under control.

Last but by no means least is Lee Hamilton – at 5ft 3 and over 13 stone, what she lacks in height, she makes up for in width. Lee’s soldier fiancé, Martin, is serving in Iraq, and Lee’s found the separation hard. She’s found a dangerous way to cope in the shape of alcohol and food, sometimes getting through over 60 units a week. Martin will return 2 weeks before their wedding and Lee’s determined to surprise him by being the slim bride she has always dreamt of being.

Three brides, but just one dress – only diet dictator Gillian McKeith can decide who will win.

7:30pm Friday, November 13 on Prime

Entertainment Series

Their wedding is the most exciting and stressful occasion of most women’s lives, and among all the things to worry about there’s always one big worry which plays on every bride’s mind in the build up to the big day – her weight!

In 3 Fat Brides, 1 Thin Dress, formidable diet dictator, Gillian McKeith, turns her attention to big girls who are looking forward to their big day.

In each episode Gillian meets three bulging brides-to-be who are all in desperate need of her help. They’ve got just eight weeks to transform their appearance and well-being, with the prize of the wedding dress of her dreams for the bride who has the greatest success. But it’s not just about weight loss: the brides must PLEDGE to stick to Gillian’s vows, and the winner will LOVE her foods, HONOUR her regime and OBEY her rules to her wedding day and beyond.

EPISODE TWO: This week’s bulging brides-to-be are 29-year-old Samantha from South London, 28-year-old Ngozi from North London and 39-year-old Deborah from Essex.

Former actress Samantha is really excited about her dream wedding to fiancé David – really excited about everything except for looking like a beached whale of a bride, that is. Sassy Sam had potential to be a star but her ambitions for glitz and glamour have been gobbled up by her love of wine and chunks of cheese. Whether it’s dips, slices or on toast, Sam could eat cheese for every meal with cheesy snacks in between, and in recent years she’s ballooned from a petite size 12 to a generous 18.

Competing with Sam for the dress of her dreams is 28-year-old Ngozi from North London, a binge eater who packs away loaves of bread and packets of cookies and who has a monster appetite for red meat. Rather then looking forward to her big day, Ngozi is dreading it. She’s dreading her family seeing how big she’s become, especially compared to her three slim sisters who will be bridesmaids. Not only that, Ngozi uses her 13-month-old son as an excuse for her weight, pretending she’s only just given birth!

Last but by no means least in our race to fit into the lace, is Deborah Mosely. Deborah is approaching her big Four-O as well as her big day, and at 5 stone over weight, sadly somewhat bigger than she’d dreamt. Deborah is a comfort eater whose sugar cravings really take the biscuit. She loves cakes and even eats them in the middle of the night behind her hubby-to-be’s back. Deborah has opted for a sunshine wedding in Florida, but with her wedding dress fit to burst at the seams, she knows she’ll look more Miami vice than virtue if she doesn’t sort herself out.

There are three girls, but only one can win the dream dress. Who will impress Gillian with their commitment and emerge victorious?